Losing it with Insanity

By Nancy Andrews

Losing it with Insanity

Oct 20th, 2009 | By Nancy Andrews | Category: Digging Deeper with Insanity

OK I’m not completely sure I should share this but as it is part of my Insanity experience, I will.

Last week Chris was looking at one of the Insanity DVDs and was asking about the puddle of water that is displayed on them. I explained that it was supposed to illustrate all the sweat that will come pouring off your body. And it is true, you will sweat more during these relatively short workouts than you can possibly imagine.

But I’m not sure that is the complete answer.

You see today we were doing Insanity and frankly, while giving it our all, were collapsing from the exertion. And to my horror at one point while on the floor on my hands and knees gasping for breath, I drooled. OMG! How embarrassing.

My point is, these workouts are intense. Hard.

But stick with them and you will see fat just sliding right off your mid section. No kidding!

So what if you drool once in a while. icon smile Losing it with Insanity


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  1. Hi Coach Nancy! I think your results are awesome! I am 28 years old and getting married this May. I am 5’6″ and weigh about 180. I need to lose about 30 pounds by then. I still have a lot of muscle, the problem is that I now have a lot of fat on top of that muscle! I ordered Insanity yesterday and it should get here early next week. Do you think that I should stick with doing just Insanity to get my desired results? Or should I add in some P90X as well? Thanks!

  2. Hi Jennifer,

    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding – I’m sure it will be fabulous! And thanks for your lovely comments on my results.

    Even if you have some muscle, I’d add the P90X resistance workouts in with the Insanity. I’m assuming you have P90X already when I say that. The two workouts are very different. They work great together.

    I have a discussion running with a follower Kim here that you may be interested in. Find that at http://www.pressplayfitness.com/?p=558 (go to the comments section of that page towards the bottom). Also we are putting up a forum here hopefully by tomorrow that will be an easier place for us to chat with one another. I’ll let you know when that’s up and hope to see you there.


  3. That’s a relief! For a moment I thought you were going to say you peed your pants! Now THAT would be embarassing! :-) I’m on day 32 of Classic P90X and am curious to see what my stubborn abs and thighs are going to do (I don’t have a ton of fat to lose–I’m 5 foot 1 and weigh 120 pounds). It’s interesting to read about how people combine P90X and Insanity together. I might need to consider that if my six pack doesn’t show up eventually. I’m hoping for the best but preparing for the worst!

  4. Hi Amanda,

    Hahahaha – not yet!

    Hey keep in there with P90X. I managed to take a fair amount of fat off of my abs with it before I ever added in Insanity. My tips are to really ‘bring it’ when you do it and to possibly cut your carb intake. I’ve got my recommendations on how much and what to eat over at http://www.pressplayfitness.com/members/forum/#topic/Sample-eating-plans.htm (in our forum). See how your current diet compares. BTW I’m not quite 5′ 4″. With my heavier weight I’m guessing we are built similarly with me just being a bit taller.

    I find the P90X eating plan calculates too many calories for women and once you get past the initial phase adds in too many carbs and doesn’t have enough protein.

  5. Thanks for the information on the meal plans Nancy. Yes, we have a very similar build. I think I’m doing OK with my carbs but I probably need to kick my protein levels up a notch or two. I was just curious–is there a particular source or study you used to determine the 0.8 g of protein/per pound for women?

    Before I started P90X I lost 10 pounds. I’ve only lost about 3 more pounds since I started but I’m happy with the way my body is changing so far . . . on Day 1 I couldn’t get a particular pair of jeans over my thighs and now they fit perfectly! :-) So, I really don’t care what the scale says. Just trying now to get rid of the remaining small tummy “pudge” and thigh “jiggle”.

    On a side note, one of my favorite foods is Quaker Original (plain) instant oatmeal with skim milk and fresh blueberries. Yum!

  6. Hi Amanda,

    You’ll find a lot of theories about how much protein you need. A commonly held theory is that you should take in up to 2 grams of protein for every pound of bodyweight (see article here) but much of that really heavy duty protein consumption is geared towards men. The truth is that women can’t put on the type of muscle mass that a male bodybuilder can and furthermore we can’t process more than 20 – 30 grams of protein in a meal without it overloading our body’s ability to absorb it (excess can and will be stored as fat). That limits what we can eat each day. My .8 gram per pound guideline was developed with the perspective that most women want to shape up but not put on a lot of muscle. It’s appropriate for women doing P90X and going for the 12 – 15 rep range which most of them pick.

    In fact, most women should work harder at putting on muscle than they do but I realize that I can’t convert most of them. If you looked at my eating plan, I’m eating more than .8 grams per pound but I’m trying to add muscle and need it. I’m at about 1.1 grams of protein per pound. I lift most of my weights in the 8 – 10 rep range. Most women would be surprised to see how heavy I lift and yet, I’m no big muscular woman, I’m lean with curves in the right places. I’m even leaner now than my last picture (getting close to my stopping point) but still no big muscles.

    I’m eating closer to the plan recommended by Mark Sisson. It’s fairly low carb but has a lot of veggies and fruits in it. I’m not completely there and don’t plan to be but the more I read, the more this type of ‘primal’ eating plan makes sense – especially for people like me who are over 40 (I’m now 51). You can find out more about this type of plan at http://www.marksdailyapple.com/definitive-guide-to-the-primal-eating-plan/. He recommends .8 grams of protein per pound of lean body mass but that gets complicated for most people to determine. However a rule of thumb is that it will be around 1 gram per pound of total body weight.


  7. Thanks Nancy, I’m totally on board with building more muscle so no worries there. :-) I think a lot of people have the impression that as long as they workout they can eat whatever they want. Of course, these are probably the same people that aren’t getting the results they want. I’ve been reading everywhere (it looks like Mark agrees too) that our body shape is determined mostly (70-80%) by what we eat. I’m definitely glad I devoted some time to changing my diet before starting P90X. I think it gave me a nice head start.

    Anyway, like Einstein said, “the deeper we search the more we find there is to know . . .” and that’s definitely true when it comes to diet and exercise! BTW–I appreciate the fact that you take the time to answer people’s questions in depth . . . not all BB coaches are as dedicated as you are! Good luck with your future goals–you’ve done an awesome job so far!

  8. Thanks for the kind words Amanda!

    I’m totally in agreement with your perception about people thinking that they have carte blanche to eat whatever they want when exercising. Doesn’t work that way though.

    Anyway with your dedication I have no doubt you will see some awesome results! Come back and keep us (me) updated.


  9. I have recently purchased “Insanity”. My work out regimine is one of left heavy and hard. Im a hard gainer. Is it ok to still workout heavy and do “Insanity”? I Really don’t want to lose any weight.

