Better Than Monavie?

By Nancy Andrews

Better Than Monavie?

If you have been looking into Monavie for either a health supplement and/or a way to start your at home business, take a moment before you set your mind on Monavie to consider whether there is a better alternative… Shakeology

Health Product Comparison

There is no doubt that the Acai berry blend in Monavie is a healthful source of vitamins and antioxidents.  You could consider it a super juice.  But that’s all it is – juice.  For your body’s optimal health, you need more.

monavie compare Better Than Monavie?

Compared to the 19 fruit juice ingredients in Monavie, Shakeology has 70 super foods.  And it has whey protein isolate which is a high quality, quickly absorbed source of protein to support your body’s muscular needs.  And it has fiber, probiotics and enzymes for your digestive health.  Shakeology is actually a whole food and may be used as a super addition to your diet or used as a weight loss meal replacement shake.

And Shakeology has the backing of a growing number of doctors.  Watch the video below to see why they recommend Shakeology as their pick for a nutrition supplement:

So if it’s a super healthy product you’ve been looking for, pick Shakeology!