Is P90X for Women? Check Out This P90X Woman’s Results

By Nancy Andrews

A Woman’s P90X Results

Sep 2nd, 2010 | By Nancy Andrews | Category: P90X FAQ

P90X Results for Women
Nancy Front 070410 150plain Is P90X for Women? Check Out This P90X Womans ResultsThis is a great question. It’s true that P90X has a lot of push ups and pull ups in it and these can be difficult for women. But there are work arounds given. Get a set of resistance bands instead of the pull up bar. You will need an accessory to enable you to get the resistance bands in a door to get that done. Or you can get the pull up bar as I did and just use a chair to provide a bit more leverage until you can get some unassisted pull ups out on your own.

Women should not afraid to lift heavy weights. You will not become real bulky – it’s not in us as we don’t have enough of the hormone testosterone to grow big muscles like men. Also you can always go a bit lighter in the weights and go for a sleeker, toned look if you feel you are becoming too muscular.

>> Yes – I want to learn more about P90X today! <<

I just finished my first 90 day round with P90X and have gotten great results. As a 50 year old woman, I can tell you P90X is tough but not too tough for any woman my age or younger. All I can say is I’m glad I’m doing P90X and I’d love to see more women do it with me.

Nancy Back before after 0 90days 600 Is P90X for Women? Check Out This P90X Womans Results

Look how well 90 days of P90X have shaped my tush!

And finally a few more pictures of my ongoing transformation and see for yourself how quickly and how well P90X works.

Nancys progression 150 days Is P90X for Women? Check Out This P90X Womans Results

P90X worked for me, an overweight, out of shape, over 50 woman.  It WILL work for you too.  Don’t keep wishing and hoping for change, take action today (click on the banner below):

P90X rippedin90 banner image Is P90X for Women? Check Out This P90X Womans Results

 Is P90X for Women? Check Out This P90X Womans Results
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  1. Hi, I have been doing P90x for about 30 days now. At first I couldn’t get through the whole video now I can. Also I am doing the lean workout. My question is why haven’t I seen any results I have not lost a pound or any inches. Thank you Tina

  2. Hi Tina,

    A couple thoughts come to mind about your lack of results. First, let’s talk about not losing inches. If you really want to change your shape, I recommend that you switch to the Classic routine. The extra resistance training is going to cause your body to put on more muscle which not only shapes you, it will help you burn more calories. You’ll also be doing Ab Ripper X 3x per week rather than 2x per week which will help pull in your stomach. I suspect many women worry about putting on too much muscle but the fact is that we don’t generate enough testosterone (like men do) to do that.

    Secondly when you work out – especially with the resistance training – work out hard. Lift as heavy as you can. Do as many push ups and pull ups as you can. If you are doing push ups from your knees, start out first military style and see how many you can get out before you have to go to your knees. The secret to big change is in the intensity of the workout.

    If you are not losing weight, that’s mostly a diet issue. I find that the P90X diet tends to calculate too many calories for women. Instead of doing their metabolic calculation, try this approach instead. Set your daily target for protein as 1 gram per every pound of body weight. So if you weigh 150 lbs, you’ll target 150 grams of protein. Add an equal amount of carbs which in my example would be 150 grams of carbs. Then keep your fats real low. We are trying to hit a 40/40/20 ratio in calories of proten/carbs/fats. Now protein and carbs each have 4 calories per gram. So 4 x 300 (150 gr protein + 150 gr. carb) = 1200. Now that’s 80% of your daily calorie target. Then you divide by .8 to find out the total with fats added in. 1200 / .8 = 1500. That means that 300 calories will come from fat (1500 – 1200). Each gram of fat has about 9 calories so that means you can eat about 33 grams of fat. That’s really not much so your meat and dairy selections need to be really low fat. Also, cook any veggies for the day without fats (steaming is preferred).

    You’ll want to portion out your calories into 5 or 6 meals a day. I find that dinners can easily run 500 calories so I try to keep my calories looking as follows:

  3. Breakfast 250 cals
  4. Mid Morning Snack 175 cals
  5. Lunch 350 cals
  6. Afternoon Snack 175 cals
  7. Dinner 500 cals
  8. Late Protein Drink 100 cals
  9. The late protein drink I have shortly before going to bed. I just mix a little whey protein powder with water this helps keep my body from cannibalizing the muscle I worked so hard to build while I sleep. It’s hard to get 150 grams of lean protein in each day unless you are regularly consuming some whey protein. I like the Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein that I find most cheaply priced at Walmart. It mixes really easily with water and it tastes pretty good (a little gritty at the end – not sure why). I use it in a protein drink in for breakfast, often as a mid afternoon snack and again just before bedtime. There’s very little fat or carb in it so that makes it easier to hit the diet targets.

    Also be sure to sleep enough. This is important for metabolic changes to occur. While 8 hours is recommended, I admit that during the week I’m getting only about 7 hours.

    Please try these changes and let me know how you do.

    Coach Nancy

  10. Im 22 years old and about to start P90X. I dont want to look like a guy with all that muscle. Whats the differens between CLASSIC,LEAN AND DOUBLES in the workout. Witch one should I do, I just want to loose weight, flaten my stomach, lift up my butt all that good stuff.But again without all that muscle.

  11. Hi Olga,

    I strongly recommend you start with Classic. You won’t get too muscular because you don’t have testosterone levels like men have. I lift as heavy as I can while I do Classic and I’ve now been doing it for 150 days and I’m not muscle bound. See my updated picture on my coach Nancy page at and decide for yourself about whether I’m too muscular.

    If you are overweight I can guarantee you that making poor food choices in the past was only half your problem. The other half is due to a sluggish metabolism and a good chunk of that is due to low muscle mass. You need to add muscle to ramp up your metabolism so your body burns more calories 24 hours a day. Doing more cardio like what is in the Lean version won’t build muscle.

    Once you get to the 3rd month, you can then consider adding in a couple more cardio workouts. That’s what the Doubles version is all about. Don’t try it before the 3rd month because it will be too hard. Keep your energy for your chest, back, leg and ab workouts so you really ‘bring it’ during them. When I got to my 3rd month I bought Insanity and tried to do doubles by using Insanity but I could not keep it up. Now I do all the P90X resistance workouts and 2 Insanity workouts (they replace the P90X cardio workouts) and I may do a real short high interval intensity training workout in the late afternoon of the days I do the resistance workouts. I’ve got my current workout regimen posted up at

    But for now, just start with the Classic routine, eat a good diet that’s well balanced in carbs/protein/fat (I follow a 40% carb; 30% protein and 30% fat guideline) and keep your calorie count to no more than 10x your weight which means for every 1 lb of body weight you can add 1 calorie a day to your diet. Now there are limits to this calculation. Don’t eat more than 2500 calories a day even if the calculation comes up higher and not lower than 1400 calories a day even if the calculation comes out lower).

    Let me know how it goes for you!


  12. Hi Olga,

    Sorry I missed this question. Classic is the version I recommend for both men and women. It has more resistance training in the schedule than the Lean version does. Lean replaces some of the resistance training with more cardio. But if you need to reshape your body, it’s more effective to go with Classic. Doubles adds in an extra cardio workout on your resistance or strength training days. I don’t recommend trying doubles until you get through the first month or two. I did some doubles in my last month and did see more weight come off when I did it but I could not sustain it due to how hard it was and the time commitment.


  13. Hi! I’m impressed with your results and enthusiasm! I ordered P90X because I noticed I have been losing strength in my arms recently (I am 43). After receiving the videos, I realized the weakness was due to rotator cuff tendonitis (common in women over 35). I also have a history of lower back pain, but nothing shows up on Xray. I ahve been afraid to start the P90X routines because I don’t want to permanently damage my shoulders. Do you know how much strain the routine puts on the rotator cuff? Or do you have any tips for me to do it more safely?

  14. Hi Donna,

    Rotator cuff injuries can be mild to severe. Severe injury may need surgery. I am not a doctor and encourage you to be sure you see someone about this (if you already haven’t) and get his or her advice.

    Now if your injury isn’t severe, I believe you can do much of the program. You’ll have to rehabilitate your shoulder before you try a pull up. But you may be able to do the push ups and there are some back exercises Tony has you do that don’t involve the shoulder (or at least not much) which should be doable. There are some good exercises for rehabilatation of this injury described at


  15. One more thing about the lower back pain. That may be due to weak abdominal muscles. So doing the P90X Ab Ripper X routine will help strengthen your abs which will take stress off of your lower back.


  16. If I don’t have a pull up bar can I use something else?


  17. Hi Tracy,

    Yes, you can use resistance bands and perform pull downs. It sounds like you don’t have P90X yet because when you watch the videos someone is always doing resistance band pull downs in lieu of pull ups. You will need a set of bands with a door accessory so you can easily pull down. I like this traveler’s band kit from because it’s complete yet very affordable. With this, you would not need to buy any dumbbells.


  18. Hi Nancy,

    I am 32 years old and I am 5’5″ and I weigh 220lbs. My husband bought P90X …can I use it to lose weight?

    Angie :)

  19. Hi Angie,

    Yes you can use P90X and I highly recommend the Classic version your husband is likely doing. The thing is to do what you can. That means if you have to start out doing push ups from your knees then that’s what you do. As far as pull ups go, that will be very hard. You may do best by purchasing a set of resistance bands and do pull downs instead of pull ups. (I like this travel kit because it’s priced cheaply and has the important door accessory you’d need for pull downs.) Tony has a person using resistance bands in every resistance workout so you’ll see how it’s done. Also given your weight, be careful with the Plyo. Definitely follow the lower impact moves until you lose some weight.


  20. Hey Nancy,
    I am considering to purchase the p90x system but am a bit scared. I am 5′ 9′ and 220 lbs. I was wandering if the p90x would turn my fat into muscle and make me bulk up. Also I dont know the kind of calories I need to take in for my body weight. Do you have any suggestions before I purchase the p90x system.

  21. Hi Shauna,

    Fat never ‘converts’ into muscle. But beyond that here’s why you need not worry. When you diet or even if you diet and do cardio, you may create a calorie deficit for awhile but you don’t add any muscle. In fact both dieting and cardio tends to reduce muscle mass. When that happens your metabolism slows down further an further.

    The only way to increase your metabolism is to add muscle. Now women don’t need to worry about getting real bulky because we don’t have the testosterone. When you add some muscle, not only will you get curvy in the right places, you will burn more calories 24 hours a day.

    Why I recommend P90X Classic version is that you do resistance training to build muscle, some cardio to help burn calories and you change your diet. It’s this 3 faceted assult on your body’s fat collection system that stops the fat from accumulating and retrains your body to burn more fat for daily fuel (rather than just getting from blood sugar and sugar storage in your body). That’s how I got my transformation.

    If you buy P90X through my link (click here or click on the banner above) I will coach you for free and help you with your diet.

    Shauna, I’d wish you good luck but you don’t need luck. All you need is the commitment to take the first step to change your life. The Beachbody slogan ‘Decide, Commit, Succeed’ is a good one so when you are tired of being fat and feeling sluggish and tired of envying all the ‘pretty’ girls, make a decision to make a change and then give it a real commitment.

    Coach Nancy

  22. I just received the P90X program, I read thru both the books for the program, and the nutrition meal plan. I would like to start on Monday so that I am able to have off on Sunday. I have been going to the gym for about a 1 yr now and did the aerobic exercises such as step, bosu , boot camp, & weight training. I have lost 25 pounds. . Looking forward to actually eating good cause I really did not watch want I was eating when doing the gym thing, I really did not know what to eat and how many times… the meal plan should help me. I ordered the p90X program due to I hit a plateau and looking to tone and shape my body along with maybe losing about 5 to 10lbs pounds. I’m confused on what program I should do? Should I do the lean or the classic?


  23. Hi Christina,

    I always recommend Classic. Lean has too much cardio. Now there is nothing wrong with cardio but what makes P90X such a great program is how it mixes resistance training with cardio and yoga/stretching. You need all the components for best results. Regarding the P90X diet, I do recommend that you keep your caloric intake to 10x your body weight (in pounds) which will be less than what you calculate with P90X. Check out my full article on this at

    Also you may want to try Shakeology as a meal replacement program if you are looking to lose that 5lbs – 10lbs fast. I have one client that lost 3lbs on her first week of Shakeology and she had previously lost 27lbs before that.

  24. I haven’t orderded any of the protein bars or the recovery shake for after you have worked out. I have whey at home that I was using after I work out. Do I have to order the protein bars and the recovey drink also or can I just use they whey that I have?

  25. Hi Christina,

    I personally didn’t like the Beachbody bars. You can find a list of what I like and buy (for less) at

    I love the taste of the recovery drink but it’s best for guys trying to add muscle, not women trying to lean up. I also have a list of the different protein powders I recommend at Use what you have for now and then look at my list for even more ideas.


    P.S., these questions are really best for our member forums which you can get to from the tab at the top of this page or just click on

  26. Hi Nancy,
    I’m lookiing to buy P90X withing the next few days and am wondering if they give you a schedule of the workouts you need to do and on what days – similar to your workout schedule. Did you make that up or does a schedule come with the dvd’s and kit?


  27. Hi Shawn,

    P90X comes with a 90 day workout schedule and I recommend for your first round you use their Classic routine schedule. I just created my own variant after doing a round of P90X.


  28. Great thank you!

    Sorry another question – the site for the traveler’s resistance band is a little confusing – do you have another, more specific website?

    Did you use these bands to replace dumbbells and pull ups or just pull ups?

  29. Hi Shawn,

    I’m sorry there appeared to be some wrong characters in taht last link. Try this: traveler’s band kit from

    You use the bands to replace both dumbells and the pull up bar. In each strength workout DVD one person is working out with the resistance bands and Tony usually gives that person a little extra focus so you know what to do with them.


  30. Hi,

    I ordered my p90x today and I am so glad to how found this site. It has really answered a lot of questions that I had!! I was a little concerned about bulk as I have maintained a good musculature underneath the fat I have managed to accumulate!! Good to know that women don’t build up muscle like men do.

    I am really looking forward to receiving this system. I “used” to be in great shape, but a bad divorce and the ex-husband abusing the kids had taken its toll on all of us emotionally and of course physically. I stopped working out all together and eating like there was no tomorrow (especially the icecream)!!!!!!! Now we are all better and I am beyond ready to take care of ME!!!!!

    I am going to start off with the Classic workout as you suggested. You really seem to think this one is the best? I know this is really going to be a super tough workout from everything I’ve been reading. I know I am ready to do this and I will go at my own pace!! Would you recommend the lean after the first 90 days?

    Thank you for all of your invaluable information. I’ll be back to check out your other links.



  31. Hi Jenn,

    Classic is best. After the first 2 months or first 90 days you can do doubles to lean up a bit more if you find you need it. See my post about doubles at At the end of my first 90 days when it was bad weather outside I then purchased Insanity and did some of that for my ‘doubles’ work.


  32. Hi Nancy,

    I’m 22, and 5’5″ weighing about 148 lbs. I just finished my first month of p90x classic. I really enjoyed it, and did see some results. The thing is I haven’t been sticking strictly to the meal plan, barely at all really. Just wondering your thoughts on how important it is? I definitely have cut back on sugars and soda, watch my calorie intake etc and try to eat healthy but as I live at home, I mostly have to deal with the food my parents buy. Do you have any suggestions etc for the next month or two til I finish my first round? Thanks! :)


  33. Hi Kayla,

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Diet is really important if you want to really slim down. I understand if you don’t control what your parents buy but if they shop at Walmart, perhaps you can get them to buy some of the Body Fortress brand whey protein to increase your protein consumption. Body Fortress is pretty cheap (sells between $12 – $15 for 2lbs) but very good.

    As far as breads go, I have a list of brands I buy and perhaps you can talk Mom (or Dad) into buying those brands because they have fewer calories and more fiber. You can find that list at Also please feel free to sign up over at our forms there – we are a fun, growing community.


  34. Hi Nancy,
    I am 48, going though menopause and finding it harder to lose weight. I have been thinking about ordering p90x. I live in a small mobile home and worried about space. My weight problem is in the middle area. I have lower back problems which makes it hard to do sit ups….I guess to be honest…I am just scared it won’t work after I have spend so much on it. Do you have any suggestions before I purchase the p90x system.

  35. Hi Cindy,

    Thanks for stopping by! If you’ve read much of any of my blog you know that I’m 51. I am also going through menopause and until I started P90X I had a significant belly on me. So I get where you are coming from. As to your questions here’s the straight scoop:

  36. P90X works – really works – if you work it. By that I mean you really have to show up and do the workouts to your best ability. That doesn’t mean you do all the reps starting out and it doesn’t mean you have the best form but it does mean you really try hard. When I started P90X all my push ups were from my knees and I still couldn’t do them all. Forget about pull ups! It took me over a month to get my first pull up out. And as for sit ups – I was a disaster! I don’t know the reasons for your lower back problems but often they are the result of poor posture and lack of ab muscle development. If you do (or again at least try to do) Ab Ripper X, you will get great abs.
  37. As for room, you don’t need a ton of room to do P90X. The ads say all you need is a few feet between the sofa and the TV and that’s about right. One thing is that if you are not going to use a pull up bar and/or you don’t have dumbbells, then invest in a quality resistance band set with a door attachment (so you can do pull downs when they do pull ups). I like the band set you can find here at It is the best priced set I’ve found so far.
  38. Finally, realize that P90X is not just exercise but a lifestyle change which means you need to clean up your diet. The exercise program can only take you so far but to get a fantastic transformation you need to eat right.
  39. I am here to help you every step of the way for free. All I ask in return is that you buy P90X with this link (look for ‘fitgirl1958′ to be your coach – that’s my Beachbody screen name) as I get compensated in return by having folks buy from me.

    Only you can decide if you are ready to commit to P90X. It isn’t an easy program but it you really want to remake your body, then you have to realize you will have to put real effort into changing it. What I can tell you with certainty is that the program works.

    Good Luck!


  40. Hey Nancy!
    Im 19 years old ,5″8 in height and weigh 165 lbs. I used to weigh 220 lbs but I worked out by doing aerobics and lost 55 lbs without having to change my diet. I want to loose my last 10-15 pounds and get some more muscle deff in my stomach and arms, but it’s pretty hard. Im not sure how to eat or what workout to do. I heard about P90X and was wondering, Would it be worth it for me to try it? Would it get the job done?

