Are You Setting the Right Goals?

By Nancy Andrews

Are You Setting the Right Goals?

Oct 13th, 2009 | By Nancy Andrews | Category: Getting to Goal - Success Series

Based on recent emails I’ve been getting, it’s clear to me that many of you would like a success series on how to reach your goals.  So with my kick-off entry on success, let’s take a look at what goals we set.

One regular complaint I hear (usually from women) is that they are not losing that much weight while on P90X and even sometimes on Insanity. When I hear that, I know that they are really saying “I’m not losing enough weight”.   And I do appreciate that thought as even I have had it from time to time.

But is it right thinking?  I mean what were my goals when I started?  Was it to lose weight only?  Or was weight loss the expected outcome when I lost fat and got my figure back?

If you think about it, most of us are doing this to regain lost physiques we once had when we were younger.   What we weigh shouldn’t be something we focus much on.  If we start to look good and our clothes start falling off of us, aren’t we accomplishing the real goal?

For me, the right goals are:

  • Reduced body size – fat blasted off.
  • Clear and measurable gains in push ups and pull ups I can do.
  • Better stamina for other intense activities.
  • Lowered resting heart rate, lowered blood pressure, lowered cholesterol.
  • Improved flexibility.

The truth is, I’ve hit all these goals and continue to improve.  So do I care how much I weigh?  Well admittedly yes – but I’m working to fix that.  I know I’m already a big winner.  But women in the US are so conditioned to watch their weight, it’s hard to shake it off.  But let’s at least get to a point where we’ll not let it become our overwhelming single focus.

Consider for yourself what your right goals should be and keep the focus on them.


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