  10. Do I really need to eat 2300-2600 calories while doing Insanity? I’m afraid of putting on more weight
    30 yr old female, weighing 205 and desperately wanting to lose weight.


  11. Hi Porcha,

    Insanity is a very demanding program so you can’t go super light in calories (like lower than 1500 per day). That said, 2300 – 2600 is too much. Start at 1800 and eat your calories in a ratio of 40/40/20 carb/protein/fat. This is a low fat diet and it will be higher in protein than what you have been eating. I’ve got a list of my favorite protein powders (the best way to hit the protein requirements without overdoing either your fat or carb calories) at http://www.pressplayfitness.com/members/forum/#topic/Protein-Powders.htm.

    Also don’t eat more than 1 bread or grain serving a day. Your carbs should be fresh fruit and veggies primarily.


  12. Hi Josh,

    Don’t do Insanity 5 or 6 days a week unless you want to lose muscle mass. It’s just too much. I’m assuming you are planning on continuing your heavy lifting. If so, then do Insanity 2 or 3 times a week. You’ll get more ripped but won’t lose your muscle mass. Also add a good 400 calories a day to your diet.

    Let me know if you have more questions. I’d need more from you to get more detailed in my answer. I do have forums over at http://www.pressplayfitness.com/members/ which are easier to carry on extended discussions in.


  13. Hi Nancy,
    I just started Insanity on Monday and in the nutrition guide it gives you a choice of 10 meals for the 5 meals per day. In your comment to Porscha you stated not to eat more than 1 bread or grain serving per day. However, the guide allows for more because it gives you a choice of meals. So, are you saying that I should choose my meals according to the bread in the meals?

  14. Hi Rachel,

    If weight loss is one of your goals, then yes.


  15. Hi Nancy, I am from the Island of Antigua in the Caribbean. I’ve been going to the gym for over 12 yrs but lately i had to quit due to finance. I am looking for a home workout video that will keep me in shape and get some serious results. At the present moment I weight about 140-143lbs and I want to get my weight to no more that 130. I find over the years although i work out my waist line has been and still is my biggest problem area as my waist in very square. I have the slim n 6 dvd and is looking to purchase the Shaun T’s Hip hop Abs and Insanity. I also find myself not eating properly as i tend to eat late at night (a problem i’m trying hard to break out of). Could you advise me on how to get my body fit and more shapely.

    Looking forward to hearing from you

  16. Hi coach Nancy, i ve been doing insanity for almost 2 weeks and i havent lose any pound, and im eating about 1900to 2000 calories.what should i do?i need to lose weigth.thank you.by the way you look great

  17. Hi Corina,

    Thanks for stopping by! And thanks for the compliment.

    You don’t tell me your height or weight but I’m going to guess that your daily caloric intake is too high. I find that both the P90X and the Insanity calorie guides tend to calculate too many calories for women. That’s a drawback of having one set of calorie guidelines that you are trying to have work for men and women. Pound for pound, men can eat more than women. Unfair perhaps, but true. Cut your calorie count back to 10x your current weight but eat at least 1400 calories and no more than 1750 per day no matter what 10x your weight computes. Then eat your calories in a 40/40/20 ratio of carb/protein/fat.

    If you are using the Beachbody Results and Recovery formula, stop taking that. It’s real tasty but it’s best for men who want to build muscle mass. The high carbs in it will shut down your body’s fat burning once you take it. Instead go with a high protein drink (pick any of the ones I have listed at http://www.pressplayfitness.com/members/forum/#topic/Protein-Powders.htm except the Real Mass protein). Also eat no more than one grain or potato serving a day. Your carbs should mostly come from low sugar fresh fruit and fresh or steamed veggies.

  18. Hi Carol,

    If money is a bit tight, what I’d recommend right now is to try Brazil Butt Lift. It’s not quite as intense as Insanity but I have been really surprised at how well it’s toned both my butt and abs. In fact, I used to think that no ab workout could compare to the Ab Ripper X you get with P90X but the Tummy Tuck workout with Brazil Butt Lift is fantastic. Even the guys at my house love doing Tummy Tuck.

    While losing weight seems to be your priority, I’m a bigger believer in measurements. I mean do you really care what you weigh if you have your dream measurements? I actually weigh 5 – 10 lbs more than most women my height who have my measurements and that’s because I have more lean muscle mass then they do. What that means is I get to eat more calories because my lean mass keeps my metabolism up.

    That said, if you want to lose weight, follow my diet recommendations of 10x your weight to set your daily calorie limit. Then eat those calories in a 40/40/20 ratio of carb/protein/fat. This is likely a lot less fat and a lot more protein than you have been eating. I strongly recommend a good protein powder so you can supplement your diet with a protein shake or two each day to hit your protein needs but not blow your fat calorie allotment. I keep a list of protein powders I use and like at http://www.pressplayfitness.com/members/forum/#topic/Protein-Powders.htm. Don’t eat more than 1 serving of grains or potatoes each day.


  19. hi coach nancy,yeah you are right i forgot to tell you ,my weight is 152.5, my height is 5’2 iam 39 years old,i feel better but im not losing weight,thank you for your advice and the link.

  20. You are welcome!

    BTW, I didn’t mention that if you decide to get Brazil Butt Lift, I’d sure appreciate it if you ordered it through me (click here). I get no compensation from coaching others other than the commissions I earn when someone buys from me. Thanks.

  21. How many carbs are ok to eat per meal if you are wanting to loose weight? I’m eating about 1400 to 1500 calories a day.

  22. Hi Julie,

    Eat your calories in a 40/40/20 ratio of carb/protein/fat. Eat 5 -6 meals a day to keep your blood sugar levels as constant as possible. So if you are eating 1500 calories a day, that’s 150 grams of carbs a day. If you eat 5 meals a day, that’s 30 grams of carbs a meal. Now you can eat a few more carbs in the meal preceding your workout and eat fewer carbs in the last meal of the day if you so choose. But other than that, keep it balanced.


  23. Hi Nancy. You look amazing. I purchased P90X about 2 months ago and i like it but I found that the only time I burn a good amount of calories in ofcourse on Plyo day so I decided to get INSANITY.( I only did P90X for about 3 weeks but plan to start it after INSANITY.) I love it! I enjoy doing it, but I did the 1st months workouts for about 2 weeks and they seemed so easy so I went on to the 2nd months exercises and they re better and I am burning about 600 calories doing them. My problem is is that I have followed the P90X and Insanity nutrition plans according to which one I was doing and haven’t seen any changes on the scale. It has actually gone up and 4 lbs. I haven’t noticed any inches lost. I’m getting so frustrated! I eat about 1400 calories a day and I’m 5’6–152 lbs. I have actually been stuck at this weight since December 09 and prior to that I had lost 11 lbs on the biggest loser diet but then plateaued cause i was only eatong about 1050 calories a day.

