Step 1: Believe in the Possibility

By Nancy Andrews

Step 1: Believe in the Possibility

Oct 30th, 2010 | By Nancy Andrews | Category: Coach Nancy - The Way I See It..., Getting to Goal - Success Series

Nancy 150 Days3 Step 1: Believe in the PossibilityI’m often asked “how did you achieve such an awesome transformation?”  I’m flattered when asked of course but I also tend to respond that anyone can do what I did if they try.  But that, perhaps, is not what I should say.

You see I believe anyone can do what I did IF they believe in that possibility for themselves.  I’m not saying that I encourage anyone to suddenly start spouting affirmations like “I am lean and toned”  in the mirror – far from it.  What I’m saying is allow the change you are after to be a real possibility in your future.

A real possibility is something you can hit but not guaranteed.  A real possibility involves a significant challenge to hit.  A real possibility is hard.  But a real possibility is not impossible.

For me, I had once been fit.

Despite the fact that I had lost that fitness over a number of years while piling on fat, that memory of what I once was stayed in the back of my mind.  Despite the fact that I had been told by medical professionals that my neck injury would require surgery and pain killers for the rest of my life, that ‘future’ never was something I could accept.  My future always looked different in my mind.

So when I started out with P90X, that memory that I was once fit was there.  I believed I could be fit again even though I wasn’t sure how far I would get.  Honestly, I was not entirely convinced that P90X would work for me but I believed in the possibility that it could.

As each of you start with making change in your life, whether it’s getting fit with a great program like P90X or making a change in another area of your life, make sure you believe in the possibility of that successful change first.  Then use everything you’ve got to make that possibility your reality.

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