P90X Chin Up Bar & Pull Up Bar

By Nancy Andrews

P90X Chin Up Bar & Pull Up Bar

chinupbar lg P90X Chin Up Bar & Pull Up BarDoorjam Removeable Pull Up – Chin Up Bar

Get the most out of your P90X experience with this pull up bar.  Is quick to put up and take down so you can use it anywhere*.

Gain strength and fully develop your back muscles by using the different grip handles for different pull up variations.  Practically a full home gym in a box!

Price: $59.85

buynow P90X Chin Up Bar & Pull Up Bar

* Fits doorways up to 32 inches wide.


P90X Chin-Up Bar: Dramatically develop and strengthen your shoulders, back, and arms with this high-grade training tool featuring 10 pro-grade handles with multiple grip positions.

This pull up bar is the one equipment item we recommend the most frequently to those starting the P90X program.  While you can find cheaper pull up bars, most of them require you drill into door frames or beams and are not easily removed.  This one is easy to set up and take down so you are not left with a permanent fixture in your home.

Unique Benefits of this Pull–up Bar:

  • New! Patented design with multiple grip positions!
  • Heavy-gauge steel (Maximum weight: 300 lbs.)
  • Pro-grade close-grip handles with multiple grip positions
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Fits doorway up to 32″ wide sturdy doorway with border trim required)
  • Takes only seconds to safely remove from door way when not in use

Price: $59.85

chinupbar buynow P90X Chin Up Bar & Pull Up Bar