  24. Hi Bittney,

    You are right that something is off. I have a couple of thoughts here. But first, I would like to discuss your focus on calories burned during a workout. What I recommend as a better view is what is referred to as the EPOC which is the post exercise oxygen consumed (which is directly influencing calories burned) for different exercises. EPOC is higher for resistance training. Moreover, with resistance training, you build lean mass which also increases your body’s baseline metabolic burn rate. I’m not going to tell you to stop Insanity but you might want to consider a hybrid routine.

    Next, your lack of weight loss is going to be attributable to one or more of three factors:
    You are actually consuming more calories than you think you are
    You are consuming the wrong kind of calories
    Your body is under too much stress and manufacturing a lot of cortisol which can not only shut down any fat burning, it can cause your body to horde fat

    If you keep a journal of everything you eat, then your are likely to be accurate as to how many calories your are actually consuming. However, if you aren’t, keep a very detailed journal for 1 week and see how many calories you are really consuming. You might end up surprised. This is something I do from time to time if I see my weight loss stop or I put on a pound and sometimes I’m surprised to see that I actually was eating too many calories.

    If you do keep a journal, are you eating your calories in a 40/40/20 ratio of carb/protein/fat? This is a very low fat and limited carb diet. It’s also high protein. If you are not taking in two protein shakes a day, you are not likely to be hitting the protein requirement. Consuming lean protein will raise your metabolism and studies have shown an increased loss of fat around the abdomen from higher protein diets.

    Finally, my top bet would be that you are over stressing your body. Insanity is very high intensity and to jump up to the 2nd phase quickly suggests to me that you are doing too much. As I indicated above, too much stress on the body will cause it to manufacture cortisol which not only will keep you from losing weight, it can actually eat away at your muscle mass. Given that your measurements are not changing, that suggests that you are not burning fat and adding muscle but seem to be stunted. As hard as it is to hear this, you need to step it down for a week or two. Do phase 1 workouts only 3 or 4 times per week for this period and then do some low intensity cardio on your other workout days.

    One other suggestion is to add in a cheat day once a week. You’ve been limiting your calories for quite a while and the body get’s very efficient at operating at lower caloric levels unless you keep it ‘surprised’. One great way to do this is to have a cheat day where you eat anything you want and as much as you want. The goal for someone of your size is to eat somewhere between 2500 adn 3000 calories on your cheat day. I don’t count calories on my cheat day but I pig out all day long. This surplus of calories then challenges your metabolism and keeps it from getting too efficient. Don’t step on the scale for at least 2 days after a cheat day. You will see weight gain which can be concerning but by the end of the week, your body will have burned all that off and then some.

    Good luck!


  25. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I wanted to let you know that I have always kept a food journal. And even though I have been eating from the elite nutrition guide, basically_some thing smay change, I have still kept it. I think it may be stress too. I’m not sure it is the INSANITY doing it because i really enjoy it and it doesn’t seem that tough for me. I think i’m stressing too much about losing the weight, but it is frustrating! I don’t know what to do…..How many calories a day do you think I should eat on a regular bases except the cheat day? Do you think I should just do the p90x instead of the insanity for fat or weight loss? When I look into it it seems more people have had better results with p90x. I just thought the insanity would help me to lose the little bit of weight before i start to lift.

  26. Hi Brittney,

    As far as workouts go, you really need to understand that a resistance training session will keep your metabolism elevated up to 48 hours. A cardio session, even a high intensity one will have a much shorter period – like a couple hours. So where you are are focused on what you might be burning during the workout you are ignoring the bigger part of the equation which is what’s happening post workout. Think of it this way. Assume you burn 600 calories doing Insanity and then elevate your metabolism an average of 50 calories extra for 5 hours. That’s a total impact of 600 + 250, or 850 in total. Now weightlifting can burn just as many calories but let’s just assume you only burn 300 calories weightlifting (to make my point obvious) and you get a 30 hour metabolic increase on average of 20 calories. Then your total burn is 300 + 600, or 900 calories. (And truly this is weighting the odds in favor of Insanity because an intense weightlifting session will burn as many calories as Insanity does.) Plus you’ll add more muscle mass which will slightly increase your baseline metabolic burn rate. So that’s a big reason why P90X (you have to do Classic version) will beat Insanity in transformations. The key is to lift heavy – not light and push yourself to do as many push ups and pull ups as possible (plus a few more).

    As I suggested before, I’d do a hybrid routine that took the P90X resistance training and then instead of doing P90X cardio, do Insanity. I’ve done this before and it works out well.

    You are eating a good amount of calories so just add the cheat day for now and let’s see how that goes.


  27. Just finished first month of insanity. 25 years old 6’1 185lbs. Been lifting 4 days a week while doing insanity and feel good. In an earlier post you said not to do both and curious. Main reason I’m doing insanity is to burn off the rest of the little bit of pudge I had.after month one my six pack is 80% there.plan on finishing the second month while still weight training (as well as running and swimming 3-5 times a week) after which wanna hop into p90 while still hitting the weights.I am consuming between the 3-4000 cal range and listen to my body. Sleep extra on the days I feel I need it etc. I’m fully aware of the counterporductiveness of trying to burn fat and build muscle at the same time but I feel I’ve made a good mix of the two, does this sound like a well rounded sound program?granted I’m a fulltime student and a bartender so I have the hours in the daytime hours to spend between 2-3 hours working out,1hr insanity, 45- hour in gym w some running or swimming. Or other daily activities ie surfing bike riding etc. For being self educated on this topic I feel I have a good grasp on it all just looking for some outside advice. Thanks coach!
    -Surfer Mike

  28. Hi Mike,

    This is a great question. You know how there is an exception to every rule? Well the exception to my ‘don’t do too much’ logic is the case of the elite athlete. Based on what you have indicated you do, you are an elite athlete. And not only that, you are a young male. Your body is capable of repairing itself at a much faster rate than most people. You are not the typical person I’d coach.

    The people I tend to talk to are older than you (typically between their late 30′s to early 50′s). They are also overweight and very out of shape. For these people, the amount of stress they can take before their bodies produce too much cortisol which is counter productive to their end goals is limited. So as a general rule, I urge people to do one or the other (P90X or Insanity) but not both programs full tilt.

    That said, I don’t have any issues with a hybrid program. I actually am on hybrid versions of P90X now and have been for the last six months. I keep the P90X strength workouts and ARX and then I rotate what ‘cardio’ I do. Sometimes it’s a session of Insanity, sometimes it’s a run or I might do a Brazil Butt Lift workout. I’ve just ordered TurboFire which I’m looking forward to because from a metabolic perspective the timing on the HIIT on TurboFire is done right (one minute on at top exertion followed by one minute of recovery at a much lower pace) versus the Insanity which for most people is too high intensity for too long.

