The Case for Flax Seed

May 8th, 2013 | By Nancy Andrews | Category: Coach Nancy - The Way I See It..., Nutrition & Weight Loss, Supplements

Seems like there is a lot of buzz about Chia seeds these days.  Now chia seeds are a very healthful food but today I want to talk about the more neglected super seed: flax. I’ve been a fan of flax seed for awhile and put a tablespoon in my morning smoothie.  I use whole seed [...]

Does Creatine Work for Women?

Feb 18th, 2013 | By Nancy Andrews | Category: Coach Nancy - The Way I See It..., Nutrition & Weight Loss, Supplements

Creatine has a reputation of being a ‘guys’ supplement.  It’s preceived as helping guys get bulked up and is rumored to add water weight.  And as women, we typically don’t want to be either ‘bulked’ or carry excess water weight.  So the question becomes – are the rumors true?  Yes, but not ‘so much’ as [...]

Cyber Monday & Cyber Tuesday Savings at

Nov 28th, 2011 | By Nancy Andrews | Category: Living the Fit Life, Supplements

Hi Everyone, If you are a customer of (I like this company almost as much as Beachbody), you can get an additional 10% off if you use the following coupon code at checkout:   Motivation10 Here’s a picture of the checkout and where to click to insert the code (it can be easy [...]

Lean Xtreme – Promote Fat Burning without Stimulants

Jan 16th, 2011 | By Nancy Andrews | Category: Featured Product, Supplements

I don’t promote a lot of ‘fat burners’ but when something that is different comes along I’ll try it.  And if it works, I’ll tell you about it.  The thing is, Lean Xtreme is less a fat burner and more a body recompositioning agent.  By that I mean it will help you add lean muscle [...]

Fish Oil Supplement – A Must Have!

Dec 3rd, 2010 | By Nancy Andrews | Category: Supplements

Unless you have an allergy to fish, incorporating fish oil (in the form of capsules) is something that I highly recommend.  Fish oil continues to rack up an impressive list of health benefits which include: Reduction of inflamation which can help your joints May be an anti-aging pill delaying the effects of age at a [...]

How Necessary is the P90X Recovery Drink?

Sep 12th, 2010 | By Nancy Andrews | Category: P90X FAQ, Supplements

Perhaps there is no question that is more often asked or more heatedly debated than the questions that ask if the P90X recovery drink is really needed when doing the P90X program. Here’s where I stand.  I actually put off getting the recovery drink for the first two weeks of the program and I definitely [...]

P90X Supplements or Insanity Supplements Do You Need Them?

Aug 23rd, 2010 | By Nancy Andrews | Category: Coach Nancy - The Way I See It..., P90X FAQ, Supplements

I get this question regularly. But before I can answer this question, we need to define what ‘supplements’ are. This is particularly important when it comes to protein powder. I don’t consider this a supplement because it’s really a food. A good shake replaces some other food you would have eaten otherwise. Would you consider [...]

Jack3d Review

May 2nd, 2010 | By Nancy Andrews | Category: Supplements

Who isn’t looking for a little edge to be able to pump out a few more reps?  If you can find a product that lets you have more focus and more energy that’s killer! The Jack3d Claim USPLabs Jack3d gives you the mad aggressive desire and ability to lift more weight, pump out more reps [...]

Increase Endurance & Recover Faster with Amino Acids

Apr 25th, 2010 | By Nancy Andrews | Category: Product Reviews, Supplements

I’m always looking for that slight edge to keep my 51 year old body in peak form.  Let’s be honest, it’s WAY harder once you clear 50 to recover than it is when you are in your 20′s.  And I’m still working on getting my body in it’s best form ever. I acknowledge that I’ve [...]

Got Asthma? Get Some Sunshine!

Mar 20th, 2010 | By Nancy Andrews | Category: Living the Fit Life, Supplements

The American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine recently published the results of an admittedly small study of 54 asthma patients at the National Jewish Health Center in Denver where the results indicated that these asthma patients suffered from below average levels of vitamin D. Vitamin D is responsible for a very wide array [...]