  41. Hi Kerstin,

    Here’s how P90X could help you. First, while the aerobics have done a great job for you, aerobics will never help you build any lean muscle mass. It’s lean muscle mass that will increase your metabolism and have you burn more calories 24 hours a day.

    Next, it comes with a complete meal plan. Now when I work directly with my P90X clients I do adjust the calories women eat and I help them with some specific foods and ideas about how to really melt off the fat while you build a little lean muscle.

    Finally, I’ll be here to help you. In return I only ask that you purchase your P90X through me (click on this link) as I get compensated when my clients buy from me.

    Whatever you choose to do I want to say a big Congratulations on the weight loss you have achieved already. It’s hard to stick with an exercise program and sometimes you wonder if it’s worth the effort. But you plowed through and I commend you for that!


  42. I’m so glad I stumbled upon your site because I just completed day 3 of the ‘lean’ program of P90X. I will switch right to Classic tomorrow! Thanks! And you look fabulous–I’m 45 yrs old and I have that belly, too, that YOU had! Thanks again

  43. Thank you Teresa! Just work the program and you too can get terrific results. Also, consider dropping by our members area at

  44. Also, if I want to lose weight faster, could I throw in more cardio? I am assuming it would most likely kill me, but just wondering what your take was on it. Like, would doing cardio mess up the fact I’m building muscle?
    Does that make sense? Sorry I am in a wedding in August and have to wear a FUSCIA, slim cut dress!!!
    What the heck???

  45. Thanks for your response!

  46. Hi Nancy- I am in week 2 of P90x. I had started p90x lean last week, but switched to Classic today. Mainly because of what I have been reading about better results. I have two young children. After I had my 4 yr old, my body bounced back very quickly. I am a runner ( I completed my first marathon this past fall). However after I had my second child, my abs never recovered. I don’t know if it is because I had to have c-section with him or what. I started working out as soon as I got the green light and did mainly running with some strength training and occasional yoga as well. Will P90x help with my abs, considering I have not had results yet? I am 33 yrs old, 5’5 and weigh 133 lbs.

  47. Hi Carolina,

    Yes P90X will help your abs! I had my second child c-section and I get that your abs are not going to respond as quickly as they have previously but there are 2 things to consider.

    First, you’ll be doing Ab Ripper X (ARX) 3 times per week which is 1 more time than you do in lean. Now that may not seem like much but it’s a 50% increase in muscle stimulation. That adds up!

    Secondly, what many people don’t know is that the body works in a very connected manner when it comes to building muscle (part of what’s missing with your abs right now). You see the more muscle stimulation you have in total, the more muscle you can build. So when you work your legs, it helps stimulate your body to build muscle in your upper body and abs. So going Classic with more weight lifting overall will help your abs more than Lean will.

    Finally, while I’m sure it’s hard, be patient with your body. C-sections are hard on the body but you will recover and as young as you are and as good a shape you were in prior to pregnancy you’ll look awesome. Make sure you eat enough super lean protein (I cannot recommend a high quality protein shake enough) to super charge your metabolism to burn fat.


  48. Hi Teresa,

    I missed this follow up. Too much cardio can mess up the muscle add. What I recommend is that you do the first 2 months pure Classic and work each workout as hard as you can. Then the last month you can do ‘doubles’ which P90X has outlined in their fitness guide or you can use running or, as I did, Insanity or some other fat blasting workout for the 2nd workout. If you look at my transition, I was making really good progress the 1st two months but then really ripped the fat off in month 3. By then I had the muscle built and the metabolism revved up so adding more cardio then worked well.


  49. Oh, okay, thanks. That makes sense. It’s like I’m building my engine up then in the last month I can really crank it to get the fat off, right?! An you answered my other question I had about how Doubles works…nice.


  50. Yes Teresa, build the engine and then run it hard to blast the fat off. One thing to remember, once you do a month of doubles, go back to 5 or 6 workouts per week for at least a month. The body isn’t capable of sustaining the high output for long periods of time without any breaks. You’ll end up over trained which will result in possible injury and your body will start to cannibalize muscle mass and burn calories less efficiently.


  51. Okay, thanks

  52. Is it okay to drink coffee?
    Also, I went to Beachbody, using your link to your free coaching, and since I’m already signed up with Beachbody it wouldn’t let me do it again of course. So I have an assigned coach; I am right now doing the ‘free’ thing ; how do I change to YOU as a coach? Suffice it to say, you are in affect ALREADY coaching me, which I appreciate, but I wanted to get you plugged in to my actual Beachbody site, you know?

  53. Hi Teresa,

    Yes it’s OK to drink coffee. Coffee before working out (particularly when you are doing plyo or other cardio) can accelerate fat loss.

    To change to me as coach you send an email to and tell them you wish to make a coach change to Nancy Andrews, email Give them your full name and email used when you signed up at Beachbody previously. It takes generally a day to get them to make the change. Also it’s best to copy me on the email so I can follow up with them if there is any significant delay (that’s not happened yet but you never know). Use ‘coach change request’ in the subject line.


  54. Hello,

    I’m about 298pds and I just started out at 308pds, I just started P90X about 2 weeks ago, my question is I want to make sure I’m doing the right verison. Meaning the Lean/Classic/Doubles, I know you keep saying Classic is best to start with but would it be right in my case with my weight? I have been doing the Lean version so far and I have already lost 10pds and feel like I’m building muscle but I just want to make sure that I will be getting the results I want. Which is to lose weight and get toned!

    Thank you,

  55. Hi Lydia,

    Thanks for stopping by and congratulations on your weight loss!

    Your starting weight does not affect the recommendation. You will build more muscle with the Classic version which increases your metabolism more and hence will help you burn more calories. Moreover, a weightlifting session, if you lift weights heavy enough to get a muscle burn somewhere after 10 – 12 reps will keep your metabolism raised (aside from growing muscle) longer than a cardio session.

    It really as simple as making sure you get the most calorie burn from the time you put in. More strength training will also tone you up faster.


  56. Hello,
    I have heard wonderful things p90x and am just doing some research before I make the choice to buy. I am a 28 year old female who is trying to shed pounds, tone and tighten. I have been going to the gym on and off over the last 8 years. I started kickboxing 8 months ago and although I love the tough workout I am actually getting bigger due to muscle. My legs and butt feeling it the most. I am very concerned that with this program I will encounter those same results. Any thoughts on how that could effect those areas of my body. I am very dedicated to the work out and am willing to give it my all but I have seen some concerns in the reviews about not shedding any pounds.

  57. Hi Lindsay,

    There seems to be 2 concerns here that are different issues. First let’s talk about the weight loss issue. Invariably if a woman is not losing weight I discover if I’m working with them that it’s due to either too many calories consumed, the wrong calories consumed, and/or the woman not working out hard enough. My only complaint with the P90X program is that the nutrition guide calculates too many calories for women. But I also find that many women don’t pay enough attention to what they are eating. They may be eating well overall but then they have some rather high calorie items they don’t really pay attention to (for example eating nuts). Also to keep your metabolism running high, you need to consume enough protein. I recommend a diet that’s based on a 40/40/20 carb/protein/fat ratio. When you do the math, most women find out that they are not consuming enough protein.

    The other common inhibitor to weight loss is not working out hard enough. This is particularly true for the resistance training part. Because of the silly recommendations you can find in just about any women’s magazine, many women think that doing a bicep curl with a 2lb weight will help them build muscle. That’s just not heavy enough to produce the micro tears necessary to build muscle.

    In your case, you are concerned about building too much muscle. I have to say that I’m perplexed, even skeptical that kick boxing can actually put on any significant muscle because there is no weight other than that in your leg. Now how a body looks is obviously a very variable assessment from person to person. What is muscular to you may just be slimmed and toned to me. Hard to say.

    What I can tell you is that the P90X program only has 1 day a week devoted to real leg work. There are the plyo and kempo routines that will lightly work a leg but the Legs and Back routine is the only one with lunges and squats. I repeatedly point out to my clients that I work out with far heavier weights than I expect them to. My results have been to shed a ton of fat and build some lean muscle. I lost 3″ off of each thigh during my first 90 days and I lost over 4″ off of my hips. Now I’m more ‘muscular’ than most women because of my physical disposition and my heavy weightlifting. I like that. To me it’s slimmed and toned – you are entitled to your own assessment of how I look – but the point is that it’s unlikely you would even get as muscular as I am now.

    The last thing I want you to think about is that for 95+% of the women I talk to, P90X is the best program for them. But they typically have a lot of weight to lose (more than 10% of their body weight) and don’t have much muscle mass. Since you are 1) fit already, 2) have been fit for years, 3) are young (under 30 is young) and 4) concerned about adding any more muscle, take a look at Insanity. This is a program that is best for the committed athlete. It’s too hard for most people and actually isn’t usually a good fit for their goals but you are different, you actually are in that less than 5% group of people who could handle it. If you think of yourself as a warrior type, this is something you’d quickly get addicted to. Having said that, please note that it’s not only the toughest workout on DVD (I thought they were just hyping it up but I do Insanity and it’s true) it’s high impact. You can learn more about Insanity by clicking here.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions!


  58. Hi Nancy!
    I just recently bought the P90X program and I’m taking your advice about the nutrition plan. I’m in the level 1 category and agree that 1800 calories a day will probably be too much. I was wondering though, what should I cut back on? Not only in phase 1, but in all? The protein, carbs or fats? In phase 1 there is only 1 serving of carbs and fats, so I’m thinking proteins….but I know how important they are! If you could shed some light on this, I would so appreciate it! I’m 22, 5’6 and 135lbs. I would love to lose 10lbs of fat, but gain muscle and tone. Saddlebags belong on the back of a saddle, NOT my bum! :) Thanks in advance and congratulations on changing your lifestyle!


  59. Hi Alyssa,

    Looks like I missed this the other day. So for fast weight loss 10x your body weight in pounds which for you would be 1350 – 1400 calories a day. Follow a 40/40/20 carb/protein/fat ratio. So that’s 560 calories or 140 grams each of protein and carbs and then 280 or about 31 grams of fat.

    In the Phase 1 plan, it’s weird that they use the term carbs as something different than veggies and fruits. Veggies and fruits are almost 100% carb. So I ignore that block formula because it has you thinking incorrectly. Frankly, unless you are consuming a high quality protein shake 2x per day, it’s unlikely you are consuming enough protein! So don’t cut back on protein please. You need protein to both repair (grow) muscle which will end up having you burn more calories a day. Also lean protein will increase your metabolism! Also the carbs you do eat need to be complex carbs and the fruits should be in the low glycemic range. Good fruits include fresh apples, pears, oranges, grapefruit and all berries. I have lists of what I buy for breads, protein powders and protein bars over in the members area. Just go to and look at the diet forums.


    Honestly at your weight, I’m thinking what you really need to do is mostly burn fat and build muscle which will lean you out and make you curvy in the best places! 10lbs would be top end for your weight loss – even 5 lbs overall but burning fat while adding muscle would make a huge difference in how you look.

  60. Hi Nancy,

    I have been trying to find P90X results for women over 50. I am approaching 56 and am in the middle of my recovery week of Phase 1. I am 5’3″ and weigh 138 and chose to do the lean program and am following the P90x meal plan. It does seem to be a lot of food and I have not weighed myself yet but i don’t think I lost much weight. I am definitely leaner and my stomach seems to have shrunk but I am afraid to find that after working hard for 1 month and not having awesome results will discourage me from bringing it. Help!! What am I doing wrong?? my upper body strength is almost non-existent. It’s difficult for me to do push ups. But I am getting stronger and am able to complete almost all the workouts. Of course I love the Kenpo and Cardio workouts they are the easiest for me. What size weights should I use. I am currently using 5 and 8 lbs. and am sure that I can do 10 lbs. so am getting 10 lb weights tomorrow.

  61. Hi Sharda,

    1) You need to take measurements weekly – sometimes you are putting on muscle and burning fat so the scale may not move much but you are getting real results.
    2) The P90X meal plan calculates too many calories for women. See my recommendations to Alyssa right above you on how to eat properly for fast fat loss and continued muscle growth.
    3) Which version you do is your choice but hands down the best transformations come from doing Classic. Sure it’s harder but that’s why it works so well.
    4) What weight you should use is the one where doing an exercise at 10 – 12 reps creates a real burn and is hard to finish. If you can finish 12 without really struggling, then you aren’t lifting heavy enough.

    The reason why Classic works when you lift as heavy as you can is only then are you stressing your muscles enough to create the micro tears in the muscle that, when repaired naturally by your body, will create a stronger, bigger muscle. In women, because we do not have but a fraction of the testosterone hormone that men have, our ability to grow muscles is limited. Unless you take steroids or workout for hours a day with a lot of supplements, you will not get the female bodybuilder look, you’ll only get lean and toned with P90X

    When I started I was weak. I had to do my push ups from my knees. I used only 8lb and 10lb weights. It took me awhile to get to where I am today where I use 15lb, 20lb, 25lb and even for a few exercises 35lb weights. I am not overly muscular even though I lift heavy.

    One thought is rather than going with 10lb weights which is only a 25% increase in weight over the 8lb weight you are already using, I would try lifting the 12lb weight in the store and see how that feels. Again, by the 10th rep or so it should be really hard to lift.


  62. Nancy,
    i just have a couple questions. I just finished Day 11 of P90X Lean. I am 34 years old. So far I have noticed increased endurance and some tone, especially in the legs. I have been sore (in a good way) everyday since I started. The only soreness I do not like is some lower back pain but I hope that subsides as my abs get stronger. After reading the posts above I am now doubting whether I should be doing the Lean. I have always been thin and am not looking for weight loss, but rather overall tone and some definition in the arms and abs. Would you recommend the Lean program at all and if so to whom would you recommend it? I guess I should switch to the Classic next week (Week 3) then? I am not worried about getting bulky (I know women aren’t meant to) but I do like that the Lean has more cardio. I have been doing kickboxing for years on and off but am now doing P90X exclusively of course.

    I also am wondering if I should buy the recovery drink. I am skeptical to buy it because of the creatine in in it. If you don’t recommend it, what do you use for the extra protein that is required? It’s hard for me because I have never been a big eater but I completely understand the need for the protein and I know it is an absolute requirement. The posts above have been helpful! Thanks for your help!


  63. Hi Carrie,

    I recommend Classic because it creates the most change for women (as well as men). I’m not against cardio – I like cardio myself but what cardio does is help your cardio vascular system work better and burns calories while you do it. At its best, it makes you a smaller version of your self but doesn’t do a lot to reshape you. High Impact Interval Training is an offshoot of cardio that can do more but it tends to be hard on the system so you need to limit it.

    Resistance training surprisingly does the same thing (most people are unaware of the studies that show that resistance (strength) training also helps the caridio vascular system, burns calories while you do it but does more! If done properly it sparks the body to add lean muscle which burns more calories 24 hours a day and reshapes your body. It also raises your metabolism for more than a day while cardio’s metabolism impact only lasts an hour or 2 after you stop.

    The best program, IMO, has both strength training and HIIT with the emphasis being on strength training. The Lean version of P90X shifts the focus off of resistance training and onto cardio. Don’t get me wrong, doing P90X Lean is better than most programs out there but it won’t produce as big a change as Classic will. If you read the Beachbody forums you’ll see that the biggest female transformations have come from women doing Classic.

    As for the recovery drink, I love the taste but it’s best for guys who want to put on muscle. It’s a 4 to 1 carb/protein ratio so it will stop fat burning rapidly after you consume it. I don’t have a problem with the creatine, I take creatine myself – it’s the carbs that I don’t think you want.

    You are right to look to protein shakes for added protein. It’s not only convenient, most protein shakes are low carb and low fat. That way you can control your overall diet better. I have a list of the protein powders I like over in the forums at


  64. Coach Nancy,
    I am very frustrated! I started menopause and had a few other health problems and gained 20 lbs in approx 3 weeksso my main goal was to lose weight. I bought P90x and am starting the 3d month of doing the lean program. I have firmed up a bit but have not lost ANY weight and wear the same size clothes that I did when I started this plan. I have a very clean diet and have been following the p90x meal suggestions faithfully- help what can I do. I am 4’11 and prior to my recent health problems consistantly weighted 115-118. I am not comfortable with my new weight and feel terrible- how can I get this weight off? should I now changed to the classic program or finish this month with the lean program? This is the first time that I have seen your site and am impressed with what you have had to say- hope you are able to help me..

  65. Hi Michelle – thanks for stopping by!

    If you read what I just wrote this morning to Carrie, you should have a better idea why Lean isn’t the best choice. And never is it harder to lose weight – especially accumulating ab fat – than when you move into menopause. I know – I’m there. Before P90X, I had resigned myself to just having to live with extra weight and tummy fat.

    Now a couple of thoughts. First, there is no point in finishing Lean if you are not seeing the results. Go Classic now. Start at the beginning because the extra upper body workouts are tough for everybody at first. It’s important to lift as heavy as you can while still maintaining good form. If you are not feeling a burn after 10 reps, your weights are TOO LIGHT. A lot of women also have trouble pushing themselves on the push ups and pull ups but you really need to go all out. If you need to do push ups from your knees at first that’s OK – I did. But as soon as you can, start doing a few from your toes and then go to your knees to finish up.

    Secondly, diet is very important. The P90X diet tends to calculate too many calories for women. If you’ve read through this thread you know what I’m going to recommend – 10x your body weight. So if you are now aroung 135 – 140 that’s 1350 – 1400 calories per day. This is less than what P90X will calculate. Also you need to eat in a 40/40/20 ratio (carbs/protein/fat). It is VERY hard to get enough lean protein in for this ratio unless you are consuming some high quality protein drinks. As I told Carrie above you, I have a list of protein powders I really like at

    Make these changes and you’ll start to see real progress. Also please feel free to join over at the forums and post questions there.


  66. Hey Nancy!

    Thanks for sharing your experience!! I’m in my second week of P90X and well haha everything hurts but even if it hurts so much it’s really FUN to actutally feel my muscles!! I already feel my body changing and I lost 5 lbs – in the first week! I’ve been working out a lot since the last 1 1/2 years – but I hit my weight loss plateau and didn’t lose anything within the last 3 months. I worked out even more, minimized my daily intake and tried everything to break it. But it didn’t work – until I started this amazing workout. It’s tough, and the workouts for the first week took me like 3 hours every single day because I had to take breaks every other min but I took my body to the maximum and it just feels sooo good!! I’m excited about the journey I have ahead of me and I can’t wait to see how much my body is capable to change withing the next 81 days!