  29. I just started Insanity but following a diet has been really hard for me since im a bit of a junk eater and i want to drop weight or tone up before my husband comes home from iraq. i tried the gym for a few months before this and saw not much results so someone recomended insanity and i love it i been doing it for a week but i just want to know if there is a simple diet that i could follow that can help me along with my work out…im 22 5’3 and 155 at the moment. any suggestions would be appreciated!


  30. Hi Naomi,

    Diet is really important if you want measureable results. Sorry – but there is no way around it. But if you want some simple guidelines it would be for 6 days a week to cut out all fast food, all but 1 serving of bread/grains/potatoes per day, no alcohol and no sweets. Make sure you eat at least 1 salad, have 1 serving of veggies and eat 1 serving of fresh, organic fruit per day.

    Then 1 day a week eat whatever you want and as much as you want. On this ‘cheat’ day you can eat fast food, drink alcohol, eat candy – really eat whatever strikes your fancy. Stuff yourself to the point where you feel fat and bloated so you start to look forward to eating clean the next couple of days.


  31. Hello,

    I am 5’4 female and weigh 180lbs. I am suppose to weigh 125-130lbs. I have done Insanity for almost a month, I didn’t see any changes in the scale, but a little bit in inches. My question is if I stick with it will this program help me lose the fat??? I’m trying to find a program that will help me lose the fat. Under the fat, I have a muscular build I use to be an athlete so I’m not really looking to gain muscle just get rid of the fat. Thank you in advance for your response.


  32. Hello Windee,

    Let’s start with a little more data from you, send me your neck waist and hip measurements in inches. Take the waist measurement at your narrowest point but take the neck and hip measurement at the widest point. Only then can we get a better handle on how much lean mass (vs fat) you really have. I find a lot of over weight women think they have more lean mass then they really do.

    You can post your info here or send me an email privately at pressplayfitness @ gmail.com (I put spaces in my email so it won’t get scraped by automated programs).


  33. Hello,

    Thank you for the quick response. I apologize that I’m late. lol. Here are my measurements….

    13 1/2 Neck
    32 Waist
    40 Hip

    Thank you :) ,


  34. Hi, I am on day 6 of insanity, and only just keeping up. I think it is a great programme. I also bought the hip hop programme but not sure how to intermingle the two programmes, what would you advise? thanks

  35. Nancy,
    I’m on day 3 of insanity and went through the calorie breakdown as far as what i should eat, being 5’0 and 120, I calculated that I should eat 1500 calories a day, that seems like way too much. Working 8 hours a day I barely have days where I get to 1000, but even still with the 1200 that was suggested to me before this I didn’ t lose, what am I doing wrong, how many calories should I be eating now with this new program? My goal is to be down to 115 by Feb 4th and 110 by March 1st. Please help!

  36. Hi Susan,

    There may be a couple issues here. First, with regard to diet, I’d have you consuming 1200 – 1300 calories a day for 6 days and one day a week take as a cheat day. Now that’s more calories than what you’ve been eating but if you are not losing weight at 1000 calories (I wasn’t sure about that) you’ve gotten to a point where you have very low leptin levels (a hormone that regulates weight loss) and the way to increase those levels is to increase your calories and take a cheat day. It’s been suggested that after only 1 week of dieting your leptin levels can drop by 50% so consider what weeks and weeks of dieting is doing to your leptin levels. But the good news is that just 1 day of cheat eating can restore your leptin levels.

    You may also be suffering from chronically elevated cortisol levels (another hormone). I like Insanity but for many people it’s so intense, they don’t realize that they are raising their cortisol levels as high as they are. Unless you take a break from it, your cortisol levels remain elevated which puts your body into a fat storing mode and may be reducing your lean mass as well. Combine the effects of this with the leptin and you can see why weight loss may not happen.

    I strongly encourage people to pair Insanity with a resistance program. While P90X works well, it can be any weight lifting routine. Do Insanity only 3x per week and do weight lifting 2x – 3x. Then you’ll be increasing your muscle mass and if you keep your workouts to 45 mins or less, keeping cortisol in check.


  37. Hello!

    I am 5’1 and weigh 119. I am doing Insanity to help get rid of the last bit of belly, arm, and inner thigh fat. I have completed TurboFire which started getting too easy for me and barely brought my heart rate up anymore so this is a HUGE jump between programs. The thing tells me to eat 1600-something calories with a 500 calorie deficit. Do you think this is a good amount or should I up my calories to 1800 like the Beachbody site says (that’s without a deficit since I barely have any weight to lose). I really just want to tone up a lose the last bit of fat. What do you think?

  38. Hi Erin,

    At your size, I’d go for only the 1600 calories top end. Honestly what I’d do is try eating 1450 – 1500 for 6 days a week and then take 1 cheat day. BB’s calorie calculations for women always seem to be very high.


  39. Thanks for such a quick response!

    What are cheat days for you like? Saturday’s are my cheat days, but what I do is just eat something I normally wouldn’t like pizza, but I will still stay within my calorie limits. Should I just eat whatever I want?

  40. Hi Erin,

    If you stay within your caloric limits, it’s really not a cheat day. I eat different things every cheat day. Basically I eat all day long, I eat whatever I want and as much as I want. I am currently eating around 1300 calories on my normal days but on a cheat day, I’ll easily go 3000 calories or more.


  41. Hey, do you think Insanity is the best workout to blast belly fat? My lower belly still has about 12% body fat that I have been working on. I am 3 weeks into Insanity, but have heard you really start to notice in the second month. Any tips on getting rid of last bit of belly fat?

  42. Hi Amy,

    Exercise is, at best, only half of the fat loss equation. Diet is the remainder and can greatly impact how much belly fat you lose. What is your diet like?


  43. I eat very clean. Once every 2 weeks, I go out to eat, but still stay within my calories. Other than that, I eat lots of protein, whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. I follow the Insanity nutrition guide well, also.

  44. Hi Amy,

    No more than 1 serving of grains/potatoes a day and limit your fruit to berries (all kinds), cherries, apples, pears. peaches and grapefruit. Also go as organic as possible starting with dairy and all fresh produce. You can find eggs and meat that are free range/pasture feed without antibiotics or hormones which is sometimes easier to find than organic.

    Other than diet, add some reverse crunches to your ab routine. I don’t really like the ab workout with Insanity (Ab Ripper X and the Tummy Tuck from BBL are better). I do have an awesome ab routine you can do 1x per week at http://www.pressplayfitness.com/10/ab-blast-workout-hardcore-abdominal-workout/ if you have the set up and want to mix it up and really challenge your abs.


