Womens Grey P90X® T-Shirt

By Nancy Andrews

Womens Grey P90X® T-Shirt

t wmns p90x gry Thumbs Womens Grey P90X® T Shirt

Womens Grey P90X® T-Shirt

For those of us women who want to proudly proclaim our P90X status, this is the t-shirt for you.  You may be ripped, but your T-shirt won’t!

These 100% cotton T-shirts are designed to withstand the extreme training regimen you’re going to put them through. With the P90X logo on the front and “Bring It” on the back, you’ll look and feel great while you work out.  You’ll also enjoy wearing this t-shirt with your favorite pair of jeans.

Price: $18.95

t wmns p90x gry lrg buynow Womens Grey P90X® T Shirt