Be a Beachbody Coach!

By Nancy Andrews

How to become a Beachbody coach

Are you looking for a supplemental source of income to grow into a full time, work from home income?

Would you enjoy helping others get healthy while making money for yourself?

Are you looking for a way to start a business without a lot of money?

Do you want a home based network marketing business where the leads come to you via the Internet? (Finally, a MLM opportunity where you do NOT have to sell products to your friends and family to make a few dollars.)

If you said yes to these questions then you are ready to learn more about how to become a Beachbody Coach:

1. Let’s Deal With The Question I Get Asked Most Often – How Much Can I Make Being a Beachbody Coach?

What I can say is that the majority of Beachbody coaches make less than $1,000 per year.  That’s kind of depressing isn’t it?  It’s even more depressing when you find out that in 2009 (that’s the lastest year Beachbody has published earnings data for) the top earner made over $930,000.  Quite a difference!

So you may be wondering what makes for such a difference?

How much you will make is dependent on two factors.  The first factor is how hard you work the program.  This is not a get rich quick opportunity nor is it a ‘margaritas on the beach’ opportunity.  You do have to work your business if you want it to reward you.

Secondly, and in my opinion, just as important a factor in your success is how good the support is that you get from your coach.  What is important to your success and how much money you make is NOT how big a coach’s downline is (in fact that may well be a negative factor because he or she will not have a lot of time for you).  Also, just because a coach says she or he will call you or email you once a week doesn’t mean you’ll get the training you need to be a success.

What you need to do is to decide what kind of sales and coach recruitment methods you want to pursue.  You really have two options:

  1. Sell personally to people you know.  (This is often characterized as selling to friends and family).
  2. Sell and recruit online (i.e., sell on the Internet).

The problem is that most (make that almost all) coaches don’t have a clue how to sell online.  Yet most people do not want to sell to friends and family.  (Can you see why most coaches make so little?)

You cannot rank the Beachbody standard website you get as coach on Google – not that anyone will tell you that when you sign up.  Nor can you rank a free Blogspot or Blogger site even though I see a lot of coaches recommend you start with a free Blogspot or Blogger site.  You also will not get much business from having a Facebook or Myspace page or putting up videos on Youtube.  (Stay with me here it going to get better now.)

But you can put up your own site and if you know what you are doing, you can drive a lot of traffic to it. How do I know this?  Because I’ve done it for myself and my coaches.  Here are just two examples:

The site you are on now has shown tremendous traffic growth.  Started in August 2009, in six months the site is averaging nearly 25,000 visitors a month!  Look at the traffic growth in the snapshot I took from the Google Analytics system capturing the traffic:

PPF 6month traffic Be a Beachbody Coach!

Here’s a close up of the current month’s traffic:

PPF JanFeb2010 traffic Be a Beachbody Coach!

Now that’s pretty impressive but I own the site and I have a lot of experience with driving traffic to websites (my husband and I make our living online and own quite a few websites).  What’s more important is can I teach others how to do what I’ve done.

Here’s a coach I started working with in October 2009.  His site was getting about 100 – 150 visits each day.  Now for someone who didn’t know what he was doing, that’s not bad.  But it’s not near enough to build a real business on.  After only 5 months of working with me his site now gets over 1,000 visitors a day!  Here’s a view of his traffic growth:

IWTGR 5month traffic Be a Beachbody Coach!

And here’s a close up of his recent traffic:

IWTGR JanFeb traffic Be a Beachbody Coach!

Neither of us spends a dime trying to drive traffic to our sites with Pay-Per-Click advertising, we get all our traffic from ranking on Google for free.

With a ton of traffic, you can sell to the people who visit and instead of making $1,000 or less per year, you are suddenly making $1,000 or $2,000 or more each month.  In fact there is no limit on what you could earn.  Moreover, that’s just from selling the products, once you start recruiting coaches, you’ll start to build a recurring revenue stream.  That’s how you grow a business from $10,000 – $30,000 per year to one that makes you $100,000 to $300,000 per year.

Now what you need to know next is…

2. Beachbody generously compensates its coaches

Beachbody’s coach compensation plan works 2 ways:

  • You earn a 25% commission on products you sell to others.
  • You build a recurring revenue stream by adding coaches under you and may earn bonuses or win trips for exceptional performance
  • There are no caps on what you can earn and there is no limit on the tiers of downline that can count toward your cycle bonus achievement!  And if that wasn’t enough, you save 25% on all products you buy for yourself from Beachbody.

    3. Joining the Press Play Fitness team of coaches has unique benefits you cannot find anywhere else

  • We provide you a FREE website2 in addition to the standard company web page that Beachbody provides. You won’t find this offer anywhere else!  The value to you is that this website permits you to customize it with your own unique content.
  • A website isn’t valuable unless you get people to visit it.  We train you to drive traffic to your website. This is key because while anyone can have a website, if no one visits, it doesn’t provide you any opportunity to sell.
  • Also, a website isn’t valuable unless it sells products to the people who visit.  We show you how to set up a website to sell to the visitors you’ll be getting. If your website gets traffic you need to know what to do to get them to buy without it feeling to your visitors that they are being sold
  • What may be the MOST important offer to you is that we work as a team building coach downlines. We will help you build your downline with leads we collect. Sure you’ll still be marketing the Beachbody opportunity with traditional methods, but consider the value of getting an occasional coach without having to find and convince them yourself.
  • You join a team headed by professionals in Internet Marketing. Before we ever joined with Beachbody we were ecommerce specialists with multiple sites on page one of Google. We make our living with our online sites and we can teach you the secrets to selling on the Internet too.

    4. Getting started is easy and inexpensive

    Joining Beachbody as a coach is easy. You can click on the ‘Start here’ button to get started today or you can send a quick email to the link below and we’ll answer any questions.

  • Beachbody requires a modest $39.95 as a one time up-front payment. There are also monthly ongoing fees of $14.95.
  • We at Press Play Fitness require you to be an active coach1 if you want one of our full function free websites2 and access to our online training and support.
  • Now one last thing.  The person who earned over $700,000 in a year did not represent typical performance under the Beachbody plan.  In fact those who earned over $100,000 were pretty few when compared to all beachbody coaches.

    So what makes a winner? As I started this article, I’ll end it.  You need to have the right training which we can give you.  The only other think you need is the desire and commitment to work this program.  That’s up to you.  But what I do know is that if you don’t act now, you probably won’t ever move forward.  And that’s a shame.

    Look you don’t have to commit to anything right now but take the next step and ask us to contact you.  Ask any questions you have in the form below and let us know if you want to be the next Beachbody Top Coach.

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    1/ Active status as defined by Beachbody is attained and maintained by the sales or purchase of products equal to 50 volume points each month.  This generally equates to 1 monthly sale to others or personal purchase in the range of $50 – $70.  We expect there to be a slight lag in your performance from sign up as you work on your website and may waive the active status requirement provided you are following our online success plan.

    2/Our free website offer includes free hosting of your domain  and set it up with a WordPress template that works to sell these products. We make some custom modifications to the template so your site looks different from other people’s sites.  For coaches that are inactive for six months or more, we reserve the right to use the website as we see fit.

    * Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence and skill. See our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings located on the Coaches Corner on for the most recent information on our Coaches’ actual incomes.
    The link to the statement of Coach earnings can be found at