  45. Thanks!

    It’s mainly just a little belly flap left. I had my daughter 16 months ago and it’s being stubborn! Definitely the last thing that’s going. I lost 30+ pounds with Turbo Jam, ChaLEAN, and TurboFire. I am almost sure I am being impatient, too.

  46. is it safe to use insanity after a month after having a baby c section

  47. Kara,

    You really need to talk to your Doc about that. I had a c-section with my 2nd child and if I recall correctly I was told no strenuous exercise for 6 weeks. If your doc told you something similar then the answer is NO. Insanity is very intense – a LOT of explosive moves which do require your core muscles to be engaged.


  48. LOL…I started Insanity last week and there have been times when I will drool too! I think its awesome! I haven’t worked out that hard since playing baseball in college.

  49. Hi every1 Im 19 years old i weigh about 185-190 and i just ordered insanity and im trying to lose weight until june because summer is coming and i would really love to look good wearing a bikinii =] i was just wondering would insanity really help me go down to about 120 pounds ill be dedicated to it but it looks hardcore… im a little iffy about it but ill try my best… Ive been going to the gym and working out but im going to cancle my membership and just stick to insanity i would really like to lose weight… idk what to do but i ordered insanity! lolll hopefully i can make it! but ive heard that people that have done insanity say the work outs are insanilyyyy hardcore soo idkk!

  50. Hi Vanessa,

    First you are young so you are more likely to see good results from Insanity than those of us over 40. However, it is a very intense program so just do your best – don’t expect to keep up. If you watch the group, almost none of them do the entire workout – they take little breaks here and there. Diet will be really critical. I really like the diet that comes with Insanity so follow it and you should see fat loss.

    Finally, realize that it took you time to get up to 190 and it’s going to take time to get down to 120lbs. You may find that you look good ‘heavier’ than 120 as you lose fat but retain muscle.

    Good luck!

  51. thanx nancy im just waiting for the program to come but when i was younger i was about 110 to 120 and i just started gaining the weight but hopefully ill lose it because i have a lot of weddings coming up in 3 months and i really want to look good wearing those dresses! =] thank u though

  52. Hi Nancy.

    About 2 weeks ago (a little less) I started to do Insanity workout and while the workouts are very intense I feel much better physically than I have 2 weeks ago. The question I have though is concerning my diet, I’m 16 years old, 5’9″, 152 pounds. I have to wake up early at 6 am to get ready for school and I don’t usually get home untill about 5pm due to commute. From what I’ve read is that its best to eat 5-6 meals a day. Me being a highschool student with a lot of time contraints this can be dificult to achieve, lately I’ve been trying to do my best eating properly as I have cut out all the fast food, sweets, and soda with really no problem, but the thing is I find myself hungry numerous times a day. With a program like Insanity I wonder exactly how many calories should I intake and also what foods do you recomend I can snack on during those times.

    Also I also wanted to ask since I’m a lot younger and not really out of shape too bad, do I have to worry as what I eat? I know insanity is pretty much all cardio but I’m really not trying to lose a lot of weight I just want to be, say, “varsity athlete fit”

    P.S should I do weightlifting as well?

  53. Hi Nancy,

    I have been doing insanity for about 5 weeks now. I have a couple of concerns – first being that my waist and hip measurements have increased, my breasts have shrunk, and my weight hasn’t changed much but I am not so worried about that. The second concern is that my heart rate monitor states that I am burning between 230-290 calories during the workout, and many people (on the message boards) are reporting burns in the 500+ range.
    Currently, I weight 116, my waist is 29.5 and my hips are 34.5. I am 29 years old. I am eating on average 1500-1700 calories per day, taking in about 30 grams of fat and anywhere from 60-90 grams of protein.
    I am not certain what I am doing wrong, but of course I really don’t know exactly what I should be doing. During my workouts, I am peaking at 92% of my heart rate, averaging 78%, (I let the watch run during the stretching and cool down) and dripping with sweat. Why are my calorie burns not higher like everyone else on the message board? Also, I don’t mind losing breast size, but I was aiming to lose inches in my hips and waist, not breasts. I will say that I am planning to embark on another round of P90X, previously I gave up on that program a little early. I’ve been reading the advice you offer everyone else, but I’m not sure how to apply it all to my physique and goals. I’d appreciate any advice you could offer!


  54. Hi Theresa,

    I’m struggling with where to start as I have several key points to make. First, let’s get to this calorie burning issue. Most people are completely clueless on what they really burn doing that routine. I’ve seen silly claims of over 1,000 calories. I can assure you that these people are grossly over calculating their energy expenditure. Most gadgets aren’t that good so that’s part of the problem but some of it seems to be bragger’s rights. Just ignore that. Secondly what you burn will be a function of how hard you work out AND how much weight you are moving. You didn’t give me your height but at 116lbs, you are not over weight. What you would burn is going to be less than what a 5′ 5” 145lb woman will burn (assuming equal intensity) and far less than what a 6′ 0″ 185lb man would burn. I’m guessing you probably are burning 350 – 400 calories though, not the 230 – 290 calories you think you are.

    Next, Insanity is not a fat loss program. At least not like what P90X will do. And your problem may be that you’ve exercised at too high an intensity for too long which can send your body into a chronically elevated cortisol (fat hording hormone) state. Typical signs are that you start storing weight around your belly. You do need to change yoru diet because 60 – 90 grams of protein is not going to give your body what it needs to repair. And given what you just told me about your protein and fat consumption, you are eating, on average, 255 grams of carbs a day. Keep your calories about where they are but switch to a 40/40/20 ratio of carbs, protein and fat. Make it a high protein, high fiber, low glycemic diet. Fiber should be a minimum of 30 grams per day. Grams of sugar, for you, need to be kept to 40 or fewer grams per day which will be 25% of your 160 carb gram total for each day. You must watch the sugar – it’s in just about everything. Fruit is chock full of sugar. Breads and cereals, even whole wheat breads tend to have more sugar than you’d think.

    If you really want to see significant change, do 3 P90X resistance routines a week, 2 Insanity and 1 yoga, follow my diet recommendations and the fat will come off.


  55. Not sure where I stand, I am 5″3 and weigh 121 lbs. I really want to get a toned body not lots of muscle, will this do it for me? I have purchased the insanity and have started it for 3 days now and i really do love it. If I want to be tone should I continue running and spinning at the same time I am doing the insanity dvd’s?
    Also not sure how many calories I should be eating while excersing this much.
    I am training for a 1/2 marathon so I do need to continue with running.

  56. Coach Nancy,
    I weight 186 lbs and I’m 5″1. I’m starting the Insanity DVD and just want to make sure, after reading this posts, that I’ll do it right. I really like your advice. Should I eat 1,500 cals, doing the 40/40/20 ratio, only one serving of carb per meal? I’m 37 and would really like to lose 30 lbs in two months. Oh, also, I’ll have two protein shakes a day? I really want to look better by my 20th year class reaunion!

