Push Up Workouts for Your Pecs, Biceps, Triceps & Shoulders

By Nancy Andrews

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Nov 23rd, 2009 | By Coach Chris | Category: Exercise Tips

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  1. Fresh perspective and focusing on core, functional moves. I see most guys going for more weight, and some more weight… even on a biceps exercise, and yet the back-swing is the part that carries the weight. Momentum, not the biceps!

    Mark Martinez,
    your hyper gain test lab

  2. Thanks for the article. Push ups is one of my favorites. I even add decent amount of muscle mass only with different push ups like declines, wide, close, clapping,uneven push ups. Even if I lift some free weights, I never forgot about the pushups.

    - Chris D

  3. Hi,i wanna ask you a simple question! I’m seeing huge amount of body hair in the uper part of the pic after 90 days when you get the transformation…no body hair!
    I want to ask did u shave your body hair???plzzzzzzzz answer i’ll ve thankful to u!plzz email me!

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