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By Nancy Andrews

Best Beachbody Coaches

See truly amazing results with your Beachbody program when you get coached by one of us!  What makes us special?  Simple – it’s our commitment to you and your transformation.  Beyond the extensive information we have on this site, we will follow up with you personally to ensure you get the best out of your Beachbody experiences.

We have a number of the best Beachbody coaches to choose from.  Read their individual stories and pick the person you feel you can best relate to:

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Nancy Andrews

Coach Nancy Andrews

Coach Nancy started her transformation at the age of 50 and used P90X.  To her astonishment, she was able to burn off over 20lbs of fat and build some lean muscle at the same time. Since then she has also become a fan of Insanity and Brazil Butt Lift.  She’s also a regular user of Shakeology.


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Chris Andrews

Coach Chris Andrews

Chris was always one of those ‘skinny fat’ guys.  With stick-like arms and legs, he seemed pretty thin but he also carried a significant amount of fat around his abdomen.  His physique was not only unattractive to the opposite sex, it was unhealthy.  Chris used P90X to build muscle while burning the fat off of his abs.


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Ricci Deloria

Coach Ric Deloriea

With a family history of poor heart health, Ricci Deloria became increasingly concerned about carrying extra ab fat.  At 45, Ric decided to finally get serious about getting fit and started P90X.  Ric is also a big fan of Shakeology.  With  comprehensive exercise and better eating, Beachbody has been the beginning of a new life of health and fitness for Ric.


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Ryan Patel

Coach Ryan Patel

In his early 30′s with a young family, Ryan knew his inactive, overweight lifestyle was letting both himself and his family down.  Determined to change his life, Ryan researched P90X after having a friend recommend it to him.  Now just a few short months later, Ryan has lost 45lbs and inches from his waist.  Now Ryan is just as determined to help others transform their lives.

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Preston Witt

Coach Preston Witt

Sometimes it takes the introduction of a new life for us to realize how precious our own life is.  For Preston, the birth of his daughter was the wake up call that he needed to get serious about transforming his health and his life.   Preston is so amazed by how P90X transformed his body that he is now committed to encouraging others to gain optimal health and fitness as a Beachbody coach.

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Ashley Higashi

Coach Ashley Higashi

Ashley has seen life at both ends of the weight spectrum.  As a girl and in her teens, Ashley was the quintessential ‘skinny minny’.  But when she had to start dealing with the pressures of university life (earning a Master’s degree) and working, she began to pile on the pounds.   After years of weight loss with eventual regain, Ashley finally began a more sensible path to total health and wellness beginning with her diet.  Then she added Turbo Fire and got hooked on exercise.  Now Ashley is working to bring ultimate health to others by becoming a Beachbody coach.

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Karen Crawford

Coach Karen Crawford

Although Karen is a health professional, over the last few years her normal attention to her own health waned.  Karen’s wake up call came when she turned 50 and realized that she wasn’t getting any younger and then recommitted to a life of health and fitness.  Karen and her husband started with P90X.  It wasn’t easy but Karen dedicated herself to the program and saw amazing results.  Now Karen wants to utilize her health training and Beachbody products to help others get healthy too.