Our current back and tricep routine

By Nancy Andrews

Our current back and tricep routine

Dec 1st, 2011 | By Nancy Andrews | Category: Coach Nancy - The Way I See It..., Exercise Tips

I mentioned in Facebook today that Chris and I had an awesome back and tricep workout and was then asked to list what we did.  Now in a pledge of full disclosure, I happen to have some equipment at my disposal that many of you may not.  I own both a BowFlex and a Total Gym (perhaps a little overkill but I like them for different exercises).  And I used both of them today but I’ll also list how to accomplish the same effect with just a resistance band or two.

Rows: 4 sets x 12 reps plus 1 warm up set as this is our first exercise after our general warm up.

back row Our current back and tricep routineChis and I do rows with the Bow Flex using at least 160lbs of Bow Flex band weight (I find that you can do more Bow Flex weight than you can with free weights).  Now if I didn’t have a Bow Flex I’d do the rows with a resistance band.  My picture actually shows me using 2 bands together to increase the resistance level of the band based rows.

Pull Ups: 3 sets x 10 reps.  One set extra wide pull ups; one set reverse grip chin ups (aka chin ups); one set close grip pull ups.  And for the record, I do not do all my reps at one pass, I touch down between a few reps.  Chris does all of his in one pass.

Single Dumbbell Pulls: 2 sets x 12 reps.  Chis and I both use 35lb dumbbells for this.

dumbbell pull Our current back and tricep routineThis exercise is similar to the lawn mower exercise in P90X.  What I like better about single dumbbell rows is that by using a chair you can keep your back completely straight and not put any unnecessary stress on your lower back.  It may be hard to see but I place both my hand and knee of the non working side on the chair for added stabilization.


Back Fly / Tricep kickback Supersets: 3 supersets x 12 reps.

back fly Our current back and tricep routineChis and I use the Total Gym for this but I shot some pics using how to do it with resistance bands.  Be sure to move from a set of back flies to tricep kickbacks with no rest.  That’s what makes it a super set.  While it’s hard to see clearly in the picture, be sure to be lifting wide and back during the back fly move. I am squatting and slightly bent forward while keeping my back super straight.

During the tricep kickback, be sure to only move your arm from the elbow down, isolating the tricep muscle.

Tricep Dip / Diamond Push Ups: 3 supersets.  Do 25 dips and 10 or more diamond push ups each set.

tricep dip Our current back and tricep routineIf 25 dips are not a challenge for you then add some additional resistance by putting your feet up on a chair or stool.

Diamond push ups are a challenge so if you need to go to your knees.  But as soon as possible do them from your toes even if you can’t get all the way down.  Work form first and then depth of push up.


This workout takes us a little under an hour.


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