Should You Ever Start Over?

By Nancy Andrews

Should You Ever Start Over?

Nov 1st, 2010 | By Nancy Andrews | Category: Coach Nancy - The Way I See It..., P90X FAQ

150Day Thumbnail 3 Should You Ever Start Over?From time to time I get my clients asking me if they should start over. This typically happens after a bad week where they didn’t eat well and didn’t make all the workouts.

Now it may make sense to re-do a week if you had a really bad one, but, start over? I never say to start over. Starting over implies you should take a ‘mulligan’ to use golf speak. Have you ever seen a mulligan granted at the Masters golf tournament? Do real athletes, whether amateurs or professionals, ever get ‘do overs’ in competition? NO!

I’m of the mind that when you commit to an endeavor, you really should commit wholeheartedly. It’s like in olden days when some warring countries would burn their ships behind them so victory was the only choice for life to go on. For those warriors there were no do overs.

Look, we all have bad days when we fail to show up or we fail to eat right. That means we are human. But think in terms of moving forward, not backwards. Repeat a week but then move forward and realize that this is a lifestyle choice, not a project.

Be an athlete, be a warrior, be a winner! I know you have it in you.


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  1. Hey Nancy,

    I saw your results and I was very impressed. I was looking for someone with a similar body type to mine and yours looked pretty similar. My question is … what should I eat? I have been doing the P90X tapes sporadically, like the cardio x, and kenpo x, mainly because i’m concerned about losing weight. I wanted to follow the Lean plan, so this week I started the lean plan and I wanted to know if you have any suggestions on what to eat. I noticed your were saying the nutrtition guide is not really geared towards women and it suggests to much food or our body types. Furthermore, I had another question on the weight exercises for the shoulders and arm and other the other tapes that include weights, how much should i lift and if i don’t have any weights what should i use?

  2. Hi Cristy,

    Thanks for stopping by and thank you also for the kind words about my transformation.

    Many women think cardio is best for weight loss but it’s not. Strength training will do more for you than cardio because it builds muscle. Not only will more muscle burn more calories 24 hours a day but the metabolic increase your body experiences from weight lifting can last well over 24 hours while the metabolic increase you get from cardio usually is gone within 2 hours. You will get far more out of doing the Classic program than you will from Lean.

    If you don’t have any weights, at least get some resistance bands. I like this travel set (click here to see) because it has everything you need for a great price. Also don’t overlook the incredible power of push ups! Push ups tone your arms, shoulders, chest and even work your back a little.

    As for calories, if you want to lose weight it’s 10x your body weight in pounds and you eat 40% carbs, 40% protein and 20% fat. This is works because you eat plenty of protein which not only builds muscle, it also raises your metabolism. You will find the diet low fat and you will have to limit your carbs to mostly fresh fruits, veggies and only a limited amount of high fiber, whole grain breads. Take pasta and potatoes out of your diet.


  3. Thanks for the suggestions Nancy! I wanted to know one more thing… how do you calcuate the percentages of carbs, fats and protein you take in?

  4. Hi Cristy,

    In the beginning I wrote everything down which is a pain but what I had to accept was that I really didn’t know what I had been consuming. For me, carbs are the hardest to manage because I tend to buy only very lean meats and usually grill or roast them – no added fats. After awhile of journalling, you end up just knowing how many carbs are in your favorite foods so I keep a mental tally each day. However, if I get to a point where I put on a pound, I go back to writing it all down again.


  5. Hey Nancy,
    Thank You so much. I took a good look at the nutrition guide and noticed that the 40/40/20 was phase two so I decided to choose some foods from their and limited my calories to how much I weight times ten.So I started the journal. Im going to start the classic and during the 5th week I will start doubles. I guess now the only question is when the 5th week comes should I change up the eating raito?

    Thanks again nancy

  6. Hi Cristy,

    I recommend waiting until the 9th week before starting doubles. The reason why is that your body really has to make a lot of change with Classic and you don’t want to over stress your body. If you do over stress your body, you are not only far more prone to injuries but you also may feel very tired and could see a stop in your weight loss even though you are doing more exercise. The reason for that is that when the body is under high stress, it manufactures a lot more of the hormone cortisol. To much cortisol does lead to muscle break down and a tendency to hang on to fat in the abdominal area.

    As far as diet modification, if you are going to do doubles, it depends on where you are at and what your goals are at that point. Typically you’ll find you can add another 150 – 200 calories a day and still lose weight.


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