  67. Hi Corinna,

    You Go Girl! I am really proud of you but I expect you are even prouder. Keep it up but try to shave some time off of the workouts just so you don’t get burnt out. Also feel free to stop by our members forums at to get help when you need it.


  68. Hi Nancy!

    I just started the P90X program and I’m actually on Day 4. My body has never ached this much in my life but I have already dedicated my time to doing this program. My question is I keep reading about how women just aren’t getting results from this and trust me, that is the only reason I’m doing this! I’m 20 years old, almost 21 and the moment I weigh 126 and my goal weight is somewhere between 110-115. Is this realisitic? I really just want to tone up, so actually weight doesn’t matter as long as I can achieve the toning up that I want.

    I already have changed my diet. I am pretty much following the Suzanne Somners recipes and rules of level 2. That is how I dropped weight before was taking out sugar and seperating carbs, fats, and fruits. So I guess I am just wondering if you think I can acheive what I want from this program?

    I am doing the classic p90x too, incase that matters. Anyways any thoughts would be great. I am just getting worried reading all of these articles about how women aren’t seeing results and its frustrating. A lot of these women are saying drop the weight and then do the program. Well ideally I think I need to drop at least 10 lbs in order to become fit..

    Anyways thanks for any adivce :)

  69. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for stopping by. Let’s get to your questions.

    Does P90X work for women? YES – if you do it right. Here’s the thing, I am constantly struggling to get women to do the Classic routine rather than the Lean. I usually find that those who complain the most about lack of progress are doing Lean. If they are doing Classic they aren’t lifting very hard (like with 2lb or 5lb weights). A bunch of cardio or lifting light weights just won’t produce the changes they are looking for. If you want to lean up and get curves where you want them you need to do real (heavy) resistance training. Moreover, resistance training takes longer to produce the deep changes within you. So you have to give it a real chance before you check out and start complaining about lack of progress.

    Resistance training lifts your metabolism for 24 hours or more compared to cardio which only raises your metabolism for about 2 hours after you stop doing it. Moreover, you build muscle with resistance training which raises your baseline metabolism 24 hours a day. Real resistance training requires you to lift heavy enough to produce micro tears in your muscle. You need to feel a burn after about 10 reps (even sooner is good). So you lift as heavy as you can while still maintaining good form.

    I get so many women saying they are afraid they are going to get bulky. I ask them if I’m too bulky. I am actually more muscular than most women will ever get because I lift really heavy for a woman. I keep pointing out that you are always in control of your results. It’s not like you wake up one morning with this ‘OMG’ moment and suddenly see a ton of muscle, it’s a gradual process. So when you look exactly like you want to, all you need to do is slow down the progression of moving up in weight and start increasing repetitions.

    As for diet, I am not really familiar with Suzanne Sommers program. I do know she’s a low carb advocate and overall so am I. But do realize that you do need some carb on this program. I tell my clients to limit their bread or other grain consumption to only 1 serving a day and to make sure it has fiber that’s at least 20% of total carbs to limit the impact on their insulin levels. I also like certain fruits that have low sugar and low glycemic impact. Apples, pears, peaches apricots, grapefruit, and any kind of berry are great choices. But only eat fresh and eat organic fruits. Limit dairy as well to one serving a day.

    You are young so that’s a huge advantage. If you’ve not had any kids that’s another advantage. You should do amazingly well. And I commend you with putting the focus on how you look, not on a specific weight. I started thinking I’d take off more total weight than I have so far. I am working on a few more final pounds but I’ll end up weighing more than I thought I would and still look better than I ever have. Also realize that the results are cumulative. Most people, including myself, have seen the biggest changes in the 3rd month.


    P.S. take measurements every week and pictures at the beginning and every 30 days. This will tell you more about your transformation than weighing yourself ever will.

  70. Hi Nancy,
    I’m 19, about 5’6 and weigh 155. I started p90x 3 weeks ago, and I’m doing the lean version (I was planning on doing the classic after I finish with this 90 days). I have a busy weekend schedule and sometimes it interferes with my workouts because I’m up late and wake up early and so when I get to my workout for the day, I’m extremely tired. Is it bad to skip a day? The same goes for the diet plan. I follow it to a T during the week, but on the weekends it’s hard to do the same. Any suggestions? I just feel like I’m not doing the program to the fullest and I really want to get great results.


  71. HI. I am 23 years old female and i weight currently 178 at 5’0 so i am very short and i know that’s way too much weight for my height. I have tried p90x before for one month, i started at 198 then to the weight i am now. I tried the lean version first and i did see the results on the scale and i felt it, but after that weight loss on the scale i still wasn’t satistifed with the results so i tried the classic version for a week. I saw results a lot quicker during the classic version but why? I saw the most results on my arms they were staring to define but i didn’t see any results on my stomach. My thing is since i am short (and i have a stocky build) that i will build muscle and be bulky. Which is not what i want to do, i want to be lean and a bit muscular picture for example janet jackson’s abs lol. but smaller. Should i do p90x again and finish the program with p90x or should i go back to lean? (also i still can’t do any pullups not with the chair and especially without it how long will it actually take for me to do at least one, during that part of the video i usually have to sit it out because either im tired from trying and my shoulders hurt from the strain from trying to lift me up or i just skip it all together)

  72. Hi Quavia,

    I’ve responded in several placed on my blog why Classic is so much better than Lean. The thing about cardio is that the metabolic impact from doing cardio is limited to 1 – 2 hours post workout. The impact from a resistance training set is 24+ hours (can go all the way up to 48 hours) so you get more metabolic raise from doing resistance training. On top of that, you build more muscle which will burn more calories 24 hours a day – every day. Classic has more resistance training so it produces more impact.

    As for getting worried about bulking up, it’s not like you wake up one morning and have this “OMG I turned into the Incredible Hulk” moment. Can’t happen for even guys much less women. We women have limited testosterone. If you diet carefully while you workout, you’ll burn fat while you increase muscle but it will be lean muscle. You are always in control of your figure! When you get to the point where you are happy with the way your arms and other body parts look, just start doing more reps at the same weight.

    I can’t imagine why you’d quit after just 1 week of Classic. That’s not a fair test of the program and it doesn’t make any sense when you admit that you were getting results quicker. Give Classic a fair try. I had to work at my pull ups a full month before I got my first unassisted pull up out. But it was worth it. I sure didn’t give up after a week – if I had, I would not have had the transformation I had. Give the pull ups a good month. Or switch to bands to use in lieu of the pull ups but don’t skip doing any exercise.


  73. Hi Paige,

    I don’t know if you are going to college but I see a lot of similarity here. Sure going to college and working for a ‘C’ average is better than not going to college but the job you are going to get at the end sure won’t be the one that you’d get offered as an ‘A’ student. If you want to get great results with P90X, you need to give this an ‘A’ effort. That means no skipping workouts.

    You don’t explain why you are up late on the weekends. But unless it’s work, then you can control it which means you are not making your workouts your top priority. Review your workout schedule and work it so you do the routine you like the best on Saturday and make Sunday’s your 1 day off. Then get at it Monday through Friday – no excuses.

    As for your diet, eat clean 6 days a week. Take your calorie count down about 100 calories a day from what you’d eat otherwise. Then 1 of the 2 weekend days declare a ‘cheat’ day. On your cheat day you can eat whatever you want, as much as you want. In fact you need to eat significantly more calories on cheat day. This not only makes sticking to your diet easier during the week, it keeps your metabolism from shutting down or getting too efficient. The 100 calorie a day deficit you create during the other 6 days will offset anything you eat during cheat day – even if you end up eating more than 600 calories more on your cheat day.


  74. Hello, I am 5’7 and 244 lbs female. I have been think for some time about buying P90x, I am very out of shape. Would an out of shape overweight woman benefit from this workout plan? It seems all the people shown doing the execises are already fit., or pretty close to fit. I have determination and stamina, I just want to be able to complete the exercise routine.

  75. Hi Wafula,

    It’s very rare that I tell anyone that P90X isn’t for them but you may be a bit out of shape for it. I’d prefer to see you take off 20 – 40lbs first. Rather than P90X, I truly believe that Slim in 6 would be more of a challenge you could master, lose weight on and then decide if you want to ‘go extreme’ with P90X. Here’s my acid test. Try doing 10 or more push ups from your knees. If you can’t get 10 out from your knees with good form, then you need to start with Slim in 6. If you can get the 10 out, let me know and we’ll explore together whether you are ready for P90X.


  76. Hi Nancy!
    Way to go girl:)
    I am a 29 year old female , 5.4″ and 120 Ib. I’m not looking to lose any weight. I just want to get rid of the flab and get toned, defined arms, lifted butt and…without bulking up. I am fairly ative and hit the gym at least 4 times a week. But I’m not getting the results I want.
    Do you think the P90x program will be a better choice for me or the Insanity program?
    Thanks alot.

  77. Hi Nancy,

    My Mom saw my working out with P90X and wants to start doing it with me. But she and I are both a little concerned about whether or not she’ll be to do it. She is 5’1, I’m guessing about 120-125 lbs, but the biggest concern is she has rheumatoid arthritis. Can she do the classic version with me? What do you recommend? Oh and she is also 49 years old, incase that matters.

    thanks :)

  78. Hi Sarah,

    What joints does the arthritis affect? If it’s the hands, she’d need to make some accomodations. I do want to make it clear I’m not a physician so she should have a quick conversation with him/her to make sure they don’t have a problem with the workout. But what I’m thinking is that if the issue is in her hands, using a light band would give her some toning benefits and allow her to do it with you. I can’t answer on whether push ups would be an issue but if she started from her knees and used yoga blocks (they will provide a bit of give) she may be able to get them out. I actually have problems with my right wrist (one of my old injuries where I shattered my wrist & arm in 7 places and have a plate in me now) and the yoga blocks help me when my wrist is feeling stiff and achey.

    If the arthritis is elsewhere or more widespread, let me know and I’ll give this more thought.


  79. Hi Azi!

    When you say you are hitting the gym 4x per week, what are you doing when you are there? If you can tell me that, I can better recommend between the two programs. But in a nutshell, P90X is the better all round routine in my opinion. It’s got it all, strength training, plyometrics, kick boxing/karate, yoga and more. While I enjoy all three P90X, Insanity and Brazil Butt Lift, hands down if I could only pick one, it would be P90X.

    Now if you are actually pretty fit (consider yourself an athlete) Insanity is a kick-a**, heart pumping workout that will at first totally kick your butt and then either kill you or get you totally addicted to it. What I warn everyone about Insanity is that it’s not only high intensity, it’s really high impact. So if you have any joint issues from your hips downward, don’t get Insanity. Also it won’t build much muscle. I like to do an Insanity workout now and then but can’t see doing only Insanity. But then again, I’m 51 and you are 29 and youth is so much more forgiving in high intensity, high impact workout recovery.

    Brazil Butt Lift is my newest acquisition and I was surprised. After all that P90X and Insanity I thought my butt was already in mighty fine condition for a woman of any age. But BBL in basically a week and a half has made a visible difference. I do it a couple times a week as a ‘doubles’ to my P90X routine. But it won’t provide you any upper body conditioning. (The cardio on it – Cardio Axe – is a bit too dance like for me but the other workouts are great).

    Hopefully that gives you something to think about. If you do get a program, I would ask that you buy from a link on my site so I get the credit (that’s how I get compensated for coaching others) and do feel free to come over to our members forum ( and ask questions there too. Good luck!


  80. Hi Nancy,

    I started my workouts last week and i’m doing the lean approach. I see that you recommend the Classic so I’m thinking of changing for week 2.

    How many calories do we burn during the workouts I wear a heart monitor and I wanted to make sure it was accurate so that I can eat enough calories. Also… I really feel that the meal plan has me eating too much food. I like that I have to eat protein but I’m in the level III and i find that it’s a lot of protein to eat… I never can eat it all. I’m happy that it makes me mindful to keep my protein up but I can’t eat that much food in one day. What do you suggest?

    Thanks for your help


  81. Hi Rachel,

    How many calories you burn is going to vary depending on your weight and intensity of exercise. If you are following the P90X nutrition guide for calorie calculation, you are eating too many calories. For weight loss with some lean muscle gain, eat 10x your weight in pounds and eat those calories in a 40/40/20 ratio of carb/protein/fat.

    You’ll find my diet recommendations will also have you eat a lot of protein. You need protein to both add lean muscle and burn fat. I strongly suggest to all doing P90X that you add 2 protein shakes a day to your diet. You can make one of them Shakeology if you are looking to curb calories while keeping your diet super healthy. But there are other good proteins I use in addition to Shakeology and you can find my whole list at

    I do strongly recommend Classic. You’ll actually burn more calories over time. In part this is because the increase in your metabolic burn rate stays much higher for a longer period with resistance training than it will with cardio. Also as you add more lean muscle mass, your metabolic baseline goes up. And with more lean muscle, you’ll look more curvier in all the right places.

    Keep at it you’ll see great results!

  82. Nancy,

    I am so glad I happened upon your webpage. My name is Linda and I am 41, I have been doing P90X Lean, and have had pretty good results. When I started I weighed in at 178.4 by the end of Phase 1 I was 170. I am now 167 but have been here for the last month. Though my physical apperance from Day 30 pictures to now (end of Phase 2) is HUGE!!! So I am trying not to stress about the weight. I have gone from a 37.5 fat percentage to a 35.2 fat percentage also.

    My question is, I want to see more definition in my arms and legs, can I switch to Classic now, or should I finish the lean and then begin the Classic? Any advice would be welcomed. I was taking in an average of 1600 calories a day, but was just too tired at the end of the day to do anything (I workout in the AM). Which is not good since we have 5 children at home. So I upped my calories to 1850 and only 1739 for the recovery week. I thought maybe that would get me out of the plataue but it did not. I am going to try your way now.

    Also I don’t see the recovery drink as a part of your calorie intake, do you count that?

  83. Hi Linda,

    Thanks for stopping by!

    If I understand your questions, you want to know
    1) what can you do to re-ignite the weight loss
    2) should you switch to Classic now or finish Lean first

    The second question is easy. Switch now. Just start at the beginning with Classic because it’s really hard. Now I hope you see P90X as a lifestyle change, not a project. After you finish P90X, you can make some adjustments to it if you need to based on time (it is a very time consuming workout). What I do now is make sure I do all three resistance workouts and then 2x a week I do a short but intense cardio warm up (the warm up from Insanity which is a workout all its own) and follow that with Ab Ripper X plus some additional ab work. I do some running or Brazil Butt Lift in an afternoon session but in total, I’m putting in no more than 6 hours a week working out.

    On the weight issue, I commend you for looking most at your physical appearance. I mean does it really matter what you weigh if you fit in the size you want? Calories should be about 10x your weight so you have moved just a bit higher than I’d have you at. What you must do is eat 5 or 6 meals a day and get your calories in a 40/40/20 ratio of carb/protein/fat. Unless you are drinking 2 shakes a day, you are probably not hitting the protein requirement and/or you are eating too much fat.

    I do not take the P90X Results and Recovery drink now. It’s just too many carbs. It can help your recovery but it will immediately shut down your body’s fat burning. (Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s yummy and my hubby and older son take it but they are having trouble now keeping weight on.) What I do now is take an amino acid product called Xtend which provides my body an alternate route to recovery. (Click here to learn more about Xtend.) It costs about the same as P90X R&R drink on a per serving basis. Not only does this really help my recovery, I’ve gotten leaner just by taking it.

    One last thought is whether you’ve tried Shakeology. If you are running low on energy this super nutritious shake not only can help you keep your calories managed while providing high quality whey protein, it really increases my energy levels. (Click here to learn more about Shakeology.)

  84. Thank you Nancy!!! This sounds great.

    Since day 1 of Phase 3 lean and Phase 3 Classic are the same I am already on my way. I will be doing Plyo for the first time tomorrow so that will be a big challenge. I really do look at this as new way of life. I can’t tell you how much I LOVE IT!!!!

    Would it be okay to do 40/30/30? I have tried 40/40/20 and it kicks my butt, plus with a family of 7 and a smaller budget it is harder to do the latter. I can’t afford the supplements, so I have been using the good ole chocolate milk as my recovery drink. I will modify my calories to 1670 which will be perfect for me, because it was a pain trying to get all those other calories in.

    I was wondering what your thoughts on Calorie Zig Zaggin were?

    Again, thank you!

  85. I re-read your post, and will start at Week 1 for Classic.

  86. Hey Nancy! i ordered my copy of p90x and will be getting it by wed. hopefully.

    I’m 19 years old and weight about 126. I dont want to lose any weight just tone up my abs, butt, and legs and define my arms.

    From what i am reading i should start off with classic……..the only thing i need help with is what to eat. I would like to knowif you have any schedules with meals already planned out?

  87. Hi Linda,

    You’ll do whatever you decide to do on your diet but I’m not going to say that you can get as good of results once you start deviating from the plan I recommended. I fully understand a limited budget but you don’t have to buy Shakeology which is more expensive to get to the macro nutrient targets I’ve recommended. Adding more fat if it’s not good fats (which end up also being expensive to add to your diet) won’t help. The goal with any good exercise/eating program is to add more lean mass and burn fat. The protein will help you do that.

    When you consider that a high quality protein shake with just a half cup of low fat organic milk (you buy that just for you – not the kids) will cost less than $1.00 per shake and it replaces other food you are eating, I cannot see a huge impact on budget. My top 2 recommendations are 1) Myfusion Protein which you do have to buy online for best price (mixes up thick and is best tasting) or 2) Body Fortress Brand Super Whey Protein which you can get at Walmart. Read more about these at my write up on protein at

    As for ‘calorie zig zaggin’, not sure what you mean by that. What I do is add 1 cheat day per week to my eating regimen which lets me get any cravings I’ve had during the week out of my system and it spikes my calorie intake once a week which keeps my metabolism from getting too efficient at a lower level.

  88. Hi Nancy!
    You really are a great motivation. I am so happy that i came across this site! I am wondering what you think i should do. I have been on the lean version my sixtieth day will be tomorrow. I have noticed a change but of course not much weight loss and no change in clothing size. Should i switch to the classic version or hold off finish the lean version and go another round but classic style. I also take birth control which i think also makes it harder to loose the weight because i am sooo strict!! I haven’t missed a single workout i stick to the meal plans for the most part and sometimes i think i am not consuming enough calories. I feel like giving up but i won’t i love the program i really do.
    And a lot of your suggestions are great, just wondering if you have heard the same thing also from other women on birth control?

