Asylum Workout – Is It Right for You?

By Nancy Andrews

Asylum Review – Does Asylum Work?

Aslyum pic Asylum Workout   Is It Right for You?

It’s here… The next level in elite fitness… ASYLUM!

Considered the advanced version of Insanity, Asylum takes it up another notch in terms of intense training. This ain’t your beginner’s program, it’s all out warfare on fat! If you feel you are up to the challenge, try Asylum.

Maximize your skills and your fitness with this 30-day program that builds speed, coordination, agility, and power. Shaun T preps you to WIN with sports-specific training inspired by pro athletes. The result? Game day becomes your day to excel.

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My Asylum Review:

There are things I really like about Asylum. For one, I feel it’s a bit better at actually adding some lean mass which was one of the few complaints I had about Insanity. But you have to understand that Asylum is harder than Insanity – definitely NOT a beginner program – so before you try it, start with Insanity to get in shape and primed for the exquisite torture that is Asylum!

There are still issues with high impact so beware if you have joint issues. But other than that, this is Shaun T at his best. Asylum really does work if becoming a better athlete (better agility, better speed, better endurance) is your goal.  And it will get you lean and mean – ready for whatever life throws your way!

Train like a pro. Play like a star in 30 days

Winning the game, the race, the match starts now with INSANITY: THE ASYLUM™ workout program. Former track-and-field star Shaun T will push you to Dig Deeper® than ever with sports-specific training and drills inspired by pro athletes. During this 30-day program, he’ll push you to build your speed, coordination, agility, strength, and power. So on game day, you’ll have the unbeatable athletic edge.

Here’s what you get with INSANITY: THE ASYLUM:

6 Intense Workouts:

* Speed & Agility: Get quick on your feet—fast, with this intense cardio workout. (45 minutes)

* Vertical Plyo: Jump higher than ever with this lower-body training routine. (40 minutes)

* Relief: Stretch out to build long, lean muscle and increase your flexibility. (25 minutes)

* Strength: Increase your strength and power by cross-training with weights and resistance. (50 minutes)

* Back to Core: Build the rock-solid core, glutes, and hamstrings for the explosive power you’ll need to play and dominate at an elite level. (45 minutes)

* Game Day: Put your new sports skills to the test with this cross-training workout. (60 minutes)

Plus, sports-inspired training tools:

* Agility Ladder: Build strength and agility by using this portable ladder to sharpen your focus and your form.

* Speed Rope: Improve your foot speed and endurance with this ultimate training secret.

* ASYLUM Workout Calendar: Check it each day to cross-train like a professional athlete.

* Guide Playbook: Map out your 30-day transformation with this smart step-by-step guide.

* Eat to Win Nutrition Plan: Follow meals and tips used by Shaun T and you’ll be ready for game day—every day.

And receive 2 FREE bonus workouts:

* Sports Performance Assessment: Discover the improvements you’ve made in your fitness and skills with this performance measurement tool. (25 minutes)

* Overtime: Add this 15-minute monster to any Asylum workout to see if you’ve still got game.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Go from Average to Elite in 30 Days or your money back.

INSANITY: THE ASYLUM is an extreme and physically demanding workout. This is NOT for beginners and individuals with any medical condition that may be compromised by extreme cardio and strength exercise. Consult your physician and follow the enclosed safety and other instructions before beginning this program.
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