Coach Ashley Higashi

By Nancy Andrews

Coach Ashley Higashi

Ashley 275w Coach Ashley HigashiHi, I’m Ashley. I am happily married and working as a research project professional studying pharmacoepidemiology. In English, this means I study trends in prescription drug use; who is prescribing what, when, where and why. I work to both characterize the trends and analyze what influences these trends. I spend a lot of my free time working to bring the Jewish community together, knitting and crocheting, and spending time with my new husband. Comfortable with my lifestyle, yet still unhealthy, I have decided to make some serious life changes.

With a bachelor’s degree in microbiology and a master’s in public health, I have always been extremely fascinated by health and disease. Striving to become an ob/gyn physician, I have made it my life goal to improve the health of women and girls of all ages.

Most of my life I was the grossly skinny chick with absolutely no muscle. I was always the child that got sick a lot. I had kidney stones starting at age 12, probably from the combination of too much salt and not enough normally produced acid in my kidneys to break down stones. I had mono before I had ever kissed anyone. I had hand, foot, and mouth disease, something common in animals and very young children, when I was in middle school. Between the serious lack of nutrition (my own fault, as I was the world’s pickiest eater all the way through college… or perhaps even now) and marching band being my most active sport, I was not particularly healthy. Don’t get me wrong, I had an extremely happy childhood and the most loving family, but I was unhealthy.

When I hit college, I gained a lot of weight. Not just the freshman fifteen, but roughly 30 pounds in the first semester. I think the beer killed my metabolism. I went through a lot of rough patches in college, overdosing on caffeine (passing out in a research laboratory with dangerous materials all around me), over consumption of ice cream, and a serious large amount of ramen noodles. I never really could find the energy to get up and go to the gym.

My master’s degree was better for me. I met a lot of seriously healthy people and they motivated me to eat better, learn about nutrition, and exercise regularly. I had running partners and a friend with a degree in exercise science to guide my gym workouts. I was getting healthier. But when I moved and got a full time job, I lost all of my motivation to cook at home and exercise regularly. So when my husband got me Turbo Fire, I could not have been more thrilled. Here I am, with sore arms and legs, kicking and punching as fast as I can, while getting a seriously fantastic aerobic exercise. For me, the exercise gives me back the energy, gives me back the drive, really pushes me to rekindle those healthy eating habits, get in shape, and HELP OTHERS GET HEALTHY TOO!

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