  57. I’m a 19 year old girl who hates her body! I’m 5’8 and I weigh 165-170lbs. I’m trying to decide what fitness program to go with. I’m going on vacation in July and would really like to lose as much fat as possible as well as tone up. I keep going back and forth from Zumba and Insanity workouts, can anybody tell me which one is better? I would appreciate it GREATLY!


  58. Hi Jeana,

    First, don’t hate your body – it’s the only one you’ve got! Instead make peace with it and treat it better (clean, healthy food and exercise) and it will respond by dropping fat and adding lean muscle.

    As for the two programs, Zumba is a ‘dancey’ type of workout. Good upbeat music but best effective only if you master the foot work. Insanity is a good old fashioned boot camp workout. It’s not for everyone. You are young and not that overweight so you could do Insanity. It’s hard core and demanding, and for most of us who have done it, VERY addictive. Very fast paced but easy to follow (no fancy footwork). It will burn far more calories than Zumba. It will do more for building lean muscle than Zumba. You WILL feel like a warrior when you do Insanity.

    So in the end it’s up to the type of workout you feel you’ll stick to. Insanity will do more for you but only if you stick with it. If you prefer a dance type of workout over a plyometrics based workout then Zumba wold be the one you’d stick to.

    Finally, no workout will bring the results you really want without proper diet. Stop eating the junk food and drinking pop and eat what your body really wants.


  59. Hi coach nancy,
    I’ d love to get some good advice you see I started on insanity workout last week, I’m 22 years old and for the past year I have gained around 25 pounds and been struggling on dropping them back. I really need to cut the fat from my belly and thighs. So I wanted to know what would be the best workout for fat loss ? Im 5”4 , 169 pounds, my wrist is 5in, my hips are 40 in, my waist is 30 in and my thighs (which are starting to get a lot of visible cellulite) are 23in. I would really apreciate your advice, oh and also is there any fat burner you would recommend ?
    Thankyou !!

  60. hi nancy i started insanity 4 days ago somebody lend the dvd’s to me im 5″6 and 147 i wanna lose like 15 pouns..im not sure of what my daily calorie intake should be to get to my goal …please any help with that

  61. Hi Pamela,

    Just follow my recommendations at http://www.pressplayfitness.com/06/my-p90x-diet/ which will work for Insanity as well as P90X (works for Turbo Fire as well).


  62. Hi Natalie,

    I apologize to take so long to reply, I missed this one. Insanity can help a lot with stripping weight off your belly but for best results, you really need to ditch the processed foods in your diet. Please see my overall diet recommendations at http://www.pressplayfitness.com/06/my-p90x-diet/. As for fat burners, I discuss my thoughts about those at http://www.pressplayfitness.com/08/should-you-take-a-fat-burner-while-doing-p90x-insanity-or-turbo-fire/. In the end, though, I think you’d get more by adding some BCAA’s like those you can get in Xtend (click to read more) to help your body recover and keep your cortisol levels in control. I also am very enamored with Lean Xtreme as a body re-composition agent. Finally, I like good old fashioned fish oil capsules for added fat burning and a host of other positive benefits.

  63. Hey Nancy! i am hoping you could help me here. i am completely confused on how many calories i should be eating while doing insanity. before i start i want to make sure i am eating the right amount and that i am doing this the right way. i did a calculation on team beach body and it told me 2100, that doesnt seem right to me at all, considering im a female who is 5’5″ and i weigh 154. If you could please help me out that would be great! thanks :)

  64. Hi Brittany,

    Since you are young, you have a bit more latitude on calories but 2100 won’t have you losing much weight. I’d either go down to 1750 if you want to eat the same caloric amounts each day or go down to 1600 and take a cheat day once a week. Be sure to drop processed foods and eat plenty of lean protein so you gain lean muscle while you burn fat.


  65. Thanks nancy that helps a lot! so ill do 1600 and a cheat day lol. no processed foods and lean protein sounds good to me. thank you for all of your help! i cant wait to get started :)

  66. Hi Nancy, I’m happy because I find you.You looks great, You make feel like I want to do exercises. I have Insanity but I did not star until next week. Can you help me please. I have slim sliming formula and metabolism formula from beach body, I need somting to help me burn fat . Advice please. Thank you.

  67. Hello Nancy! I currently weigh 139 lbs. I have small stubborn belly fat that i want to get rid of since i had my first baby almost a year ago. My goal is to lose 10 lbs and i am currently working out to insanity. It’s going well. I am on day 21 so far and am noticing a slight change but have only lost 1 pound so far. What do you suggest am i working out too much (mon. – fri.)? I would also like to know if it is ok to eat anything while working out. I’ve never liked diets or meal plans. Please give me your best advice and suggestions. Thank You!!

  68. Hi Sandra,

    If your only real change to your figure is to loose your belly (a typical tough spot – particularly for women who have given birth) you’ll need to work that area a bit more. If you really want to snap your gut into shape, try my ab blast workout to replace one of your Insanity workouts you can find it at http://www.pressplayfitness.com/10/ab-blast-workout-hardcore-abdominal-workout/. BTW, I’d do this ab workout on Friday (assuming you have Saturdays off) because your abs will be screaming at you the next day. :)

    And, yes, you do have to watch what you eat. As we women age, just doing exercise is not enough. I’d recommend my P90X diet plan (http://www.pressplayfitness.com/06/my-p90x-diet/) which works well for Insanity as well.

    Not sure if I’m your official BB coach but feel free to follow the instructions at http://www.pressplayfitness.com/07/nancy-how-do-i-make-you-my-coach/ and then I can work with you more closely if you want.

    Good luck!


  69. Hello Nancy,

    I am 27yrs old and 5’3 weighing 159. My problem is that i don’t have enough motivation to get myself in the gym. 4 years ago i weighed 187 and lost about 40 lbs, i was in the gym 5 days a week for 6 months. Well i gained about 12 lbs and would like to lose about 15 lbs. I’m wondering if Insanity will help me lose 15lbs in 60days if i stay committed to it and eat healthy? Or should i stick to the 5 days a week at the gym like i did 4 years ago? i just dont have the motivation to get in the gym anymore. Have a family to take care of and work nights getting off of work at 12;15 am.(my schedule is 3:45pm- 12:15am) If i go to gym at 12:30 am everynight will it be okay for my body to work out that late at night?im just looking for a workout schedule to fit in my daily routine. It is SO hard! Thanks so much for your advice and hopefully you can PUMP ME UP! =)))

  70. Hi Nancy! I have been reading all the question and answers on here but i am still confused! I have been on a strict diet since 1/2012. I have only cheated a couple of times! I am 40 years old and 5’5″ tall and started out at 182.4 pds. I am now down to 160.6 pds, but I cant seem to move this number for almost 2 weeks! I work out 5 to 6 days a week an hour a day doing Shawn T’s 15 min workout but I do it twice. I do some upper body lifting and 100 sit ups! I like to add some extras while sitting in front of the tv like squats and more crunches and leg lifts! My calorie intake is between 1200-1300 I have recently increased my protein. Lots of veggies and fruit! No pastas or rice and if I have breads they are low carb low cal. flat breads! I do not care for the protein shakes so I have a protein bar a day. I really dont have a cheat day. I might cheat if I have a date nite with the hubby! Could it be possible that I need to some how trick my body? Is it getting bored? do I really need a cheat day every week? do I work out a little to much or do I just need to change things up? do you thinks my cortisol level is elevated? my goal weight is 150 pds so i am only 10 pds away! but I am getting discouraged! Help me please!