  89. Hi Nikky,

    Congratulations on moving ahead with P90X. Now as far as your diet goes, P90X does provide a 100 page nutrition guide. I’d start with that but set your caloric intake (given that you don’t want to lose weight) at about 1600 calories a day. Also eat your calories in a 40/40/20 ratio. If you find you are starting to lose a little weight, you can add another 100 – 150 calories a day but add them in added carb and fat.

    I work closely with those clients that make me their Beachbody coach. You can sign up here for that but if you have a coach already, you’ll have to get me assigned as your coach. For that, you should send me a quick email at


  90. Hi Dreya,

    Why continue down the lesser result path of Lean when you can switch to Classic now? Go classic and start at the beginning because Classic is harder than Lean.

    Birth control really isn’t a huge factor in weight loss. It’s only a very minor obstacle. Trust me, having been there and going through menopause, menopause is a much tougher place to lose weight from. So what I’m trying to say is that you can lose weight no matter what. Now once you make the switch to Classic that will be a big help. But if you are eating according to the P90X nutrition guidelines you are probably eating too many calories, not too few. If you want weight loss, set your daily caloric intake to 10x your weight in pounds. Eat those calories in a 40/40/20 ratio of carb/protein/fat.


  91. Thank you so much!
    I am gonna do classic so excited!

  92. Hey Dreya – You go girl!

    Also I should have added that when you eat at 10x your weight, you can take 1 day a week as a cheat day. That helps keep you sane since you can get all your cravings out that day. I urge people to really go for it on cheat day (I do) because one goal is to eat enough bad stuff that you end up feeling sluggish and bloated by the end of it and you’ll find you actually want to eat clean the next couple days. It also keeps your metabolism fired up because if you eat low calorie for too long your metabolism will get real efficient at the lower caloric level and your weight loss will slow or stop.


  93. Thank you Nancy. I will look into the 40/40/20 and give it a try. If I added extra fats, they would only be the good kind. I try to keep my saturated fats to very little. I am going to read your post about the protein also.

    Calorie Zig Zaggin or Cycling goes like this: Say I want average 1670 calories a day, but don’t want my body to to plateau. I would have a week that looks like this.


  94. Oops hit submit sorry.

    It would look like this.

    Monday 1670
    Tuesday 1500
    Wednesday 1800
    Thursday 1670
    Friday 2000
    Saturday 1600
    Sunday 1450

    That way the calories are different each day, but averages out to 1670 per week.

  95. Hi Linda,

    Yes that works but changing calorie totals every day is tough for most people to master. I get complaints from people who don’t want to carefully read labels and measure their food (which I do recommend in the beginning so you learn what portion sizes really need to be for you). So to change up every day offers more chances to ‘get it wrong’. That said, if you are a very organized and disaplined person (probably are with 5 kids and time to do P90X) and that’s appealing for you, go for it.

    The reason why I keep the totals constant during the week but permit 1 cheat day is that on cheat day, you just eat whatever you want and as much as you want. That still keeps the metabolism from getting to efficient but is easier for most people to handle.


  96. I just wanted you to know that I kept my calories to 1 cal to 1 lb of weight. I had only 1 cheat meal and started the classic exercises.

    My plataeu has been demolished. I am now 163.2 and feel fantastic.

    Thank you for your help.

  97. Fantastic Linda! You go girl!


  98. Okay it looks like I may be pregnant. I test on Tuesday, but had the tell tale sign of spotting yesterday. So I will have to put P90X on hold. I had toyed with the idea of modifing P90X for pregnancy, but decided against it. I will however keep exercising at a moderate level. I will also up my calories to a maintenance level. I do have to let you know that I have gotten down to 161 though. This will be our 6th baby and I am starting out this pregnancy more fit and healthy than ever.

  99. Okay Nancy here’s my story. Currently 5’9 140 lbs. I have been an athlete my entire life, I played Division I soccer in college, graduated about a year ago, and have continued to work out everyday since whether its running, weights, hot yoga, or group classes at the gym. Heard about p90x so I had to try it. Started the classic on monday but I have a few questions. 1. After each workout and ab ripper I find myself wanting more of a sweat, and I am working out very hard. Do I just need to be patient and wait for results or should I add cardio to my workouts? 2. Ive learned to love muscle milk bc of college (our strength and conditioning coaches used to hand them out like candy after lifting). But is it beneficial for me to be drinking muscle milk LIGHT after the lifting workouts 3 times a week OR am I hurting my progress instead of helping it? Should I get another drink that wont make me bulk up? 3. I feel like overall there is more attention paid to arms than legs. Dont get me wrong, I love having toned arms, but I wanna make sure my butt and legs are getting enough attention too. Can I add an extra leg workout a week somehow or am I messing too much with the system if I start designing my own schedule? 4. I would like to lose around 10 lbs (give or take) and get very defined, but as a athlete Ive been told so many different ways to eat in order to get specific results so Im all confused. What kind of diet (amount of calories per day and what kind of foods) should I be on in order to drop 10 and get defined? I just want to make sure Im doing this right so I get the best results. By the way, congrats on the transformation! That is something to be very proud of. Hopefully I can be that proud soon. Thanks for your time, talk to you soon!

  100. Hi Linda,

    Let me know if #6 is truly on his/her way. Sounds like you have a good plan and it is great to know you are going into this healthy and much more fit than you were a few short months ago.


  101. Hi Allison,

    You are young and far more fit than most starting P90X. What I do find perplexing is how you got through Chest and Back routine and not break a sweat if you actually did 20 – 30 push ups each time and 10 or more unassisted pull ups. If you are not hitting those totals (most women can’t – it took me 2 rounds of P90X to get close and I’m still struggling to hit 10 pull ups on every pull up exercise when you get to round 2 of Chest and Back). The workout is done at a fairly fast pace so you should be sweating. So my 1st question is… you are actually hitting those targets doing your push ups from your toes and real pull ups without any assist? If you aren’t doing that level, you need to be working harder until you do and then you will be sweating.

    On the body focus, the thing is that most women overlook their proper upper body development. When you look closely the focus is heavy on the back. You only work your chest, shoulders and arms once per week. Trust me, putting the time into your back will be well worth it. And, yes, the legs are only worked with weights once per week but you also have both Plyometrics and Kempo Karate for some leg work. For most women that will shape them up nicely. However, in your case with the prior running and soccer, you may be capable of doing a bit more. My general rule is not to suggest doubles work until month 3 so you can actually build some lean mass first. But you probably have more of that than 99% of the people I work with. So if you love to run, go have a run after your weight training workouts (so 3x per week). Don’t run first and then lift weights.

    Finally, while my general guideline is 10x your weight as a caloric total with a 40/40/20 ratio of carb/protein/fat, you may have to change that slightly. If you want to run at all, eat a solid 1600 calories a day and you can do that in a 40/35/25 carb/protein/fat ratio.

    Thanks for the kind works on my transformation, I am proof you can make a big change no matter what your age.


  102. Okay well first of all the chest and back workout was the one that kicked my butt. The other workouts were the ones I found I had some more energy after. I forgot to clarify that bc the pullups and pushup workout was definitely a challenge for me, as Im sure it is for many women. Thank you so much Nancy, Im going to take your advice and get moving! I will keep you posted on my progress!

  103. Hi Allison,

    The first 2 days are the hardest. First that chest and back workout is tough and then plyo is a pretty mean workout also. Although for you, the plyo was probably not that difficult. But keep with it because with your youth and conditioning, you are sure to make amazing progress.

    Also I realized I never addressed your ‘muscle milk light’ question. It’s good to consume a high protein, low carb, low fat drink after working out – especially after the weight workouts. I do. If you are referring to the product made by Cytosport, that’s a good one.


  104. Nancy we are expecting #6, in January. So I will take it easy for 9 months (but still be healthy) then I will pick P90X back up!!

  105. Great! Stop by now and then and certainly when you are ready to get back into it!


  106. Hi Nancy, I am getting ready to start the program soon and don’t have the pullup bar. I read from one of your earlier posts that I could get resistance bands with an accessory for the door. Can you tell me exactly what I should be looking for? Also, any tips for the diet?

  107. Hi Richelle,

    The best band set I’ve found (best price and most in it) is the Traveling Trainer resistance band set. It’s under $40 (about $42 with shipping to your door) and has 3 bands, the door attachment and a travel case.

    As far as diet, use 10x your body weight to set your calories except you must eat at least 1,400 calories a day and no more than 2,000 calories a day. Eat your calories in a 40/40/20 ratio of carb/protein/fat. You will likely find this to be very low fat and lower carb than you have been eating. And the protein will be much higher. The only way I can hit my protein requirement for the day and not blow it on carbs and fat is to use a high quality protein powder. I take 2, sometimes 3 protein drinks a day. My list of really good protein powders that I use is at

    Be sure to stop by our forums at to ask questions and get support as you do the program!

  108. Hey Nancy,

    I just finished the first month of P90X, but I chose to do the lean routine because I was concerned about getting bigger, less feminine arms from too much upper body resistance training. While I am seeing results, I am thinking of switching to the classic program here in month 2. Would that be horrible to do? Should I just finish out the lean routine and then switch in a couple months? While I enjoy cardio, I feel like I can do that on my own outside of this program. Thanks for your help.

  109. Hi Kirsten,

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your story.

    I’m always surprised about women who are worried about ‘bulking’ up on the Classic version of P90X. Surprised, because it’s not like one day you suddenly wake up looking like the Incredible Hulk, you are always in complete control of how you look. If you feel that you are getting too muscular in your arms, all you need to do is step down a weight level and add more repetitions. To be honest, not only do I have more muscular tendencies than most women, I push myself hard with as heavy weights as I can. It’s only been in the last 2 weeks that I decided to step back in weight in a few bicep moves and add more reps. While I’ve done P90X, I have lost 3″ off of each upper arm. So while I have more muscular definition than I did when I was all flabby armed before P90X, I’m smaller, not bigger.

    If you want to switch to Classic, then by all means do so – it’s my top recommendation for women who want to see significant change in their bodies. Why wait? But don’t jump to the 2nd month of workouts without doing the first month first. There is a reason why the program is laid out the way it is. Sure, that technically ‘adds’ a month to your first round, but isn’t this a lifestyle change?


  110. Thanks for the helpful tips!

  111. Nancy,

    Well it was a “false” positive on my pregnancy test. So I will be starting back into P90X today. I have been on a emotional rollercoaster this last week and a half, so I feel like I am starting all over again. I gained some weight back, but I still fit all my clothes. I am pretty sure the weight has to do with water retention and gain from my period.

    I did figure something out though through all of this. It doesn’t matter. The weight I mean. I am making a lifestyle change and “not until I weigh this amount change.” These are my new goals.

    1) Weigh in once a week.
    2) Measure once a week
    3) Keep closer eye on my macro-nutrients.
    4) Stop being so annal!

  112. Hi Linda,

    I’m sure you had some very mixed emotions about your false positive reading. So take it easy for a week and then dive back into it. I am happy to hear that you have broken through the weight barriers. When you keep your eye on the measurements you know you are making real progress whereas weight can fluctuate so much with water retention given our hormone movements.

    Let me know how you are doing as you go along!

  113. Hi Coach Nancy,
    You are a true inspiration – you look awesome!!!
    Not only that but the information you’ve provided on this site is awesome!
    I just received my P90X (if I’d known about your site, I would have purchased from you rather than beachbody – sorry) and am going to start this coming Monday with my husband!
    I was all set to start with Lean as I weigh 200 pounds but after reading your insights on Lean vs. Classic, I am convinced I need to begin the program with Classic.
    Here are my stats:
    W = 200
    Estimated BF% = 38
    Estimated BMR = 2524

    In order to prepare for P90X, I’ve been doing the P90 Fat Burning Express (cardio and plyo) and 3 – 4 days of 60 to 90 minutes of hot yoga. I’ve been able to do the FBX in totality with little modification and proper form and I’ve been doing yoga for a month now. The good news is between the two, I’ve seen a lot of inches lost but not pounds.

    My questions to you are:
    1. Will you be my coach? If so, how do I go about doing this? (Sorry to waste your time on this ? but I can’t seem to find how to do this)
    2. As for calories, the P90X levels has me at III bc of my weight – there is NO WAY I am going to consume 3000 calories a day. Suggestions on this?
    3. Classic is the way to go correct? I am pear shaped with very heavy triceps – I need a good allover to help even out my physique and I do agree that Classic will do the trick but I’d like your final word on this.
    4. I’ve never really trained with weights – can I start with as little as 2 – 3 Ib. weights?

    Thank you so much for your time!

  114. Hi Veena,

    Thanks for stopping by and all your kind words. Now first things first. Let’s make me your coach. I’m guessing that when you signed up to buy P90X you got a ‘coach’ assigned to you. The way to tell is to click on this link ( and see if it takes you to a sign up page to make FitGirl1958 your coach. If it doesn’t, you already have a coach and you’ll need to send an email to Provide them your full name and email you used when you signed up and then ask that they reassign Nancy Andrews as your coach. You MUST also give them my coach ID which is 31305 and my Beachbody email which is

    Secondly, the P90X nutrition guide doesn’t work for women. Instead eat a diet of 1800 calories in a 40/40/20 ratio of carb/protein/fat. This is really low fat and pretty high protein. Also the carbs you do eat should be mostly fresh fruit (organic if you can find and afford it) and veggies. Only 1 high fiber grain serving a day. Also it will be hard to get in all the protein which is why I recommend protein shakes. I have a complete list of all the shakes I take at

    Go Classic. You will lose more weight and a LOT more inches with Classic. It’s hard – I won’t tell you it isn’t. But do your best and just work to improve over time. I had to do all the push ups from my knees and even then I didn’t do anywhere near what they did in the video when I started. And pull ups are REAL hard for women. It took me a good month just to get 1 unassisted pull up done. You are fairly heavy and it may be best if you do the first round with resistance bands with a door mount to do pull downs instead of pull ups. Tony has 1 person using resistance bands doing pull downs every time the rest of the group is doing pull ups.

    Even though you’ve never trained with weights, 2 – 3lbs is too light to produce the changes you need for dramatic change. I mentioned in the paragraph above about using resistance bands. If you don’t have any, I recommend this Travel Resistance Band Set. It’s about the best price I can find, gives you several bands so you don’t outgrow the set and has the door attachment. Someone is always doing every exercise with bands.

    Remember to ‘do your best and forget the rest’ as Tony says. It’s hard but it’s worth it. Trust me you’ll be a different woman in 90 days.


  115. Hi Nancy,
    Thank you for all the input.
    I was able to add you as my coach – yay!
    I will follow your calorie and macros breakdown.
    I am going to do Classic with my husband and I cannot wait.
    What weights do you recommend to start with? I do have a bunch of bands but am going to purchase the travel ones you mentioned.
    I am going to take my time and modify as needed but giving up is NOT AN OPTION.
    Look forward to this journey with you!

  116. I ama 29 year old healthy but overweight – I weight 230 pds and I am curious if I will be able to do this program or if I need to slim down first? what do u recommend?

  117. HI Nancy,

    My husband and I have been doing the P90X. While it is very difficult, it is extremely rewarding. Of course my husband has lost over 20 lbs, while I am still just at about 5lbs lost, but I still feel great and can feel my body transforming. While I am sure that this is largley due to not sticky very closely to the diet plan. We have changed out eating habits, it is so hard to measure out everything for every meal. Do you have any tips for us that will make it easier to stick to the meal plan?

    Also, my husband very much dislikes the yoga (I think it doesnt make him feel very manly), is there a different workout that we can subsitute the yoga out with so we can still stay on track?


  118. Hi Jessica,

    At 230lbs you are too heavy for Insanity and even P90X would be a great challenge. However, I’m no advocate of diet only – you need a workout program coupled with a diet for best results. Take a look at Slim in 6 as a great starter program.


  119. Hi Traci,

    Thanks for stopping by. First, congratulations on the weight loss even though it may not be as much as you’d like, it’s still a very good start. The diet is important and actually I recommend far less calories for women than the P90X nutrition plan recommends (it works far better for men than it does for women). The thing about diets is that if you will make the commitment to really track everything you eat for about 2 weeks and measure so you know what correct serving sizes of different foods are for you, you’ll be able to start just eyeballing it and eating more naturally after that 2 week period. I keep forums over at and I have more info there including many of the foods I buy and some of what I’ll eat so be sure to check that out.

    As far as the Yoga goes, a lot of people dislike it. But the balance and stretching parts are important. If he really doesn’t want to do yoga, try X-stretch. It’s no more ‘manly’ but it’s shorter and that’s a good thing. :)


  120. Hi Nancy,
    I have a wedding in August 2011 and I am about 80 pounds overweight. I currently sit at about 225 and I am 5’5″. I’m wondering if the p90x system (workout and diet) will help me shed this unwanted weight. I know all it takes is commitment and dedication…but is 90 pounds by that time an unrealistic goal? Also, after reading some questions on here, I see alot of people discussing protein shakes. This is also part of the plan?

  121. Hi Addisyn,

    Sorry to take a day to respond, I was off enjoying Memorial Day and the start of summer! If you have more than a year, certainly you could take off 90lbs but let’s focus on the first 25 then the next 25 and so on. It makes it easier.

    You do need to be careful with your diet to get maximum results. And what you really want to do is build some lean muscle while you lose fat. What I would have you do is to follow a diet of 1600 – 1800 calories a day to start the program with and eat those calories in a 40/40/20 ratio of carbs/protein/fat. This diet is far more protein and far less fat than what you have been eating – I guarantee it. So with 160 – 180 grams of protein you need to eat, this can be a challenge. The reason why I discuss protein shakes so often is that with this diet, you need a lot of lean protein and unless you want to eat mounds of super lean turkey every day, you’ll need to take some protein shakes to hit the total. A good protein shake can provide 15 – 30 grams of protein. So 2 shakes can get you up to 1/3 of your daily protein needs and many of the shakes are tasty! I use 2 or 3 protein drinks a day and my whole family uses protein shakes. We go through a lot so I keep a list of the ones I buy at

    If you do decide to go ahead and purchase P90X, I would greatly appreciate it if you bought through me at because the way I benefit from being your coach is that I earn a commission from any Beachbody products that you purchase from my site – it helps with the amount of time I spend answering your questions and helping you out. Thanks!


