Coach Bob Andrews

By Nancy Andrews

Coach Bob Andrews

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Coach Bob


For 25 years Bob was the quintessential couch potato.  From time to time he’d work his diet to take a few pounds off but even with that, his weight went steadily up over the years.  And while his weight went up, his muscles slowly atrophied.  At 52, Bob figured the ‘glory days’ of his youth were long gone.

But Bob was to find out he was wrong – really wrong!

After watching an informercial for P90X, Bob figured that given the extraordinary transformations he saw, he’d be sure to lose a good 10 – 20 pounds.  So he got started with a goal to lose 30 lbs in 90 days.  He didn’t really think he’d hit that but decided to give it his all.  To his surprise, he did lose 30 lbs in 90 days and totally transformed his body and his life.

But the best story is that the results with P90X don’t have to stop at 90 days.  Bob kept going and lost over 45lbs in total and is now, not only totally ripped but has a waist of 30″.

Bob’s best glory days may be still ahead of him.

And they can be ahead of you too!  Just have Bob coach you and you can see results like his – maybe better.