Insanity Power & Resistance

By Nancy Andrews

Insanity Power & Resistance

Oct 13th, 2009 | By Nancy Andrews | Category: Digging Deeper with Insanity

Decided to mix it up last Saturday and do the Insanity Power & Resistance routine in lieu of the P90X Kenpo that was on my schedule.  I have been trying to come up with a succinct way to summarize the experience (you know just as my first round of the P90X plyometics was summed up with a OMG!).  I think I’ve got it now…

Take No Prisoners

By that I mean, you are going to give it your all and may still end up short but you are not going to hold back, you can’t show yourself any mercy – you are not going to take any prisoners.  Shaun T shows no compassion in terms of laying off during this workout.

I had gotten to the point where the warm ups I’ve been doing with the Insanity Pure Cardio and Insanity Plyometric Circuit routines were just beginning to feel like warm ups – instead of a main workout.  So starting this workout with somewhat different warm up, had me feeling like a beginner again.  It’s tough!

What I liked about  it was the relatively short but majorly intense workout you get.  There is a great cycle working out your triceps.  The shoulders get some action as well as your chest.   And par for the course, your core and legs are heavily worked.

But the back and biceps are left a bit short as far as a power and resistance workout goes.  If I were doing Insanity only (instead of my bizzare P90X – Insanity combo this month) I’d feel a bit cheated.

Even with that potential shortcoming, it’s a heck of a workout.   I’ll be looking forward to doing it again and gaining ground with my over all fitness with it.


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