Fish Oil Supplement – A Must Have!

By Nancy Andrews

Fish Oil Supplement – A Must Have!

Dec 3rd, 2010 | By Nancy Andrews | Category: Supplements

fish oil capsules Fish Oil Supplement   A Must Have!Unless you have an allergy to fish, incorporating fish oil (in the form of capsules) is something that I highly recommend.  Fish oil continues to rack up an impressive list of health benefits which include:

But the study that readers here may find the most exciting is the one in which fish oil appears to help us lose fat while adding muscle.  Here’s the scoop..

Twenty-two healthy adults were divided into 2 groups.  One group got fish oil and the other group got safflower oil (placebo) for six weeks.  Each group took (4) one gram capsules a day – two in the morning and two at night.  After six weeks the safflower oil group actually added about 1/3 lb of fat while the fish oil group lost 1lb.  The safflower oil group did not gain any fat free (lean) mass while the fish oil gain a pound of lean mass.

Pretty cool!

CS fish oil Fish Oil Supplement   A Must Have!Now the group was fairly small and the time line a bit on the short side.  Moreover there is no mention if the results held once the fish oil was discontinued.  But given all the benefits associated with fish oil and the fact that this may be one of the cheapest supplements you can take, I highly recommend it.

Right now I’m recommending the Fish Oil capsules sold by Cheap Supplements.  The are certified to be pure fish oil, free from  mercury and contaminants.  And they are cheap!  I’ve had no problems with fishy burps from taking these and noticed that others said the same thing in the reviews I found on

Next time you are thinking about ordering protein from, add these fish oil pills to your cart.  BTW, if you are a lover of the Myofusion Protein as I am (love the chocolate flavor) get some now as they are giving away FREE a 280 gram container their SuperPump250 product and if you’ve not tried this pre-workout drink before, you’ll want to.

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