Beachbody Affiliate – MLM Success

By Nancy Andrews

Beachbody Affiliate – MLM Success

Do You Want Coach Nancy To Help You With Your Affiliate – MLM Success?

If you are reading this page, there is an excellent probability that you got here from one of my articles about how to achieve success with an affilate – mlm opportunity.  And by now you may also realize that the opportunity I have chosen is to go with Beachbody and develop my own fitness based business.

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So the remaining question you may have  is how I help my downline be successful.

1. I know what I’m doing.  Look, I run online businesses with my husband for my living.  We run several ecommerce sites in addition to our fitness site here.  I am one of the top sellers of product in my region – even though I’m fairly new to Beachbody!  That’s because I know how to sell online and I can share that knowledge with you.

2. I will communicate with you regularly.  Sometimes I’ll send out emails to all of you, sometimes it’s a personal email with things I want to follow up with you on.  I occasionally run webinars for things that need to be seen, not read.

3.  I get a steady stream of leads from my online marketing efforts.  Now instead of trying to teach everyone in my downline to do what I do, it just makes sense for me to take the ‘lead’ so to speak and have some of my distributors sign up under my personally sponsored distributors.  When you understand the comp plan as well as I do, you’ll see why this truly is a win-win.  What I can say with brevity here is that there is a limit of how many personally sponsored coaches I need to maximize my own earnings.  After that, I get more out of assigning them to my personally sponsored coaches and even their coaches.    So what I’m saying here is I help you directly get your own personally sponsored coaches just for being in my downline!  I know of no one else who does that.

4. If you sign up under me directly or with the coach in my downline I select for you and you work hard and maintain active status, I will provide you a free personal website, show you how to set it up and how to make it work for you so you can maximize your sales of Beachbody products.

If what I have presented above makes sense and you’d like to schedule a phone or skype conversation to better understand the Beachbody experience and what I will do to make you successful, just send me and email.  I won’t enroll you in an list – this is a personal conversation between the two of us.  It’s now your time to decide if you are ready to learn more.

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Let me know:

  • Your name
  • Whether you participate in any other affiliate – mlm programs (or have in the past).
  • What your website skill level is (beginner, intermediate or advanced).
  • How much time you have to work this opportunity each week.
  • What appeals to you most about running your own Internet based business at home, Beachbody, and me.