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Before I decided to commit my self to P90X, my life wasn’t where I wanted it to be.  Allow me to give a simple run through of my day to day routine before I started the P90X program.  First of all, I was eating nothing but fast food, for lunch and dinner.  In addition, I had real problem with late night sweets.  As far as sleep goes, I was terrible in that department as well.  I would stay up all night, and feel sleepy all day.  However since I started the P90X program I have no problem getting to sleep at a decent hour.

How I found P90X: Well it all started with the P90X infomercial.  I saw the transformations, and was blown away.  I asked my mother, who is my long time workout buddy if she would be interested. She did some research, and started to get interested.  We decided it was time for a dramatic change, so we ordered P90X.

While we were waiting, my mother Nancy found some outstanding transformations on youtube.  One of those transformations was Josh Spencer.  Josh’s transformation boosted my motivation to new heights.  After I watched his video, I was determined to match his success.  I literally could not wait for the program to arrive.

I’ve now completed my first 90 day cycle  and I LOVE P90X.  Don’t get me wrong it is hard, I mean really hard, but it is by far the best workout I’ve ever done.  My least favorite P90X workout would probably be Yoga X, and I think that has a lot to do with my very poor balance.  My favorite would be Shoulders & Arms.

The results I’ve seen so far are inspiring.  I can’t believe the program is working this fast. Further more my eating habits are much better and in general my energy level is at an all time high since high school.

Chris’ 90 Day Transformation:

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If you want to see big changes in your physique, use my pictures to see that you can get ripped in only 90 days. And I’ll be ready to take you buy the hand and guide you step by step. Join me and get real results at home!

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