  122. Hi Nancy,
    I am in my first round of P90X and am having trouble getting my calories right. I am 5’8″ and 245 pounds. I have been playing with calories from 1800 to 2000 to 2400. I have not lost any weight. I have also started an hour of extra cardio every day and have not been able to lose any weight. I am on Phase 3, week 11 and would really like to get a handle on my calories before I start another round.

    Also, how do I add you as a coach on the Beach Body website?

  123. Nancy, I read some of the post above and found out how to add you as my coach.

    I have been reading about carb cycling. I need help with figuring out how many calories to eat. The P90X Nutrition Guide suggested that I eat 3000 cals/ day, along with a lot of the other websites that I went to. I have been reading the BFFM book and am thinking of following the program.

    My goal is to lose fat and gain muscle. When I look at my 30 and 60 day photos, I can see a difference. I can see my body changing. I’m getting frustrated because I’m ready for the scale to move down. I am at the same weight I was when I started.

  124. Hi Cassandra,

    I’m very vocal about how the P90X nutrition guide doesn’t work well for women. It treats men and women the same but a man at 5’8″ and 245 has a lot more lean mass than a woman. So 3,000 calories is WAY too many. Reduce your diet down to 1,800 calories a day and take 1 day a week as a cheat day. Then you need to watch what you eat and spread those calories into 5 or 6 meals a day. Your calories need to be consumed in a ratio of 40/40/20 of carb/protein/fat. This is very low fat.

    Next, you need to consume most of your carb as veggies first, then fruit, then dairy. You may have only 1 grain/starch serving a day and even that should be a high fiber serving. I keep a list of breads that meet my requirements at

    Finally, at 1,800 calories a day and the ratios I’ve perscribed, you need to consume 180 grams of protein a day. You won’t be able to do that unless you are incorporating low fat, low carb protein shakes. I keep a list of the protein powders I buy at and of all of them I believe the Gaspari Myofusion is best suited for you.

    I am assuming you are doing the Classic version? If you are not, start immediately. You’ll need to start that at the beginning if you are just starting Classic because it is much harder than Lean. Don’t add any more cardio too much cardio will just stress your systems which will both erode some of the muscle mass you are trying to build and, cause your body to store fat – especially around the middle. If you have been doing Classic, you need to really push yourself on every resistance workout. By now you should be doing at least some push ups from your toes and you need to have been increasing your weight lifted on other exercises.

    Make these changes and get back to me on how you do over the next week.


  125. I’m 5″2 and I weight 150 pounds – my age – 48 years old. My shape is like a pear or spoon. How can loose the fat and gain musle specially on my lower abdomen area. Thank you.

  126. Hi Nancy,
    I just got the P90X and after reading the materials I feel the supplements are more geared toward men and also very costly. What supplements would a 50 year old woman need to maintain energy and recovery after a workout? I do currently drink FitSmart Protein shakes as meal replacements and take multivitamins and calcium supplements. So what is really needed to keep energy up and body recovering? I read through some of the other comments and learned so much. Thank you for posting all this!

  127. Hi Miriam,

    Thanks for stopping by! Let’s step back for just a moment and address why you got the pear shape and extra fat – not to be mean – but so you can understand the correct way to reverse it. The surface reason is you ate more calories than your body needs to maintain a healthy weight. And I’m guessing that if I watched you eat for a day or two, even though you probably feel you are not eating all that much, I would tell you that your diet is full of simple carbs which are quickly turned into sugar and fat. A diet rich in sugar and fat is a surefire way to add fat to your body. But that’s just half the problem. The other problem is that you have been losing muscle mass for the last 15 years. Losing that muscle mass means you need fewer and fewer calories to maintain your weight. So even if your diet was relatively healthy, eating the same amount of calories each day over the last 15 years would slowly add fat to your physique. Now add in the onset of menopause (at 48 most women are peri-menopausal) and the cards are stacked way against you.

    However, there is no reason to give up hope. I was where you are now and yet today at 51 I’m not only close to the best shape of my life, I’m amazed at how good I look. Trust me, I’d put my body up against any 25 year old and know that 95% or more of the time, I’m going to look better in a bikini.

    The answer is in modifying your diet and adding back the lean mass you lost. Yes, I’m telling you it’s good old fashioned diet and exercise but the diet has to be carefully structured and the exercise has to be at least 50% resistance training (a.k.a. weight lifting). For your height and weight and age, you need to eat no more than 1500 calories a day and actually I’d recommend lowering that to 1,400. The daily calories should be eaten in a 40/40/20 ratio of carb/protein/fat. Now I’ll guarantee you that this is way less fat and way more protein than you have been eating. And the carbs you do eat need to be mostly veggies (steamed or fresh), fresh fruit, a bit of organic dairy, and only 1 serving of starch/grains a day (until you hit your desired weight and then you can have 2 starch/grain servings a day).

    As for which exercise program I’d recommend, I am a big fan of P90X but it’s not for everyone because it is very tough. If you can’t stand the thought of a lot of push ups and pull ups then consider Chalean Extreme which is a great program and has the right balance of resistance training and cardio. If you have not exercised in the last 20 years, then you may want to start with Slim in 6. But I feel Chalean Extreme delivers faster results.

    If you want me to be your coach through any of these programs, just click on the links above and purchase by clicking on a ‘buy now’ link from this site. I’d appreciate that as it’s how I get compensated for the time I put in helping you and others.


  128. Hi Diane,

    From your email, I’d guess you live in Nebraska somewhere. Don’t know if you picked up on this but I live in Omaha. :)

    I’d add an omega three supplement to your routine. These are readily available in fish oil form and not expensive. Omega 3 fatty acids will help your body burn fat, help keep your joints healthy and is also good for your eyes, brain, and more! The FitSmart protein looks pretty good. It’s more expensive than the Gaspari Myofusion protein I prefer (this is not a Beachbody product). It is also a bit heavier in carbs (I did see it has a lot of fiber) than I prefer. To really take the weight off, you need to keep the protein consumption and your carbs in balance and when you drink your carbs, it makes that difficult.

    Other than that, I take a supplement called Xtend (I know that sounds like a men’s product but it’s not). It’s a recovery product that is composed of branched chain amino acids, glutamine and citruline-malate plus a bit of vitamin B6 for improved uptake. This gives your body exactly what it needs to recover quickly. Because it’s amino acids, the body absorbs it almost instantly which means you don’t have to add a bunch of sugars like what’s in the P90X results and recovery product (I like the results & recovery product for men but it’s too much for women). So immediate recovery and zero calories. It’s an orange tasting product which I think tastes pretty good but I will say that it can be a bit gritty at the last swallow or two. That doesn’t bother me but I thought I’d mention it.

    These days after I have my two big glasses of water when I get up in the morning (hydration is very important) I also take a scoop of Xtend to get my body immediately out of a catabolic state. It helps to wake me up.

    You don’t tell me how much you weigh but I tend to recommend 10x your body weight with a minimum of 1400 calories and a maximum of 1900 calories. And eat those calories in a 40/40/20 carb/protein/fat ratio.

    Good luck with P90X. I STRONGLY recommend the Classic version even though it’s really tough. It will take more fat off of you than the Lean version will.


  129. Thank you so much! And yes…we are neighbors! I’m northwest of you. I do take flaxseed oil capsules which contain Omega 3-6-9. I am definitely going to start with the classic and the 40/40/20. I weigh around 140 and am trying to get down to 128-130. This winter was the first time I’ve ever had a problem with fat around my gut, (I’m mostly pear shaped) so I’m anxious to get rid of it. All you’ve said makes great sense. I will switch my protein out and also start with the Xtend. Thanks for this website. I was feeling kind of lost. By the way, you look fantastic! Thanks for the guidance and encouragement!

  130. Hello fellow neighbors…from Iowa myself! I was a couple of weeks into P90X before I learned that I was pregnant. Now that I’ve had the baby, I’m ready to start working out again. I did have a c-section and it is recommended that I not do any exercising for 6-8 weeks (I’m at 3 1/2 weeks post delivery). I have zero pain, only numbness, on my ab area and feel no pain whatsoever. In fact, the first week out of the hospital I was doing laundry, cleaning and picking up a 3 year old, so my pain tolerance is pretty good. I’m DYING to do P90X again, ecspecially with it being swimsuit season! Should I brush off what I’ve been told about exercising after a c-section and start P90X again? I was going to give it a good try, not going overboard of course, until I can gradually build up my strength and endurance. Or, should I stick to a low maintenance workout like walking on the treadmill until the 6-8 Dr. preferred waiting period is expiring?

    THANK YOU!!!

  131. Hi Rebecca,

    I’m always going to tell you to follow the doctor’s advice. :)

    At 6 weeks, I’d start with P90X but without Ab Ripper X (ARX) in the mix. Give that another week before you start adding in the ARX. In the interim, the x-stretch is a good way to start priming your muscles. Maybe by week 5 you could do Kempo once or twice. But in the long run, waiting another couple of weeks isn’t going to be something you’ll even remember but an injury would be. Be careful and be prudent and know that we are all waiting here for you when you are green lighted for going all in!


  132. Thanks Diane!

    You’ll do very well to lose those 10lbs or so. Just ‘bring it’ as hard as you can and the results will come.

    Come back with updates and/or just post over at our forums at

  133. I am on day 25 of the P90X Lean version and I have not lost 1 pound yet. I am 44 years old, 5’6″ and weigh 161 pounds. I am not following the P90X diet 100% of the time because it just seems like too much food for me and I do eat pretty wisely. I workout as hard as I can, but I have not seen my weight drop at all. I think I have lost an inch or so off my waist and maybe an inch off my hips, but everywhere else has stayed the same. I’m frustrated and wondering if I should switch to the Classic version, as you have recommended to other women? Help!!
    Thanks, Lorelei

  134. Hi Nancy,

    I had a question about the order in which the workouts are done. I have done p90x before and was planning on starting the classic routine for this time around. I am currently between two apartments and I have one pull-up bar. I was trying to avoid carting the pull-up bar back and forth. Do you think that it is ok to switch the shoulders and arms workout with the legs and back workout?


  135. Hi Lorelei,

    Yes, I would recommend a switch to Classic. Why continue with Lean when you have not gotten the results you were execting? But if you go with Classic, you really need to begin at the beginning. The Classic version is much harder than Lean and you need to build up to month 2.

    You are right to think that the P90X nutrition plan is too much food. Because the nutrition guide does not make distinctions between men and women, it calculates way too high. For your weight, it would have you eat just over 2500 calories a day. Moreover, the calculations would only have you maintain weight, not lose it.

    My recommendation is to revise your caloric intake down to 1600 per day. Eat those calories in a 40/40/20 ratio of carb/protein/fat. Your carbs need to be mostly veggies (steamed or raw), fresh fruit, a smidge of dairy and only 1 serving of starch/grains a day. This diet is lower carb, higher protein and lower fat than what most people actually eat. If you want really good results, you need to follow this diet. Eating wisely can mean a lot of different things to different people so I don’t want to try to wade through what you may have been eating, just follow my guidelines and you’ll do well.

    Because you need to eat a lot of protein, I find most people cannot hit the protein targets and stay within their fat and carb limits without using protein shakes. I keep a list of the protein powders I buy and recommend at I also have some other threads discussing what I buy for bread products, nutrition bars and fruit over at


  136. Hi Melissa,

    If you mean can you change the days on which you do those exercises, yes you can. I actually do that for the Phase 2 workouts. For best results, I recommend that you try to give a day between each resistance workout. So M,W,F (for example) is better than M,Tu, Th.

    If you meant something different, let me know.


  137. Thanks Nancy! I guess that was a little confusing. For example for the first three weeks is it ok to do the videos in the following order:

    I would think that it would be ok since I am only switching two resistance workouts, but I just wanted to check with you because you seem like the expert.


  138. Hi Coach Nancy,

    First, I wanted to thank you for your advice to Wafula, as I am of comparable size/weight/fitness level. I’ve made the purchase of Slim in 6, and I’m hoping that will get me back into the shape I once was.

    Thank you for giving me hope again.


  139. Dear coach Nancy,

    Is it necessary to use the pull up bar for women? I’m a bit confused with the diet receipes, during phase 1 for instance, they give you a week’s worth of menus, does that mean you have to repeat that menu for a month? What if you go on vacation, do you eat consciously and resume work outs after vacation?

  140. Thanks Nancy for your reply. I will finish up my recovery week and start on Phase 1 of the Classic Version on Saturday, June 12th. I’m taking a hard look at my foods, and yes, I do consume too many carbs in a day. I’m going to start tracking my food on a daily basis, starting today. I know I don’t get enough protein in my diet, so I’m going to start using protein shakes as you suggested and see how I do.
    Thanks again, and I will report my progress in a couple of weeks! Wish me luck!

  141. Hi Amie,

    First, thanks for purchasing through my site – I really appreciate that! And as your coach, I’m here to help. Remember that diet is half (or more of the battle) so if you need any help in that area, let me know.


  142. Sure that will work fine. Legs/Back after Plyo could be a bit challenging at first but as you get more fit, it will get easier.


  143. Hi Erika,

    You can use resistance bands and do pull downs in lieu of pull ups. Tony Horton has someone doing pull downs every time the rest of the group is doing pull ups.

    Regarding the diet, think of that as a guide. Sure you can follow that for a week or two but it will get boring if that’s all you do. I mix things up and just record what I’m eating so I know where I’m at.

    As for vacations, that’s a personal choice. My suggestion is that you try to include some activities that will burn calories and eat clean every other day on vacation. Then when you get back, realize that you will have to ‘work off’ over time the vacation. I’m at a point now where I don’t like to eat a lot of fatty foods or even a bunch of starches so it’s easier for me to say on course even if I’m not at home. I guess my high level counsel is that this is a lifestyle change, not a project. You have to live your life and not feel deprived but you don’t want to seriously indulge all the time on vacation. Think balance and long term and you’ll make the right choices for you.


  144. GOOD LUCK! :)

    But really you don’t need luck just consistency. Remember you are making a lifestyle change and if 80%+ you do the right things, you’ll see big improvements over time.


  145. Hi Coach Nancy:

    I’ll undoubtedly need help with diet. That’s been a big part of my problem – I’ve been eating ‘wrong’ for so long I’m not even sure where to start to eat ‘right’! But I need to change my lifestyle, to be the person I once was. I don’t want to be a statistic, an obese person who died young…


  146. Hi again Nancy,
    Questions regarding supplements…..I’m reading a lot about creatine. Is it something that would be helpful? My goal is firming/toning and weight loss, I don’t want to build a lot of muscle mass.
    This is what I am currently taking:
    Opti-women multi
    Calcium 1260 mg 2x daily
    Flaxseed oil 1000 mg 2x daily
    Biotin 10,000 mcg (hair & nails)
    I should be receiving the whey protein and Xtend today. When and how much should I take of these?
    Should I add creatine anywhere? What scares me is the possible increased HR with creatin. I already have some anxiety issues. (not about the program, just life in general) :-)
    What is best way to get energy before this intense work-out and I’m guessing the Xtend is what will help with immediate recovery?
    Thank you for all your help.

  147. Hi Amie,

    I’m going to email you directly.


  148. Hi Diana,

    I’d skip the creatine. Here’s why, for the body to properly absorb it you need to take it with fruit juices or other easily absorbed carb and that just uses up some of your carb allowance for the day. Moreover, even if you do get an energy boost (I don’t find creatine alone produces much of a noticeable energy change in me – I’ve tried it from time to time), you’ll end up storing water in your muscles which will confuse you as to where you really are in your weight loss and will make you look more muscular than you may really want to look.

    You can use the Xtend pre and post workout. I do. It doesn’t give me a ‘rush’ but I find it easier to workout. I actually take 1 scoop in the mornings right after I drink my water upon waking to take my body out of a catabolic state and wake up. And it takes away any muscle soreness I may have (that’s due to the citruline malate in it). My schedule is to workout in the morning so I work out about an hour after taking it but you need not wait more than a few minutes.

    In the afternoons that I fit in another workout (usually about 4x per week) I take 1 scoop immediately before working out (no need to wait more than about 5 minutes with Xtend) and then if I’m not going to have a protein shake after a workout, I’ll take anywhere between 1/2 – 1 scoop after depending on how intense the workout was. In fact you could even have a little (1/2 scoop) mixed into the water you drink while you work out as there is some research indicating that athletes who sip on amino acids while working out workout more intensely and longer.

    Don’t bother with Xtend post workout if you are going to drink a protein shake as the shake will have sufficient amino acids in it so you’d be using the Xtend unnecessarily.

    I take 2 protein drinks a day which with the Myofusion will get me 50 grams of protein. I take one after my morning workout and one after 10PM about 1/2 before I go to bed. The protein then makes sure that my body has plenty of amino acids over an extended period to facilitate muscle repair and growth.


  149. Hi Coach Nancy:

    Can you let me know what e-mail address any message would be coming from? I didn’t see any messages from you, and want to make sure I didn’t accidentally tag you as spam. :)


  150. Haven’t sent anything yet. :)

    I’d prefer not to have my email in a thread it’s too easily copied by spammers. I’ll let you know when I send something. I’ve got some things I need complete first so it won’t be until later this afternoon.


  151. Amie,

    I just sent my email to you.


  152. Hi Nancy. So glad I found your site. I have enjoyed reading other women’s questions and your thoughful answers. I just got the P90X program. I am 32, 5ft and 100 pounds. I’m pretty fit cardio wise, but on the weak side as far as strength goes. I would love to build lean muscle and good definition overall- I want to be strong. Do you think P90X is a good choice for me? Can you recommend what size dumbells I should start with? Is 5 or 8lbs too low to see any results?
    Thanks so much!

  153. Hi Catherine,

    Yes, P90X will challenge you and put on lean muscle. The think about P90X is for those who are overweight and out of shape, you can modify the positions and do less reps, But for someone like you, it will still provide a challenge because you’ll start out with fewer modifications and a few more reps. Trust me, I’m still doing P90X and I’ve not outgrown it. Don’t think I ever will. My husband and 25 year old son feel the same way.

    As for what weights to pick, go to the store and start with the 8′s and just stand there and do 12 reps. If you can do those easily without any muscle burn, then you need to have something heavier so pick up the 10′s and do the same thing. Now you will want a pair of light weights for smaller muscles. So a set of 5lbs would be a starting point for shoulders and triceps for someone like you.

    We started with about 3 sets of dumbbells. I think I used 8lbs for some bicep moves and 10lbs for others when I started. But over time we’ve added more. That’s what’s nice is that as you find that you are getting stronger you make a small investment in bit more weight but you don’t need to do that up front.


