Getting Back into It (an update)

By Nancy Andrews

Fit over 50

Nov 23rd, 2014 | By Nancy Andrews | Category: Coach Nancy - The Way I See It..., Living the Fit Life, Women's Workout Advice

I’ve been quite quiet for awhile.  Not because I have lost interest in fitness and health but because I’ve been really busy over the last 6 months.  I was working as a consultant (financial matters) and while I loved the money, the jobs I was getting required a lot of hours.  So I looked for a permanent job where my hours would be more reasonable and got lucky!

My last post was about how I changed my mind about using sugar as my primary fuel after years of being a low carb fat burner.  I’ve been pretty happy about that change as I find I have more energy and for reasons I can’t really explain, I’m happier.    My only concern is that after also increasing my calories by more than 50%, I put on weight – 15lbs at my highest.  I expected my body to eventually self-correct and then start to burn off the weight I put on but I’ve had only modest success with that.  I’ve taken off 5lbs but want all that excess weight (at least the excess fat of that – probably another 8lbs) to come off.  I’m OK if it takes awhile, I just would like to see a bit more progress.

Probably part of the problem is that when I was working so many hours, I dramatically cut back on my workouts.  I’d make sure I’d get at least a mini workout in each day but a 12 – 15 workout is really only enough to wake you up, not produce the metabolic change I need to get my system cranked up.


It seems to me that as we are now headed into the Holiday season where tempting treats are going to lurk just about everywhere, I need to refocus and recommit to a better workout routine.  I’ve been thinking about my goals and what I want to accomplish and my selection is going to be a mixed routine of Body Beast and Les Mills Pump.  I feel this will provide me with both fat burning and muscle building results.

I’m not going to diet with this.  I’m going to keep my calories in the 2000/day range and cheat on Sundays as I please.  I will keep my fat intake modest (no more than 20% of my calories – a daily limit of about 45 grams).  My protein target will be 125 grams on workout days (500 calories) and 100 on days I may not work out (Saturdays and possibly Tuesdays).  That leaves me with about 1100 calories from carbs which will be mostly fruit.

So from now to the end of the year, I hope to lose 5lbs of fat.  This is a bit less than a pound a week which is a slow and steady loss.  If it’s all fat, losing 5 lbs will be noticeable with a good inch lost around my waist and another on my hips.

I pledge to update here at least once a week with details on my progress.  And, of course I’ll be updating daily on Facebook.

If you have been thinking about getting back into an exercise program, join me now.  We can do different workouts but will be linked with our resolve and commitment to improve our health.  I am asking you now – Join Me!!!!

To your health!


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