Derm Exclusive Skin Care Regimen – Does Derm Exclusive Work?

By Nancy Andrews

Looking for Awesome Anti-Aging Skin Care? My Beachbody Derm Exclusive Review

Turn Back the Years Now with Derm Exclusive Anti Aging Facial Care

Derm Ex Top View Derm Exclusive Skin Care Regimen   Does Derm Exclusive Work?If you are like me, you don’t want to look any older than you have to.  I’m in my 50′s now and being post menopausal has really shown up in my face.  So when I looked into Derm Exclusive, I was really impressed with what Beachbody has put together in this skin care regimen.

I wasn’t really in the market for a new facial care system but when Beachbody introduced this new skin care program, I felt like I should look into it.  To my surprise, this was something different – more complete in what it can do for you than most systems I see advertised.  So below, I go through what the system includes and why I believe it can make a visible change for a great number of women (and men).

buynow Derm Exclusive Skin Care Regimen   Does Derm Exclusive Work?

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What is Included with Derm Exclusive?

Derm Exclusive is a 4 step system which includes 1) resurfacing, 2) repair 3) rebuild or lift and 4) wrinkle reduction via relax, fill and plump ingredients.  Let’s explore each step:


Beachbody’s Derm Exclusive starts with resurfacing pads which will clear away dull skin and help your skin absorb the repair and rebuild products:

Derm Exclusive Resurface Derm Exclusive Skin Care Regimen   Does Derm Exclusive Work?What I like about the resurfacing pads is that a combination of malic, glycolic and salicylic acids are used for best effect.  Clinical results indicate (per Beachbody) that in just 1 week, the mirco peel’s results are better than a more expensive derm abrasion session or chemical peel.  And there is no downtime.  Once your skin’s canvas is primed to accept and utilize product you move to…


Derm Exclusive Repair Derm Exclusive Skin Care Regimen   Does Derm Exclusive Work?Many women are already acquainted with vitamin C’s ability to improve our skin’s look but this Derm Exclusive serum goes way beyond vitamin C and adds Ultrasomes (enzymes), Photosomes and Roxisomes.

Ultrasomes are enzymes from a marine microbe which can intensify the skin’s ability to repair sun-inflicted DNA damage,  accelerate recovery, and may reduce the appearance of post-sunburn peeling.

From the Skin Care Dictionary, Photosomes are “liposomes encapsulating a DNA repair enzyme from ocean plankton. Unique in their ability to harness light energy for defense, Photosomes have been proven in clinical research to improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin”.

Roxisomes are plant based enzyme derivative that can help the skin repair damage.  Based on my research, it appears that Roxisomes shorten the time for nucleus DNA repair from 24 hours to 2 hours.

Now that’s pretty impressive but Beachbody didn’t stop there.  The system then has you…


Derm Exclusive Collagen Lift Derm Exclusive Skin Care Regimen   Does Derm Exclusive Work?If I weren’t already both excited and impressed with what Beachbody’s Derm Exclusive offers in the resurface and repair phases, the ingredients in the rebuild phase certainly have sent me over the top!

First there is Renovage (also known as trepenone) which may increase the lifespan of the fibroblast cells in our skin.  The theory being that this will make us look younger, longer.  In fairness, Renovage is not without it’s critics which are not convinced it really minimizes aging.  However, it is made by the highly respected Sederma company which has created other well acknowledged skin care breakthroughs like Matrixyl 3000.

Then there is Collaxyl. This collagen building substance has a demonstrated effect on skin repair.  This ingredient strongly promotes wound healing and reduces the formation of scars.

Finally there is encapsulated Retinol (a form of vitamin A) which has been long acknowledged as a collagen building ingredient.  All three together (Renovage, Collaxyl and Retinol) should have a synergistic effect.

Immediate Wrinkle Reduction via Fill & Freeze Treatment:

Derm Exclusive Fill n Freeze Derm Exclusive Skin Care Regimen   Does Derm Exclusive Work?

I’m familiar with Argireline which does relax muscles around wrinkles and thereby causes the wrinkles to diminish – at least it has for me when I’ve used it.  Myoxinol is new to me and appears to be a peptide isolated from the Okra plant.  It’s effects are reported to be similar to Argireline.

Matrixyl 3000 is another peptide that has been around for awhile, has gained a lot of popularity of use in respected face creams, and works – at least I thought so when I purchased some and used it on myself.  While not immediate, Matrixyl 3000 works in the skin to increase collagen levels.

UGL Complex (Urea Glycolysates) is derived from marine sources and is also new to me.  Ongoing use of UGL is reported to encourage firmer, thicker skin.  This is of particular interest to me as I’ve seen my skin thin out after menopause.

My Derm Exclusive Review:

It’s probably pretty obvious that I’ve been impressed by the number of active ingredients that are in this system.  For any woman starting to show signs of age, this skin care program can help reduce fine lines, reduce the effects of sun damage and potentially increase skin’s thickness and firmness.  That’s a tall order for any skin regimen!

Derm Exclusive contains no sulfates, no SD alcohol, no parabens, no formaldehyde, no hydroquinone, and no ingredients derived from animals. Dermatologist tested and approved, but never tested on animals.

Of course, no product can be perfect for every person.  I’m afraid that if you have very sensitive skin, the resurfacing pads could be to harsh.  And as I pointed out above, there is some discussion regarding the effectiveness of some of the ingredients.  But as robust as the ingredient list is, I’m not worried.

Bottom line is I’m so impressed I’ve got my kit ordered and can’t wait for it to get here.  I will be posting on my progress once I get it.  With a generous 30 day guarantee, I’d recommend that if you are over 40 you order yours now!  Update:  See my post on my 30 day Derm Exclusive results for more feedback (click on link in this sentence).

Derm Ex Try Today Derm Exclusive Skin Care Regimen   Does Derm Exclusive Work?

Exclusive bonus! Receive a second Fill & Freeze® Wrinkle Treatment Pen FREE with your purchase on Team—a $22 value

30-day money-back guarantee
If you don’t experience a dramatically more youthful-looking appearance, simply call and return the products within 30 days, even if the bottles and jars are empty, to receive a refund of the purchase price (less s&h).