  154. Hi,
    I started P90X a week ago and I loveit! My question is can I do a bit of extra cardio (30-40 min twice a week on non-cardio days)?

  155. Hi Sarah,

    Unless you are relatively fit, don’t add in extra cardio yet. Do at least a month (I like to see 2 months for people who are out of shape when they start). Realize that exercise places stress on the body, stress creates cortisol and too much cortisol will have your body hold on to ab fat and keep you from adding the lean muscle mass you really want.


  156. Nancy,

    I am 46 and about 60 pounds overweight. I have been doing Jillian Michaels 30 day shred for about a month about 3 or 4 days a week. I am most interested in weight loss, what beach body workout would you recommend.


  157. Hi Nancy,

    Gal…You ROCK. Woow. You are so inspiring.

    Ok , here is my question. I am 134lbs 5ft 4 young lady. I intend to start P90X on Monday morning so i have Sunday off. i am a runner and want to shed some gut fat, and tone overall. I normally run 3 times a week for an hr and if i dont i get very ratty almost like pmt. You recommend not to do any additional cardio when doing the classic so i am kind of worried. What do you recommend i do?

    Again you rock..


  158. Hi Robin,

    Sorry I missed this. If you can do Jillian Michaels, you can step up to a more intense program. If you’ve read what I have here on my site, you already know I am a big fan of P90X. This program produces huge changes. But I’m also struggling with the fact that most women just hate weightlifting. So if you want the biggest change, go with P90X and do the Classic version but realize you’ll have to lift weights and do pull ups and push ups.

    Now many women like to go with Insanity which is another bootcamp style workout but no real resistance training. What bothers me about Insanity is that it is very intense and very high impact. The high intensity cycle is not optimal to burn fat. It’s not a real high intensity interval training (HIIT) because the cycles are all wrong. And without any significant resistance training, you won’t build muscle which not only puts curves where you want them it raises your body’s metabolism 24 hours a day.

    The great news is that just this week Beachbody released Turbo Fire. This is done right with one minute on, one minute off cycles in the 3 HIIT routines. Plus it has a resistance training module and even a longer moderate intensity aerobic workout. I’ve got mine ordered (coaches don’t get access to the products any sooner than regular customers unfortunately) but have seen demonstrations and I’m hugely excited.

    Now half the battle is diet. You need a good diet for optimal success. If you choose to go with TurboFire, what I’d do is sign up on this link to become a club member and you’ll get a meal planner tool that I’m finding totally invaluable. I’ve lost a lot of weight and I’m down to my last 5 but it was my last 10lbs until I started using the meal planner (it was recently totally redone). As a club member you would get 10% off your purchase of TurboFire which pays for your first month of club membership.

  159. Hi Louise,

    Thank you for your kind words!

    For your first 3 weeks if you are doing Classic, don’t do any extra running. What you can do though is substitute running for the Kempo workout. That will get you at least 1 run in a week. The issue is that even though you are fit from running, your body will be really challenged from the resistance training, plyo and yoga. Let it accomodate. Also realize that all exercise stresses the body. Now some stress is good because it will initiate the metabolic changes that you are looking for. But too much stress in the form of excessive cardio just unwinds much of your forward progress because your body will produce too much of the hormone cortisol and that will actually ‘feed’ on muscle mass. It will also place your body in a fat storage mode and worse yet the fat will be stored around your abs!

    Week 4 is a recovery week and I would encourage you to substitute running for any (even all) of the workouts during that week. Then in month 2, start adding short runs of no more than 25 minutes if you feel like you want it and your body is responding well.


  160. Thanks Nancy.,

    I was really hoping you would not say that, but i will stop running for the first 3 weeks because i want my body to respond properly to the workout. Running in week 4 will be a good idea because my body will almost “forgotten” this workout and respond to it again.Does this make sense?

    Will have to warn everyone around me now….



  161. Will have to warn everyone around me now….

    Hahahahaha! One recommendation is that when you do the resistance workouts really push yourself. If you do, I think you’ll find that you get much of the same physical response you do when running.

    And yes, I do think your body will have somewhat ‘forgotten’ the running by week 4.


  162. Hi Nancy,
    I am 16 years old and I play basketball for my highschool team… We practice for two hours everyday but even though I get that workout I’m still not happy with the way I look…. I’m 5″5 1/2 and weigh 160. I want to loose weight but not sure if I just need to start eating healthier… Or if I can do this P90X to loose weight. But I’m not sure if it will be too much with what I’m already doing!!…… I don’t know I’m just really confused… All I want is to feel comfortable in a swim suit….. Help please?

  163. Hi Lydia,

    Start with your diet. If you are really exercising 2 hours a day, you are getting enough exercise in so you need to look at what you eat as the root of your problem. I have an article up at that might help you.

    Once you are out of basketball season, often high school teams take a break. On your break would be a great time to do a round of P90X. It will shape you up in places you need it, accelerate your weight loss and actually get you in even better condition for when basketball start up again.


  164. Hey Nancy
    thanks sooo much! The web site really helped me with the diet issue….. It targeted the belly fat which is basically what I wanted to get rid of because everything else is basically toned up. I’m just gonna have a hard time committing because I love eating sweets and breads!! But I will definately try my hardest and thanks again for your help!!

  165. You are very welcome, Lydia!


  166. Hi Nancy:

    Your story is very inspiring! It demonstrates that age doesn’t have to be an obstacle to transforming one’s body, that’s for sure.

    I’ve read most of your comments in this thread, so I think I have a handle in your diet/exercise philosophy. I have a couple of questions, though: 1.) If too much exercise produces too much cortisol (and therefore causes one’s body to hold onto fat), why is it that dancers (or other athletes who work out many hours per day) don’t have that issue? (Or “exercise bulimics,” for that matter?) 2.) Assuming one is not going to extremes, what are your thoughts on approaching weight loss as a mathematical formula (i.e., the more calories one burns beyond what one consumes, the more weight one will lose)?

  167. Hi Suzanne,

    Thank you for your kind words!

    You ask good questions. Let’s start with the first one. You know the saying that ‘there’s always an exception to every rule’? Here’s the exception – elite athletes. Top dancers fall into this category. The thing is that the amount of stress that elite athletes can sustain before cortisol levels increase beyond what’s normal is a LOT more than the people here looking for weight loss assistance. Elite athletes already have a lot of lean mass and little bodyfat relative to the general population. And they train their bodies over years to get that way and, this is important, start at a young age.

    When you are over 30, overweight, lacking any intense workout routine (many start out couch potatoes) what their bodies can take is very limited. So push too hard and the cortisol levels go way up. As for your reference to ‘exercise bulimics’ I’ve yet to meet one. I don’t believe you’ll find most bulimics in very good shape – certainly not one anybody really wants to emulate as a way of life. But if we take a step back, you can starve your body and the weight will come off. We can see that in large quantities, unfortunately, if we look at the Holocaust victims of WWII. Sure they lost weight – both fat and muscle. But again, none of them were building healthy lean bodies. Moreover, as they starved their bodies did adjust by requiring less and less calories to support it. Had they gone back to eating a ‘normal’ diet right away, they would have gotten fat.

    On your second question, it would be great to see a mathematical formula that worked. While in theory it does, the problem is knowing the values for each variable for each individual. Each person has a unique composition of lean mass and fat as well as a unique level of energy expenditure. You cannot know what that is for yourself exactly even with the most precise body mass measuring equipment available. So what any prudent person does is set conservative guidelines. I know that for women, the 10x your bodyweight calorie target, if consumed in the macro nutrient targets I recommend, and partnered with the P90X exercise routine will work. Could someone get by with more calories and still lose weight? Probably but I can’t tell that even if I met with them in person.

    If the question is by creating a bigger calorie deficit will you lose more weight, the answer is yes for the short run and no for the long run. Again too much starvation will result in the body feeding on muscle mass in order to preserve itself. Lower body mass and extreme exercise will raise cortisol too much and the body will seek to hang onto whatever calories you do consume just like the Holocaust victims bodies did. I suppose the one exception is if you were to walk for hours at an optimal heart rate zone (40% – 50% of your specific heart rate max) so that the body was primarily tapping into fat for fuel while you worked out, you could conceivably push the boundaries out in terms of your calorie deficit for a longer period than doing an hours worth of intense exercise. However, even then the best you’d do is extend the amount of time before the cortisol balance would get out of whack and you sure would not be adding lean muscle mass while you exercised for hours at a time.

    At the end of the day, it just is more prudent and certainly simpler to exercise at a higher intensity for a shorter time frame in way to produce lean mass and to eat an intelligent amount of calories to sustain your body for the years to come. I know that being over 50 as I am, I need to be prudent in my workout/diet approach to have had the success I have. BTW, did you see my new pics at They were some sample pics I took while getting ready for my real photo shoot this upcoming weekend. Proof that the results do just keep coming!

    Thanks for stopping by and participating – I appreciate it!


  168. I’m sitting at home watching the infomercial and it looks like something I really want to try. I am 29 years old and weigh 200lbs. I also have a double D chest size. Will I lose my chest with this workout?

  169. Hi Tina,

    As you burn fat off your body, it comes off from every part. But not necessarily at the same rate. So you will lose some of your chest but not as much as you’ll lose off of your gut and other areas. If you decide to move forward, I’d appreciate it if you’d purchase through me at That way I’ll be your coach.


  170. Hi Coach Nancy,
    I have just purchased the PX90 DVDs and will be starting as soon as they arrive. Now I am more than just over weight, I am from what my doctor says… morbidly obese. I was 10 lbs away from getting gastric bypass surgury but chickened out. I am 47 yrs old and tired of being tired and out-of-shape. Of course my main goal is to lose weight and tone up…any suggestions about what to start with? I want so bad to be able to eventually have enough energy to play with my grandkids. I

  171. Hi Diane,

    Start with the Classic routine. You will have to make modifcations and you won’t be able to do all the reps and that is fine. It’s a matter of showing up and doing your best that counts. You may want to skip over the plyometrics for the first week or two because that’s a lot of high intensity exercise. Go for a long, brisk walk instead. You also won’t be able to do the pull ups so you’ll need to do pull downs with a resistance band.

    Diet is equally important. I have a write up on diet at If you are overweight, you are eating not just too many calories relative to what you burn each day but you are eating the wrong calories. My article should help you eat the right amount and the right kind.

    Go slow and as you’ll hear Tony Horton say over and over ‘do your best and forget the rest’.

  172. Hi Nancy…….well I have now officially started P90X THREE times. I volunteer with Red Cross and we had all the flooding in Northeast Nebraska which kept me really busy for awhile. So, every time I thing I’ll get through a week without problems, something happens. My question is this….should I pick up where I left off or start over like I have been? I’m not too discouraged though, I did TWICE as many pushup as the first time I did the program. Man did that pump me up! I also love the Mycodex and Xtend. Good recommendations. What is this meal planner tool you’re talking about? Thanks for being YOU and helping the rest of us!

  173. One other thing I wanted to mention…..I have been using to monitor my intake of calories. The program shows me pretty accurately the amount of carbs, fats, and protein I’m using. I’m still trying to get that 40/40/20 ratio. It seems hard to do..especially carbs. Can you give me an example of what you might consume in a day? Thanks again.

  174. Hi Diana,

    If you miss a day or two, then I’d just finish up the week as best as you can and then continue on with the program as though nothing happened. But if you miss a whole week or more, I’d start over at the beginning of the nearest phase. So if you got through 1 or 2 weeks and then stopped, for a week or more, I’d start over from the beginning. But if you were on week 5 before you missed a week, I’d go back to week 5 and continue on from that point.

    As for diet ideas, I do keep forums over at and I do have a post at where I talk about what I eat. There are some other posts over in that general area that might be helpful as well.

  175. I really want to start P90x to get toned and specifically to lose inches off of my thighs and to work on my abs. Currently I am very thin but somewhat athletic so I do not want to lose weight which i tend to do easily. My only hesitation with doing P90X is that I will lose my chest and turn it into muscle, which appears to be the common result on all videos of the transformations for women. I feel as though my chest will be the first thing to go , as that is where most of the fat on my body is, aside from my thighs. Would it be a safer idea to forget about the upper body workouts and just perform the lower body ones and ab ripper? It seems pointless to do the program if I am going to walk away from it toned but flat chested.

  176. Hi HG,

    Good news is that how you lose weight doesn’t work based on which body part you exercise. Do incorporate the upper body workout as that isn’t what would reduce your chest. Upper body workouts will make your chest look better (lifted).

    What you do want to do is severely limit how much cardio you do and/or keep your calories up. Long bouts of cardio burns off fat which seems to come off your chest first. Shorter high intensity resistance workouts will induce fat loss but more from the midsection (abs), not chest. But you don’t need to lose weight so I would move the Ab Ripper X workouts to the 2 cardio days and take plyo and Kempo out of your workout routine.

    BTW, I’m not sure of which pictures you are looking at as I’ve seen many female P90X ‘afters’ that didn’t have a big loss of chest. I have seem more chest loss with Insanity which is much more cardio based and has little resistance training. I will say that I lost some of my chest but I still have plenty and I lost proportionately much more off of my waist, hips, thighs and arms (my arms were very flabby). So overall I’m more curvy (in the right places) than I was before.

    Good Luck!


  177. hi im gonna start p90x on this weekend im 185 p. and im 25 i want to lose weight and have muscle what do you recomend ..

  178. Hi Almah,

    Do the Classic version of P90X to start. Remember to work as hard as you can (lift heavy, not light but with good form). The program works best when you really challenge your muscles that’s how you spark metabolic changes that will get your body to burn fat. And remember that diet is just as important if you really want to burn fat and add lean muscle. I have an article about the diet I use and recommend at If you are a woman (sorry – I was not sure by reading your name), the P90X nutrition plan calculates far too many calories. It’s even a bit heavy for men so use my recommendations you’ll find in the article instead.


  179. HI NANCY



  180. Hi Anzel,

    I apologize for taking a couple days to respond. For women, the P90X Results and Recovery is too many calories (a lot of sugary carbs) that immediately shut down fat burning. Instead I like the Xtend product (click here to learn more). It has zero calories and is just branched chain amino acids and glutamine to help you recover and build lean mass. It also has citruline malate which really helps muscle recovery. I actually take this when I get up in the morning to bring my body out of a catabolic state (your body is in a muscle wasting state since you have not eaten for 6 to 8 hours).

    Eat about 1600 calories a day and see how you feel. I have my full set of diet recommendations at

    As for replacing yoga, I really like to see people try to stick with it for the 1st round but if you cannot bring yourself to do it, then substitute X-stretch for it.

  181. Hi Nancy,
    I am 36 and on day 43 of my first round of P90x, I have seen changes in my strength and fitness, but I am not seeing ANY changes on the scale. I have been trying to keep my calories at about 1500 in the percents: 45 protein/35 carb/ 20 fat range, using whey protein supplements two times a day. After reading your other posts, I see that you recommend 40/40/20- do you think that would make a difference for me? I am 5’5″ and weigh 150 and can not budge that number. I know my body fat percent is not real high (around 23 when I started) but I haven’t had it professionally measured since last fall.
    I am wondering what you think about my nutrition ratios. I want to lean up and lose that last bit of fat- for my build I have always thought 140 would be the perfect weight- any suggestions?

  182. Hi Nicole,

    I’m not sure if you are telling me that you’ve plateaued after losing some weight or that you’ve lost no weight at all. If it is the latter, then if you are certain about the calories you are eating and the ratios, I’d look to the workout for insight. I’m assuming you are doing Classic and you are lifting as heavy as you can while maintaining good form. If you aren’t doing Classic or you aren’t lifting heavy, that’s where to make changes.

    Now if you lost weight in the beginning and you just stalled out, that’s a different matter. The difference in what you are eating and what I recommend from a macro nutrient basis isn’t enough to cause a stall out but I would shift to my ratios. What carbs you eat are important as well. Only 1 serving of grain and/or starch a day, only 1 serving of dairy a day and no fruit juice. The grain serving should be whole grain with a lot of fiber. I keep a list of bread products I’ll eat at

    One strategy you might want to try is to decrease your calories to 1400 per day and then include a cheat day once a week. Cheat days not only make it easier to stick with your diet for a long time, they prevent your body’s metabolism from getting too efficient on a lower calorie base.


  183. hi nancy

    thanx for replying about the recovery drink of p90x. unfortunately i am staying in south africa and we dont have scivation xtend here. i phoned a couple of places and they recommend that i use ssn cyto gard its about 410 kilojoules per serving with almost no carbs and with amino acids and glutamine and cromium. i hope that wil do. can i eat a protein bar as well? i discovered nutrimax, carbs only 2.8 per bar with hydroxyacid fat burner or green tea in each bar, protein about 10 grams per bar. should i leave the bar and just stick to my recovery drink?

  184. Hi Anzel,

    SSN’s CytoGuard looks pretty good. You may only need a half scoop which would save you some calories. Play around with it and see what you think. As far as protein bars go, that’s fine as a mini meal or snack but not as good pre workout or immediately post workout. The advantage of amino acids is how fast they are absorbed by the body so you can maximize the results of your workout.


  185. Hi Nancy,

    I need some advice: I bought the P90X and I can’t follow the nutrition. I can go to the gym and workout like an animal but I’m not losing weight because of what I eat. I’m 280 pounds yet I move around like a 160 pound girl would. Its my midsection that is heavy and the rest of my body a little normal but mostly uneven. Should I follow the 40/40/20 rule? Any advice would help I want to lose my weight and learn how to live a better lifestyle.

  186. Hi Stacee,

    Read my article at Calculate what you should eat and follow that to the letter and if you are doing P90X Classic and lifting as heavy as you can with good form (at 10 reps you should feel the burn and stop – don’t do the 12 – 15 reps that Tony talks about) you will lose weight especially around your middle. However, don’t obsess over what you weigh, start taking your measurements once a week and use that as your primary guide to how you are doing.


  187. Hey there. You seem to answer questions pretty promptly, so I’ll ask you instead of other websites that pick and choose who to answer. My worry, like other women, is I don’t want to get all muscly and bulky. I’m already fairly thin, but I want that toned, flat look. I looked at your updated photo, and for your age you look amazing! But for me, should I still go with Classic or Lean? I’m a freelance model so I want that last push to the body I want, and I think P90x will also help me get in better overall shape. Also, one of my large (don’t ask me why, but it is) worries is the chest area. I see a lot of swimmers, skaters, runners and any women in sports in general with practically no breasts, and I like the amount I have (Recently just grew to a 34C). Could this work out make my breast size actually go smaller? I know they’re basically fat, so that’s why I ask.