  71. Hi Tracey,

    First a BIG CONGRATS on the 22 pound loss!!! Way to go girl!

    Now I’m sure you are quite proud of the loss so far. As for your plateau, understand a few things. First, it’s natural for the body to pause and regroup once in awhile. Two weeks is not really concerning. So what you should not be doing is changing things every week because you’ll lose sight of what’s working and what’s not.

    My guess is you’ve restricted your calories too far for too long because overall all things (make up of your diet) looks good. Now your choices are to 1) add a few hundred calories a day to your diet – say 250 to 300 or 2) keep your calories where they are but incorporate some refeeding days. This could be a cheat day once a week or just two days where you eat more calories. The thing is that by restricting your calories to less than 10x your body weight, your body will eventually go into starvation mode and work hard to hold onto any calories you provide it. So trick it with occasional spikes. This can be 1 cheat day per week with a big focus on carbs or it can be 2 days where on 1 day you spike 400 calories extra and the next spike day you go up 600 calories. The two spike days would be spread out say on Wednesday and Sunday – never back to back.

    On the exercise front, I’d mix it up more than you are. The body also gets pretty smart when your routine is too repetitive and thus will expend fewer calories doing the same routine. Mixing things up also provides a better cross training effect for functional strength.


  72. HI Nancy,

    I am 25 yo female and was also wondering what you would recommend for my diet calorie wise. I am 5’3″ and 110 lbls. I lost 12 lbls in 3 months by eatting 1400 calories a day and walking for an hour. However, now for the past 2 months I havent lost any weight while doing the same. I then started Insanity, but not sure how much to eat or what to do to start losing again. While I dont weigh alot, my body fat is high (25%)..Id really like to get lean. What would you suggest?

  73. Hi Esabella,

    At your height and weight, I’m having a hard time accepting that you could be 25% bodyfat. I hope you didn’t get that figure from one of those BF scales because they are highly unreliable. At this point, your issue is really that you lack sufficient muscle mass and really P90X is the better workout program for you if you do the Classic version. You don’t really need to lose weight, you need to exchange fat for muscle and for that, nothing works better than P90X.

    You are actually eating about what I’d recommend other than I’d add one cheat day a week. See my article on ‘My P90X Diet’ (which also works just fine for Insanity) to get more specific diet recommendations about your macro nutrients and exactly what you should eat. Just look in the upper right hand column under ‘Most Popular Articles’ and you’ll find the link to that article.


  74. I am on week four of insanity. I am 5’4 and weigh 184 pounds. I have hypothyroidism and was recently put on metformin because I am outside the the average weight range. I have been told by my doctor to lose weight I should be eating 1200 calories and exercise daily. Myfitnesspal also states that I should be eating 1200 calories. I want to lose 40 pounds. I have only lost a few since doing insanity. I’m frustatrated even though I know that I am doing what I should, I think.

  75. Hi Stacy,

    I commend you on taking steps to improve your health! I have a couple thoughts for you to consider. First, given your overall health profile, I would not have had you start with Insanity. My main concern is that in a significantly overweight condition, you are most likely suffering from inflammation and chronically elevated cortisol levels (think high stress). That isn’t a good profile for Insanity which is a conditioning program for folks already in decent shape.

    You caloric target is also too low if you are going to do an intensive program. Your body needs calories to recover and without them (especially needed protein), you just end up raising cortisol levels further and literally losing muscle. This is why your weight loss has been so low.

    The first thing I’d suggest is that you read my ‘P90X diet’ article which works just as well for Insanity. You can find it at http://www.pressplayfitness.com/06/my-p90x-diet/. See how that goes. You may need a different workout as well. If you’d like me to coach you just follow the instructions at http://www.pressplayfitness.com/07/nancy-how-do-i-make-you-my-coach/.


  76. Hi Nancy, thanks for the great job and you look great! I’ve loved reading your comments on questions and here is mine. I am female, 33, 5’5″. I used to weigh 140 but I considered myself too skinny because I’ve always been an avid exerciser. At 140, most folks didn’t believe I weighed as much as I did because I had a lot of lean muscle so I was a size 2. Anyhow, for about 8 months, I fell off the wagon (job loss, depression, lack of motivation etc) and now I’m at 163. I pulled myself by my bootstraps and started going to the gym and lost 2 pounds. I also got a copy of P90x and Insanity. However, this is my third week on Insanity and have only lost about 1lb. I know that my clothes are fitting a little bit better than they did last month. At least it zips up. Anyhow, my question is this, how do I get the scale to move? I honestly don’t know how much calories I burn so I don’t know how much to eat. I use My Fitness Pal and it says base should be 1270. I am very active. I do Insanity and add in weight training and speed walking. It’s not that big a deal as I said, I used to exercise just needed to get into the groove. Insanity was hard at first but now at the 3rd week I’m getting better. I just wish the scale would move and give me motivation. I should mention that I honestly know already that I cannot eat one serving of grains a day. I eat oatmeal at least once a day and some toast and I know I can’t cut out my brown rice or my sweet potatoes. Is there any other way to get around your calorie restrictions per grains? I am at my wits end. I was planning on doing p90x after Insanity but now, I am just going on with Insanity so I can say I finished it but only one pound in two and a half weeks with weight training and taking speed walks is making me want to give up!
    *I won’t give up though, I’m way too stubborn!

  77. Hi Tracey,

    Thank you for your kind words! As far as your situation, I don’t know what exercise you were doing before your 8 month lapse but my thoughts are that if you are doing Insanity, weight lifting and speed walking, it’s more exercise than you should be doing at this time. I believe that you have great exercise capacity potential given your past but until your body starts to respond, you are better served by keeping total workout hours to no more than 7 per week with one day rest (you can do brisk walking or do something light but no Insanity or weightlifting). If you do too much intense exercise you are just raising your cortisol levels which will keep your body from releasing fat (in fact at chronic levels will have your body adding fat). I don’t know exactly what you mean by speed walking. But if your heart rate doesn’t get above 115, you don’t have to count that as intense exercise. The focus should be with the walking to keep a lower intensity steady state heart rate for increased fat utilization as an energy source even though total fat burned will be minimal.

