Why I’m Starting P90X All Over Again

By Nancy Andrews

Round 4 of P90X – P90X with the Comeback Kids

Nov 12th, 2012 | By Nancy Andrews | Category: Coach Nancy - The Way I See It..., P90X Transformation Diary

Nancy at 53 Why Im Starting P90X All Over AgainI started my journey to fitness with P90X and did 3 rounds of it before I moved on to other programs.  Even then, I often did hybrid workouts where I included P90X workouts with other programs.  But for the last 2 years, I have not done a full round of P90X despite how much I have always liked it.

So I was at a point where I was finishing up Body Beast, a weight lifting program I really liked for adding some muscle but not as good as getting a person to a lean, ripped look and wondered what to do next to carry me through the holiday season when I got a Facebook invite from Carl Daikeler to join others doing P90X in a ‘Comeback Kids’ event that was sparked by Jon Congdon’s desire to rehab after a disastrous year of health issues related to his knee.

My initial reaction to the fb invite was mixed.  I didn’t immediately jump on board but I did start to think about it.  And the more I though about it, the more I remembered just how challenging P90X is and what it did for me those first couple rounds.  So I decided to jump in.

What do I expect this time?

I’m in much better shape now (strength and endurance) than for any of the prior rounds so I’m looking to really see some impressive results.  I’d like to get to 30+ push ups per round in the Chest and Back routine and finally realize my long time goal of getting to 8 or more consecutive pull ups.  And I want to get ripped.  Like many people, I tend to move through cycles of how lean I am.  Since I’ve been doing Body Beast I’ve gotten stronger and bigger muscles but not leaner.  I had put on a few pounds before doing Body Beast and now I want to strip that all off and show off my bigger muscles.

Of course, getting ripped means strict attention to diet.  So I’m tightening the diet and I’m back on Shakeology which I must say really does curb my appetite.  I’m currently taking Tropical Strawberry Shakeology which is a vegan formula and it’s pretty tasty – at least to me.  I’m not vegan but I wanted to obtain more of my protein from plant based sources.

I’m going to keep an online journal while I go through this round of P90X so expect regular updates from me.


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