  188. I did read at your answer for July 9th to replace cardio with the ab work outs and take those other 2 workouts out altogether. Is that what I should do? Whenever I am supposed to do cardio, just go for the abs? What’s a good replacement for the other 2 when their days come up, or are they an optional work out?

  189. Hi Raven,

    I always wonder why women have so many fears about exercise transforming their bodies in way they don’t want. What I tell all my clients is that you ALWAYS are in complete control. So what does that mean for you specifically? You have two fears 1) muscle bulkiness and 2) for lack of a better term boob loss. First, the myth of muscle bulk continues to amaze me. There is just no way that P90X will get a woman bulky unless you are not eating right which really means you put on muscle and never burn off any fat – in fact if you eat too much you could be adding fat while you add muscle. Other than that, the only way to get extremely muscular (bodybuilding show level) is to lift 5 – 7 times a week and take a lot of supplements to help women produce more testosterone (the big male hormone) and HGH (human growth hormone). That’s not P90X.

    So eat right and you’ll add muscle and burn off fat. You probably eat a good diet now since you do some modeling but you may be interested in my post at

    Now your second fear does at least have some foundation in truth but I think you are blowing out of proportion. If you burn fat, some of that will come from your breasts. But before you get too nervous, consider the following. First, you’ll build up your pectoral (chest) muscles which will add some mass and keep a nice lift to your breasts. Secondly if you workout with high intensity and eat along the lines of my diet plan, you’ll lose most of the fat from your abs followed by your hips, thighs, back and arms. So proportionally you look better even if some loss is from the breast area. I don’t know if you looked at my pictures at, but if you take the time to take a good gander at the front view, you can see that I lost a little ‘boobage’. But what you’ll also see is that my breasts are more lifted and have better form. And when you look at how much I lost off my abs, hips, butt and thights, the breast reduction is extremely minimal. I actually wear the same bra size and only adjusted my straps a little.

    So do the P90X Classic resistance workouts and do 2 or 3 days of Ab Ripper X followed by 15 – 20 minutes of HIIT (high intensity interval training) and you’ll be amazed at how good you’ll look!


  190. I had one more thing I realized I should have added about the concern over your breast size. You mentioned a lot of athletes in your comment and professional female athletes typically have bodyfat ratios around 8%. That’s extremely low and very hard to actually get to without hours of training each day. As a model, I’m going to guess that even though you are lean looking, your bodyfat is somewhere between 16% – 19% which is a great range to be in. Doing P90X could reduce you to the low end of the range or even down to about 13% but I think you would really have to do more than I recommend to get to 13%. 15% – 16% would be a great place for a model to be at (keeps some softness to the look while still looking lean – and the softness is fat which means you get to keep most of your breast tissue). There are potential health complications (fertility issues) that can arise if you get to 12% or less so you really don’t want to be there unless you are in an athletic competition that demands it. Also many of the female bodybuilders who many women think look too muscular look that way because they also are down in the 12% – 8% bodyfat range which is close to the professional athlete range.


  191. Thanks for the advice! Definitely starting this tomorrow morning!

  192. Hi there!

    One quick question… I’m planning to start P90X tomorrow, but the thing is… I’m planning to use only the Ab Ripper X (3x a week) and the legs workouts (2x week)..

    My main goal is to lose fat around my obliques/ love handles and tighten up my legs..

    Do you think I’ll see any results just by doing these two exercises?

  193. Hello Luise,

    You will not see the shape changing results you would if you did the entire program.


  194. Hi Nancy,

    I am fairly toned and have good muscle definition. I am 42 and work out 5 days a week and am in good shape; however, I would like to lose seven pounds. My focus is on thighs and abs. What workouts do you recommend? Should I do p90x lean or classic or just abs, legs and cardio from the program?


  195. Hi Nancy”

    I’ve some doubts… I started p90x because I want to lose weight fast and get toned should I do Classica, Lean or Doubles?

    Other thing: I’ve done Kenpo and Yoga already but i absolutely Hate these workouts, is it possible to replace them with any other exercise? If so which one?

    Thank you very much!

  196. Hi,

    I’ve been thinking about starting P90x and have 2 questions…

    1. I am a bodyworker and deep tissue massage therapist. I spend an average of about 30 hours a week directly working on clients. I am relatively strong and athletic, albeit a bit overweight. My question is this… I can’t be so sore that I can’t work. For example, it is not good for business if my arms are shaking from fatigue while leaning on a client. Do you think p90x will still be ok for me?

    2. I think I would like to start next week. However, in about 30 days I’m going away for a 2 week yoga retreat. I will not be able to do the program while I’m there. Is it better to wait? If I start now, do I pick up where I left off when I get back or start over?


  197. Hi Yvonne,

    I apologize for missing this. If all you are going to do is thigh and ab work, you will not get nearly the kind of results that you would if you did the entire program. There are several reasons for this:

  198. More workouts obviously means more calories burned.
  199. Your chest, back arms and shoulders, even on a woman, have plenty of muscle that could be developed. Not only would you have a better proportioned figure, you’d have more lean mass which will burn more muscle.
  200. Once you are older than 25, you are on a ‘downhill’ slide when it comes to muscle retention naturally. From personal experience, this seems to accelerate the older you get. Now that you are over 40, you really need to make sure you do exercises to retain muscle mass in your upper body. This isn’t just cosmetics, this is about functional strength.
  201. Finally, this is the thing many people don’t know. Working your muscles in your upper body will stimulate greater response from the muscles in your lower body when you work those lower body muscles. (The opposite is also true.)
  202. So to get the best shaping, you need more lean mass and that is done by working all muscle groups. Remember, you are always in control with the program. You will not suddenly wake up one morning with a lot of muscle

    Good luck!


  203. Hi Marie,

    I apologize to you for not getting to this sooner, somehow I didn’t see it.

    Do Classic. I always recommend Classic because it is the better version by a long shot. It’s also harder. But what most women shy away from is exactly what they need – resistance training. There isn’t much resistance training in the Lean version – especially for the upper body.

    As I expained to Yvonne, doing upper body resistance training builds more lean mass overall (more calories burned 24/7), provides you a more proportioned, hourglass look, and will actually help you build more lean mass on your lower body.

    Lift as heavy as you can with good form. In a recent study of women, those who lifted weights 2x as heavy for half the reps (e.g., lifted 20lb weights 8 times vs lifting 10lb weights 16 times) burned more than 2x the FAT for several hours post exercise.

    As for yoga and Kenpo, you may substitute x-stretch for yoga (it doesn’t do as much you but it’s at least a good stretching program) and for Kenpo, do either cardio x or core synergistics – whichever you like better.


  204. Hi Daralessa,

      If you are already relatively strong and athletic, I’m not sure I understand your fear about extreme fatigue. You are always in control! While I routinely wake up with some muscle soreness somewhere on my body (moves around based on what muscle groups I’ve been working), it’s never been so intense my arms shake. And I don’t get that immediately after workouts either and I lift much heavier than most women. But start at a reasonable level for you and build up. Also, I’m a huge advocate of the Scivation Xtend amino acid supplement. Studies show that taking this product before working out actually reduces muscle damage and taking a little after workouts will reduce or eliminate any immediate muscle soreness you have. I also use Xtend first thing in the morning to take my body out of a catabolic state.
      I’d do month 1, then go off to your yoga retreat and when you get back, do month 1 again and proceed from there.


  205. Coach Nancy,
    We are looking at purchasing the P90X but I am a little worried about the fact that our friend gave us a quick run down on the fact that I would be a level 3 and that means 3000 calories..That seems like so much and since I am already over weight that worries me even more. Plus I have had part of my thyroid removed so my metabolism is slower then next persons. What is your suggestion on the calorie intake?


  206. Hi Jenn,

    Do NOT follow the P90X guide. It’s way off for women and the more a woman is overweight, the farther off it gets. Instead read my post at I have a guide there that does work for women who want to burn fat and add some lean mass.

    Having low thyroid function does mean that you will likely lose weight slower than some women but my diet guidelines will work if you follow them. Eat as healthy as you can which means to take out over processed carb and fat laden foods. Eat fresh greens and fruits for your carbohydrate sources. As I suggest, you can have 1 serving of grain based products or potatoes a day. However, the one modification I’d make is that on your cheat day, you make sure you eat a little protein (something with 10 – 20 grams) with each meal. I’d also not eat more than 2500 calories on your cheat day until you see your body starting to respond to the diet and exercise.

    Finally, you may want to look into Shakeology as a meal replacement for your breakfast. It’s a super nutritious shake that has over 70 nutrient sources and one of those, maca, is associated with helping balance and support your thyroid and adreanal glands and other nutrients help detoxify your liver (also important to those with low thyroid function). Of course you need to eat clean overall (can’t have Shakeology and then eat junk) but it has had an amazing affect on me and others. Find more about Shakeology at

    Do the Classic routine and lift as heavy as you can with good form. Now starting out you may have to do push ups from your knees (I did – so did my hubby) and in lieu of pull ups, you can do pull downs with resistance bands. But push yourself as you go along and you will be amazed at how you can progress and how it makes you feel!

    I wish you the best success! Just remember to show up each day, press play and do your best.


  207. Hi Nancy! I am starting P90X tomorrow…Classic version of course! I was just wondering what kinds of results you saw during your first round (weight loss, inches lost). I am 28 years old and looking to get down to about 140 in the next year (I weigh 186 right now and am 5’5″ tall). I want to do this before I start having children. Just curious about what is possible for me as far as results go. I know everyone is different, but this will still give me an idea.



  208. Hi Jenn,

    Congratulations on taking on P90X! It’s tough but worth it.

    On my first 90 days I lost more inches than weight. I lost 19 inches off of my waist, hips, thighs and upper arms (combined) and lost 15lbs. Its possible to lose more weight but my goal was to add lean mass while I burned fat which is what I recommend to all women – we need the muscle!

    Since my first round I have continued to lose weight. I’m now down over 25lbs from my starting weight and will stop probably when I’m down a total of 30lbs. But my weight isn’t my top priority – my tape measurements are. Last week I didn’t lose any weight but my meaurements came in a bit – that’s more important to me. It’s how I look, not how much I weigh.

    I think your goals are spot on so aim for .5 – 2lbs weight loss per week for your first round. Usually you’ll lose more weight in your 1st and 3rd month than you will in your 2nd month. That’s to be expected because the first month some of it can be water weight and the ‘easy’ fat loss. Then your body needs to work harder to keep losing so the weight loss slows. By the 3rd month, you’ll have re-ignited your fat burning furnace and that will be the month you’ll see the most change.

    Be sure to read my diet post at if you haven’t already because the nutrition guidelines P90X gives don’t work for women who want to add lean mass and burn of a lot of fat.

    I wish you the best success!


  209. Thanks Nancy!

    You’re right about the inches versus the weight too. In high school and most of college, I weighed around 135-142. Even at 142 pounds, people would guess me in the the 120s. So I guess I had a lot of muscle and looked (and was) small! So I guess my goal should be “I want to wear a size 6″ instead of “I want to weigh 140 pounds.” I can’t wait to begin P90X and get back to my former and “normal” self (physically). As far as weight loss goes, I’ve heard that people who do “fad” diets often gain the weight back and then some (and quickly). I should know. I’m one of those people. I did a crazy diet for a few months and now I’m paying for it. It will be nice to eat normal things and get away from the “taste good but are terrible for you” foods. I love fish and broccoli so that helps! I read your post about diet and I’m going to do the 40/40/20 thing. I think 1,800 calories will be plenty.

    I talked to hubby and he would like to ease into it. So this week, he wants to do just the resistance training. Next week though….he says it’s on!

    Thanks again! Your site is awesome!


  210. Oh! One more thing! Should I do Insanity first to get some of the weight off (I weigh 186 at 5’5″ tall) ? I have been hearing that I should lose weight first with a round of Insanity and use a round or two of P90X to tone up. I hurt my shoulder and couldn’t even lift my right arm for a little bit so I had to put off working out until 8/30/10 (per doctor’s orders). I feel much better though. I’m ready to begin my journey!!!

    Any help would be great! Thanks!


  211. Hi Jenn,

    Sorry to be a few days in responding. No do P90X first. The way to lose weight fastest is to build lean muscle while you do intense exercise and eat properly. Insanity doesn’t add the lean muscle that P90X does. I also don’t recommend Insanity for anyone who has more than 30lbs to lose. Insanity is very hard on your joints. Turbo Fire is the better program as it has a variety of workouts, some cardio and some HIIt (High Intensity Interval Training). Insanity says it’s HIIT but it’s not. I have both programs and Turbo Fire’s HIITs are hard but omroe doable.


  212. Hello Nancy,

    Just wanted to thank you for all your help with answering questions! I finished P90X yesterday and the results are in! Does P90X ever work for women and I’m 44 years young!

    Here’s what I lost:
    9.5 lbs
    5.5% body fat
    12.25 inches

    I didn’t think I even had this much to lose because I started in pretty good shape. However, when you put Tony’s great workouts and great nutrition together it really works!

    I had to buy all new clothes…darn it all!!!

    Nancy you are an inspiration, I plan to keep going!


  213. Hi okay I’m so glad I stumbled into this site,so I’m 22 almost 23 but I had a baby 1year and 7 months ago I got a lot of baby fat on me and I hate it I have become so embarrassed with my body especially my stomach mid section sides and upper abs my stomach is so jiggly and flabby yeah embarrassing to say,I’m 5’2. 22Years old and I feel depressed sad and so uncomfortable with my body I mean I’m young and pretty I shouldn’t look like this :( I even kinda hide my body especially my stomach from my fiance my baby’s dad who I have been with for 3 years, that’s sad he tells me I’m beautiful but I don’t feel it,I just got the p90x today I start tomorrow but I don’t know weather to choose CLASSIC, DOUBLE,LEAN I want to loose all the jiggle on my arms legs and specially stomach, and get my body tight and get all my fat off and ofcourse lift my butt what one do you think is for me please help……I no longer wanna feel or look like this I want to loose the flab and fat like I said all over but especially my stomach and sides I want to feel confident again and BEAUTIFUL…


  214. I forgot….Please email me or reply soon my emails

  215. Hi Sandra,

    I took a few days off at Labor Day. Please do Classic. It will produce the better results between it and Lean. Doing doubles is too much stress on your body and takes an enormous amount of time.

    Diet is very important as well. If you have not already, please read my article at Do not follow the P90X nutrition guide as that is way too many calories for women who want to lose weight. Good luck and stay in touch!


  216. Hi Nancy!

    I’m Trish; I’ve just started the lean P 90 X workout with my friend Amanda. We’re trying to loose weight for a wedding we’re bridesmaids in. The wedding isn’t until June, but I was wondering if we wanted to do P 90 X twice if doing the lean workout first and then the classic would be a nice subtle change?

  217. Hi Nancy,
    I just finished round one of P90X classic — YEAH! I am ready to start again. Should I wait any time before beginning, or just jump in? Do you recommend doing Classic again or changing it up with the Lean version?


  218. Hi Trish,

    Good for you getting started! You’ll get far more out of Classic from a figure perspective than you’ll ever get from Lean. I wouldn’t even wait to finish round 1 of Lean to start Classic, I’d start over with Classic right now. But if you are committed to finishing Lean, then do Classic next. It’s not a subtle change though, it’s a much more difficult version and that’s why you’ll get so much more figure gain out of it.


  219. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I like taking an extra recovery week but you could just jump right in. Listen to your body and take your cues from what it tells you.

    Again, congratulations and feel proud of such a wonderful accomplishment.


  220. Hi Nancy – I have a quick question on bands vs weights. I’ve been using bands because the weights I have aren’t heavy enough to feel the burn, and I’ve been contemplating which weight(s) to get. Will I get the same results with bands or am I better off with dumb bells? I have 5 lbs right now and know I need more, just not sure how much more? I am 5’10″ and weigh 190. I am on week 2 of Classic thanks to your great advise! I previously did Insanity and lost 16 lbs, so hoping for great results from P90X!

  221. 5lbs dumbbells are way too light for someone who has finished a round of Insanity. You need to push it harder – much harder. You should be getting a burn after 8 – 10 reps. P90X only works when you do the resistance with intensity.

    Go for bands if your budget is light because you can incrementally increase the resistance by moving where your feet are positioned on the bands. I like this Band Set (click here) you can get at because it comes with 3 bands & a door piece (for lat pull downs) and a carrying case so you can take it with you. Also the price is very good.

  222. Hi Nancy,
    Im almost 23 years old. im 5’4” and i weight around 120 pounds. im about to purchase p90x not to lose that much weight but to get fit and slim. any recommendations? should i follow a diet as well? Ive never really been into excercise, im not real skinny or fat either but i really want to start this program to get fit, if ive never been really active is it going to be really hard on me?
    thanks so much, you help a lot!

  223. Hi Sandy,

    You’re young and not overweight so do Classic version and eat clean but I would not worry too much about diet. By clean I mean lose foods that are primarily refined grain products and sugar out of your site. Eat fresh fruits and veggies, lean meats and not too much dairy and you’ll do extremely well.

    Good luck!


  224. Hi Nancy:

    I have done several of the Beachbody programs…Slim in 6, Turbo Jam, Chalean Extreme and some Turbo Fire. I have built muscle, but I never consistently am able to follow a proper diet program. I am 5’3″ and I weigh 140 and I am 40 years old. I am an elected official and have a very high stress job with lots of meetings and I have a 6 year old and a 4 year old child. I have always been athletic, and I am fitter than I have been in years, but the lowest my weight has been able to get in the last 2 years is 135 lbs. My goal is between 125-128. My husband and I started P90X on October 4th and have done all of the workouts thus far. I work out every bit as hard as he does and he is in the military and is extremely fit. However, my scale goes up and down every day and has not gone lower than 140. I seem very sensitive to salt and carbs…even gaining 3-4 lbs overnight. I never used to have excess weight in my belly, but after 2 c sections and a resulting diastasis, I have a “pooch” that is depressing. I also carry more weight in my lower body. I wear a size 6 or 8, but I am frustrated because I feel like I have been working out hard for over a year and my scale really hasn’t budged. My husband thinks I am sexy the way I am, but I am not getting any younger and I want to finally reach my goal. I have a shakeology mixed with nonfat greek yogurt every morning, but I do not eat enough during the day, I don’t think, and I enjoy a glass of wine on occasion. Please help if you can. I am so frustrated. I do love P90X and I will complete the program! Thank you! Lisa

  225. I’m in week 8 of the classic p90x. I was fairly active before starting the program, doing cycling 4-5 days a week and some resistance training. I’m 49, 5’8″ and started at 170 lbs., 30.3% body fat. When I measured a few weeks ago, I had lost 2 lbs. and 4% body fat. I’ve just begun reading your messages, so I’m trying to move towards the 40/40/20. I was previously targeting towards 125 grams of protein/200 carbs/50 fat. Will the 40/40/20 be the difference? My calorie range was slightly higher than 10X my weight, but I’ve been getting into that range lately. I know you say not to focus on weight, but it’s really hard not to. I do notice a difference in my shape and realize changing fat to muscle is good, but it’s still frustrating not to see the scale move more, plus, I can’t imagine my weight not changing more to get the look I want. My target weight was 140 and that’s where I used to be until a few years ago and it’s been a constant struggle, and now that weight seems impossible. Help!

