Improve Your Results

By Nancy Andrews

Improve Your Results

You’ve invested in the right program and you are cleaning up your diet so you may think you are ‘good to go’.  And there is no doubt that you will see good results just by eating right and following the program.  But if you want an awesome transformation, one of the hidden success factors is to supplement with a few choice products.

However we know as you probably suspect, not every product is right for every person. So in order to help you out, we have put together our suggestions for you based on who you are, what your goals are and what program you are using.

If there is one supplement I do urge everyone to consider it’s Shakeology. This is now a staple in my home and the results have been amazing. Click on the banner below to learn more:

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Who For Programs Goals/Needs Products
Everyone All Programs Health, Immunity, Energy, Weight Loss Shakeology
Everyone not trying to lose weight P90X, Insanity,
ChaLEAN Extreme
Post Workout Recovery P90X Recovery Drink
Everyone All Programs Build Muscle High Quality Whey Protein*
Everyone All Programs Lose Weight Meal Replacement Shake-Chocolate or Vanilla
Everyone All Programs Immunity Boost, Eliminate Toxins Herbal Immune Boost
Everyone P90X, Insanity, ChaLEAN Extreme Peak Health P90X Peak Health Formula
Men P90X, P90X +, One on One, Insanity Build Muscle Strength/Muscle Mens Formula
Over 30 All Programs Metabolism & Immunity
ActiVit® Metabolism
Formula Vitamins
Over 30 All Programs Healthy Heart, Brain, Eyes & Joints Core Omega-3™
Over 40 All Programs Joint Support Joint Support Super Formula
Women Over 30 All Programs Accelerate Fat Burning, Increase Energy, Reduce PMS symptoms Total Health Womens Formula
Women Over 40 All Programs Bone Support Core Cal-Mag™