    I understand that many people really love Insanity – it’s kind of addicting. But it’s not the best choice for body remodeling and fat loss. For that, I recommend P90X. In fact, my favorite is P90X with Insanity replacing P90X plyo and Kenpo.

    As for diet, if you keep your total intense workout hours to 7 or less, I’m guessing you could eat around 1500 daily and take a cheat day. But I have to say that the level of starches/grains you have in your diet right now is not conducive to fat loss. You probably already know that these are dense carb sources and as you consume them your body will stop burning fat. Since you really love these carbs, perhaps a carb cycling diet would be best where you rotate your daily consumption of carbs down to 100 grams on low carb days and then up to 200 or even 250 on higher carb days. The cycle needs to be 2 low carb days (consecutive) for every 1 higher carb day. Your caloric intake will also spike up on these days so you don’t get a specific cheat day on this cycle.

    Finally, I highly recommend you start keeping a food journal where you record everything you eat so you can go back and see how close you stay to the parameters above (or whatever diet you choose to follow). While doing this, measure everything you eat. The point is that over time, the right level of food consumption (and it’s mix of protein, carb and fat) will become second nature and then you won’t need to journal unless you get off course.

    I have no doubt you will soon see the changes you seek. I wish you the best!


  78. I am doing Insanity for the 6th week, I have only lost one pound :( I am doing it just as the calendar stated. I tried doing 1200 to 1300 cal with no luck, now I am trying 1500 incase I was in starvation mode. Do you have any advise? I am loosing some inches which has been good. I do modifiy some of the moves. I am still in a dead sweat! So I think I am working hard. Please help!

  79. Doing Insanity on only 1200 calories or so is too low. Upping your caloric count may help. But remember, losing inches is the real objective – or should be. Who cares what you weigh if you get smaller? See how the higher calories go for at least 2 weeks. Also be sure you get at least 7 hours sleep (8 hours would be better).


  80. Thanks for the tips. I am currently getting at least 7 hrs of sleep each night sometimes 8 hrs.
    I forgot to tell you that I am 41 years old and wgt 138 and want to drop to 124 if poss. But inches would be great regardless of the scale. I have noticed that I have lost some inches. I also drink only water and at least 64 oz a day or more, most of the time more. I do feel bloated a lot. But I have notice a little difference in my midsection. But not a lot. Also, I can not complete any of the insanity dvd’s without stopping! Is this normal this far into the program? I have noticed on the information regarding insanity most people have do it more than once to get the great results. Any thought???? Thank you for the support. Really appreciate it.

  81. I’m wondering if you are suffering from adrenal stress. You may be producing excessive cortisol which would explain the lack of weight loss and the difficulty getting through the workouts. Try taking a week where you work out only 3 times and see how that goes.

    If that’s not the problem, I’d look to whether peri menopause is at fault. Not sure if you wanted me to be your coach or not – if so, let me know.


  82. That would be great if youd would be my coach. My name is Lori by the way. I will try your suggestions about 3 workouts. How would I know if I am suffering from adrenal stress? I did loose 2 lbs this week with the increase in calories. Should I have my doctor test me for peri menopause?

    I have talked to few other people doing the insanity and have the same difficulty doing the workouts without stopping. I push through the workouts, but need to stop some throughout for breaks. Cardio is not where I am strongest. I really have to push through it. I am able to do more of the workout without stopping the more I do them. But I would love to be able to get through without stopping like the people in the dvd. Am I just a slacker or will it come the more I do it? I will be starting my seventh wk this week. Thanks for your support.

  83. Hi Lori,

    Well the increased calories leading to weight loss do point to your body being in starvation mode. Starvation mode is a high stress environment in the body so we’ll see how you do with a bit less exercise this week.

    Insanity is hard – no doubt about it. And honestly it’s not my recommendation for people out of shape starting their journey to get in the best shape of their lives because it’s high stress on the body. The human body needs to be conditioned for harder and higher levels of exertion. Also it’s lacking enough resistance training to be a big figure changer. If you choose to make me your coach, I will share with you more fully why resistance training should be part of every person’s workout routine.

    I would be honored to be your coach, just follow the instructions that apply to you at http://www.pressplayfitness.com/07/nancy-how-do-i-make-you-my-coach/.


  84. Hello Coach Nancy, I am Tracey who wrote you sometime in July about my Insanity workout. I just finished the 61st day and did my fitness test. I did so much better than when I first started. Unfortunately, I didn’t lose much weight. I lost only 3lbs and considering I need to lose about 20lbs, let’s say I was very disappointed. I should caution however, that I did lose inches on my waist, hips, thighs, etc. I didn’t take any measurements before I started but by going from the way my clothes fit, I did lean out. Now, I have decided that I shall either do p90x or a hybrid of jogging/running and p90x. The truth of the matter is that I have now come to the conclusion that I think it’s all the carbs I eat. I started logging my calories and I seem to eat a LOT of carbs. Sometimes over 60% of my daily intake. I’ve been trying to jigger it but most I can get to is about 48% but then my fat intake is about 27% when I do that (I started using MFP). My questions:
    1. If I do p90x with jogging (say weights 3 days a week, p90x 3 days a week), would that lean me out more and will I lose weight? I just don’t think I want to put my body through a 90 day workout regimen and lose only 5lbs. I’d be devastated. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I finished Insanity but when I see folks who lost 10lbs or more, I get envious even though I know it’s about fat loss than scale loss but still, my brain is wired that way. Please don’t laugh. I poured my heart and soul into this and the non-budging of the scale was devastating. I should learn to celebrate NSV but it’s hard :(
    2. Should I start eating with the p90x nutrition guide? It’s hard to do the one with Insanity. I honestly can’t cook 5-6 different meals a day.
    3. What kind of yoghurt is good to eat? I can give up my toast for yoghurt but I need one with low carbs and I don’t have that Kroger brand everyone seems to love near me.
    4. Is it good to start using protein powder to boost up my protein intake? I always thought that it’s better to eat non processed foods than processed foods.
    5. Any sites etc you can send me to that can help with nutrition so I can start getting recipes for the 40/40/20 split? I know weight loss is more nutrition than exercise. I have the exercise part down, I need help with nutrition now. And I honestly don’t think I can afford the $2.99 for the beachbody website food guide. (unemployed etc).

    Thanks for any tips and help. I’ve been reading your blog and articles. You are very inspiring!

  85. Hi Coach Nancy, any tips? Thanks.

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