  226. Hi there,

    I am new to P90X and I am really motivated having read and seen all the inspirational comments above.
    I am 5″5 and 147 lbs. I have just completed Day 1 – was fine with the warm ups etc… but majorly struggled with the push-ups. For the Pulls ups I’m using ripcord bands, but after the work out I feel a bit dishearted. I’m also following the Classic P90X and am generally follwoing the Nutrition Guide with a few modifications.

    I would be very greatful for any advice. Thank you!

  227. Hi Karen,

    I see you are a customer of mine so I’m going to follow up with you via private email. But for all the people who stop by here, what Karen was eating previously was WAY to heavy on carbs at 200 grams per day. And remember it’s not just carbs but what kind of carbs that is important. Sugar and simple carbs which get converted into sugar can immediately shut down fat burning.

    The other issue is that doing P90X Classic is my recommendation but you really have to do it with high intensity. That means when you lift weights they need to be heavy – as heavy as you can lift while still maintaining good form. You also need to increase your volume each workout. So if you lifted 15lb dumbbells for 10 reps doing bicep curls one workout, you need to aim for 11 or 12 the very next workout. Write down what you do each workout so you know exactly what you have to beat at the next workout. Now you may not be able to progress in reps or weight on every exercise within a workout every time you do it but you should see some gains in some of the exercises. So if you’ve not approached your workouts this way, please start now.


  228. Hi Nikita,

    Thanks for stopping by! P90X Classic is a tough program so don’t be discouraged because you are not keeping up with the fit people doing it. On that first workout the woman Marin (I think that’s how it’s spelled) is almost a freak of nature. She’s out performing the men. I say ‘great for her’ but that doesn’t mean we can keep up with her until we totally get fit ourselves. So when you do push ups do as many as you can from your toes and then IMMEDIATELY drop to your knees and pump out a few more. As for pull ups it generally takes women anywhere from a couple weeks to a couple months to do unassisted pull ups. If you are going to do pull downs then you have to pick a heavy band and really pull hard.

    The P90X nutrition guide will calculate far too many calories for you. Instead follow my recommendations at .


  229. I’m not sure what you mean by you are ‘never consistently able to follow a proper diet program’. Does that mean you just stop following them and eat what you want or do you have some health issue? If it’s the former, I would argue that anyone can follow a proper diet if they are ready to make a change. I get that you are busy, most of my clients are super busy just like you. What is needed is planning. You need to take the time to map out foods you generally like to the diet plan you follow (I recommend my guidelines at ). Then fit the foods to your lifestyle. Back when I worked in the corporate world, I would bring protein bars to work and if I had a meeting I actually ate a bar during the meeting if it was my snack time. I would tell those at the meeting before it got started that it was part of my diet and I even did this at meetings that included the president of the company. I got a little teasing at first but after awhile they got interested and would ask me why I didn’t bring a bar if I happened to show up without one. And as far as being sensitive to carbs, I’d argue that you are sensitive to sugar and refined grain products which quickly get converted to sugar in the body. BTW do NOT take the P90X Results and Recovery drink after working out (not sure if you are) because it’s going to shut down your fat burning immediately and place you in a fat storing mode.

    Do NOT weigh yourself daily that is going to upset you (or anyone) because all people’s bodies store water more one day than another. I can see a swing of 2lbs easily from day to day and I’m now post menopausal so I’m not getting the monthly hormonal water weight gain that younger women will.

    One question I had was on your diastasis. The way it’s written it sounds like you are correlating it with your c-sections, not just from a pregnancy. Did you not get a bikini cut for the c-sections? Just curious as I have had a c-section with my second child and while I clearly have a scar and some very minor ‘shelving’ it’s not diastasis which affects the rectus abdominal muscles.

    Sounds like you have a wonderful husband who is right to love you just as you are. Of course you can change that with time and effort if that is your goal but it takes both planned diet and exercise particularly as you cross the ’40s’ threshold. I’m sorry to say this but aging sucks (pardon my language). But we can fight back it just takes more than it did when we were young.

    It does not appear that you are one of my customers so if you’d like me to coach you please follow the instructions you can find by clicking on the button on the home page.

    Good luck!


  230. hello,
    i was reading everyone post and is been really motivating for me…I am 27 yrs old and have struggled with my weight all my life..i can remember being in the fifth grade weighing 200 pds..i first begin to wk-out at the weighing start of 332pds and got down to 264pds..but then i got pregnant and i weight 336pds i get very depressed thinking about it i cry all the time about it..i cant afford joining the gym so my friend gave me the p90x told me to try that..but i honesty don’t know where to begin..and at my job i was pulled to the side and was told i should consider doing the lap-band surgery and the weight has put a strained on my husband wk out all the time and is losing a lot of weight so he is on me constantly about size so i have gotten so depressed that i want leave the house i just take care of my son and go to wk..i find myself hiding and crying and wanting to just give up..pls help me so i can help myself and be around for my son…

  231. Hi Dee,

    I’m going to email you offline but what I want to say to everyone here is that if a boss (you didn’t indicate who pulled you aside) ever pulls you aside and tells you to get lap-band surgery, you need to go to the Company’s human relations department and report them. Now if you work in a small company, that may not be an option but in my book that’s just unacceptable behavior.

    Secondly your husband needs to be more supportive. I get that men are extremely visually oriented but getting on your case isn’t helpful. You end up like you are a failure which is depressing which then makes you want to eat all the wrong foods while simultaneously leaving you without energy. What a husband who wants a wife to lose weight needs to do is volunteer to watch the child for an hour a day 5 days a week so you can go exercise. He exercises so you need to demand equal time.

    Finally, while I really feel for you being in a non supportive environment both at work and home, it’s now time for you to OWN this issue, Dee. I mean stop feeling sorry for yourself and commit, really commit to making a change. I don’t care if it starts as slowly as taking a modest walk for 30 minutes a day but you need to MOVE! Then you need to eat properly. If you weight over 300 lbs your are eating too much and too much junk (over processed carbs and fat). So if you are ready to make a change, you can. But realize this starts and ends with you. You are strong enough to do this… trust me.

  232. Hello Nancy

    I am getting ready to start P90x. This is your usual should I start Classic or Lean – with a bit of a twist. I have read your comments recommending classic because it shapes and tones while you lose fat.

    I am 49 years old, 5’3″ and 215 although most people say I don’t look like Im weight that much. I contribute it to my previous years working out on and off with weights ( in my 20′s and 30′s). I have not exercised regularly since 2004. I fell that I am covered in fat, with muscles underneath and feel that I only need to lose my fat. I can still feel the muscles in my legs and my arms and when I flex most people say WOW! I often hear men say, “you use to work out didn’t you?” So my question is should I begin P90X Classic or Lean?

    I think I should do Lean to lose the fat surrounding my present muscles for the first 45 to 60 days and then continue the recommended plan beginning with Classic.

    Help – Im ready to lose – Marilyn

  233. Hi Marilyn,

    If you are 49 and have not worked out for say 15 years, you’ve lost 8 – 15lbs of muscle. That’s a lot of loss for a woman. I had been a lifter in my 40′s and would have made the same claim that I had significant muscle under my fat – especially in my arms and legs but the truth is, I just had a LOT of fat covering a little muscle and what made me confused is I knew how to flex properly.

    I’ve lost over 2″ off of each arm and 3.5″ off of each thigh. You won’t put on a ton of muscle doing P90X Classic. I have been doing this for over a year now and lift very heavy and I’ve only put on 10lbs of muscle while dropping 35lbs of fat.

    If you have read all my responses then you know that weight lifting will burn more fat than cardio ever will. If you had excess fat when you lifted in your past, your diet was wrong, not the exercise.

    My recommendation for you is Classic.


  234. Hello Nancy,

    I’ve been big my entire life. I can remember being in my second grade class and always being bigger than the other children. I couldn’t even play on the swings–for fear that they will beak. When we have family get togethers for holidays, everyone always asks ‘What happend?” That’s the last think I want to hear from family. The teasing and taunting only made things worse and I seem to turn to food in my darkest of times. I’ve been hearing a lot about P90X over the past two months but I’m worried that this workout is not for me… I’ve tried a lot of things and with 180 pounds to lose, I feel like I’m running out of time. Is P90X the right choice to start off loosing weight or is it, too, intense for someone like me? Thanks for reading and any advice you give is a big help. Desprate isn’t a strong enough word to describe how I’m feeling. Thank you…

  235. Hi Sheena,

    You didn’t give me much to make any recommendation off of (age, height, weight). But if you have 180lbs to lose, P90X is probably not where I’d start you. You have to realize that diet is very important to any program – it’s not just the exercise so start to work on that today. Go read my artile at Then I’d say Slim in 6 might be a better place to start if you’ve not been exercising at all.


  236. Hi Nancy:

    Since I last posted I have been really planning for meals and snacks and watching my diet and I have lost 4 pounds. My husband and I are still pushing play on the P90X and we love it.

    My diastasis is from my pregnancies, not the c sections…I’m sorry if I misspoke. It seems to be getting better each time I do the ARX.

    Thank you for your advice! I feel like my goals are withing reach now. You are correct, diet is crucial.

    Take care,


  237. I just wanted to say wow! I started p90x classic yesterday, go tmy calander and worksheets all printed out and did my first workout (Oh yes, I am sore, I definately feel it more than I ever did after the gym). Just wanted to tell you that you are an inspiration. I think, wow, if she can do it at 51 I can do it at 21 for sure! Thank you, I need constant motivation, which is hard for me. Hope you don’t mind me saying, but you look great and so confident! I LOVE your before and after pictures. Day 1 you look so sad in your pictures, you arms are slouched down, but WOW! Day 90 you are holding yourself up so proud and you look great and happy! What an accomplishment. I am going to take my before picture today! Wish me luck. Thank you!

  238. That’s terrific Lisa! I wondered if continued ab exercising would help you out. Keep me and all the gals here posted!


  239. Thank you RyeLee! It’s one day at a time. Day 2 is pretty darn tough too and you’ll find it starts to get easier. Keep it up and stop back and let me know how it’s going. One thing is to be careful with the diet. The P90X nutrition guide calculates way too many calories for women who want to burn fat so be sure to check out my article on diet at .


  240. Are there any 60 year old woman using P90X?

  241. Hi Parksy,

    I don’t know of any personally. But if you are out of shape, over weight and 60, P90X probably is not the best starting point for you. If you could tell me more about yourself, I’d be happy to make a recommendation.


  242. Hi Nancy,

    I’m a 21 year old female, 5’7” and 138 lbs. , which is about normal for my height, but I want to be fit. What would you recommend for me? I usually just work out on my Wii Fit Plus. Thanks so much in advance!


  243. Hi Nancey,

    I am 19 5’6” and 125lbs. I want to get leaner and toned. would this work out work? My friends have tole me that the meal plan is expensive? what work out do you think that i should do?

    Thank you so much, Heidi

  244. Hi Rachel,

    You are young and in reasonable shape so your options are many. What I’d recommend is that you pick something that has some level of resistance exercise but given your age and fitness level, could be more cardio based. You might want to look into Turbo Fire which is some resistance, cardio and HIIT. My top recommendation for all women remains P90X if you want to get into top shape.


  245. Hi Heidi,

    Yes, P90X will get you lean and toned. Don’t follow the nutrition guide as it calculates too many calories for women. Instead, use my P90X diet guidelines. I don’t think you have to spend a lot of money on the diet. What you should include to get enough protein in your diet is a high quality protein powder you can mix into shakes. But there are many that work well. See the ones I like at

  246. Hey i’m 15 and i saw p90x and ask my mom 2 buy it for me for my birthday so i have some questings.i’m really fat and i always have been so ii want 2 get heathy and fit.Do u have 2 do the diet.i don’t really have the money 2 buy the wieghts and stuff so i went with lean.and i never really worked out or anything i just do the ab ripperx and walk for 2 to 3 hours 3x a week instead of chet back arms and stuff like that i have a total gym to so i work on that a lot. do u think i should try 2 buy the weights and which one do you think i should buy.what do u think i should do 2 get the best results. i can’t eat 5 or 6 times a day either because of school so i normally eat 2 to 3 times a you think i should still do lean or change to classic.please help me

  247. Hi Mary,

    On a limited budget here’s what I’d do. If you can, get 1 resistance band – you can find them pretty cheap at Target or Walmart or stores like that. It should cost under $10. Then you can do the arm exercises and add resistance to some of the leg exercises like squats. Then you can follow along with Classic which would be a bit better. Otherwise do lean.

    As for diet, you could eat 4x or 5x a day if you eat breakfast before school, lunch, after school snack, dinner, late night. Walmart sells some fairly cheap protein powder (Body Fortress brand) but if still two expensive buy a dozen eggs and hard boil them. 2 eggs is 15 grams of protein. They make an excellent snack and/or late night feeding.

    Other guidelines for eating is if it’s grain or starch – don’t eat it (no cookies, cake, sweets of any kind, potatoes, popcorn, etc…). Cut out all but 1 serving of a whole grain food a day (bread or cereal) Eat mostly lean protein, fresh fruit and veggies and salads. Stay away from junk food. Don’t eat more than 1500 calories a day.


  248. Hola Nancy! What happens after you complete the first 90days? Do you restart again? Do you take “time off” before you restart another 90days? Thanks

  249. Hi Sandra,

    Many people who complete 1 round of P90X start over again. I did. Then I moved onto hybrid workouts with Insanity and Turbo Fire.

    Once you finish take 2 recovery weeks and then start over again or do a hybrid. Good luck!


  250. hey do u think i should do yoga x i don’t really find it fun its really boring but i’ll do it if it helps with results. i just want 2 know if u think its a good idea 2 go ahead and 2 yoga x.

  251. Hi Nancy,

    I love your results and I want to be like that, so I’m working on making you my coach! I am 26 and did 60 days of P90X before going on a 3 week vacation and since haven’t done anything (so 6 weeks off). I’m going to get back into it. Before I left though I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. I read that P90X overestimated calories for women, so I cut my diet back to 1500 calories, but when I did that I started getting weak and sick throughout the day. I get about 100 g of protein a day (and don’t really track the other stuff, but I can). When I bumped my calories up to 2000 I felt better, but then I didn’t lose any weight, just inches and VERY slowly at that. I’m trying to get a handle on what is going on. I’m 5’2″ and about 140 lbs, so I definitely need to lose some weight. I see your diet plan, but I’m just worried about only getting 1500 calories and being sick all the time again. I drink 8-10 glasses a day, so I’m pretty sure it isn’t dehydration. Any thoughts?

  252. I like to see people do yoga x for the first round of P90X. But if you are short on time some days (90 minutes is a lot of time) you may occasionally replace it with x stretch.


  253. Hi Ashley,

    1500 calories should be plenty of calories. If you were getting sick, you are more likely having issues with chronic stress/cortisol levels. Here’s what I recommend. Get the X-tend product which will provide your body branch chain amino acids plus glutamine which if you take 1 scoop in water before working out and 1 scoop after, you’ll reduce or prevent the cortisol levels from continuing to be chronically elevated. And you should be sure to take a cheat day 1x per week.


  254. hello, i’ve been thinking about getting the P90X lately, but i dont know if it’s worth it. Im 5’3 and only 110 pounds, but i would really like to have a better toned stomache, hopefully with abs. Is the p90x worth it or should i just settle for running and crunches? Also, if it is worth it, which setting should i do? Last, is it necessary to buy the foods in the nutrition guide? Im tight on money and wonder if i have to order my foods, is eatin healthy and watching my calories good enough?

  255. Hey Nancy,

    I was reading this because I am interested in p90x. I am an ex-soccer player (quite when I went to college) and now I’d like to shed some fat that I gained in college. Currently 20 yr old 5’2″ 120-125 lbs. So I believe based on your old recommendations that I would do the Classic so that I can tone up and build muscle on my entire body. The other thing I was wondering about really was what you call “boob loss.” I understand others were worried about it, but I actually would like to lose perhaps a cup… Do you recommend doing a lean session after the classic (I’ve only read about this stuff on your blog so I don’t actually know what all this is).


  256. Hi Ana,

    Yes, do Classic. As far as “boob loss” goes, what I was trying to convey was that the amount lost in that area would be less, proportionally, than what you lose in your abs, butt and thighs. Lean is more of a cardio workout. Won’t do as much for you as Classic.


  257. Hi Kim,

    The value of P90X is that it’s a workout planned for you. You can do it at various levels of intensity as you get stronger. That said, if you are a highly disciplined person, you could plan your own workouts. I strongly suggest that you do some resistance training as part of that. If your budget is limited, you can use resistance bands because they are pretty cheap and you can change the resistance somewhat by where you position your feet. So a set of bands at different resistance levels would replace a lot of dumbbells.

    As far as the foods in the nutrition guide go, I don’t know what you are referring to that you consider expensive. The truth is that the nutrition guide is just healthy food and if you buy and cook your own food, you’ll spend less than what you would at the store. While I do recommend a quality protein powder, you can find a cheap but good quality one at any Walmart (Body Fortress brand) and it would actually replace a meal so when you look at it that way, it’s pretty cheap for a meal. If you really can’t afford even protein powder at Walmart, then buy some good eggs and eat them. Eggs are cheap but when cooked are one of the highest quality sources of protein you can find. And eat your yolks, they are good for you. :)


  258. Hi Nancy,

    Congratulations on your weight loss you look great!

    I currently am on Day 4 of the Lean program for P90x, but reading your forum I am going to switch to the classic program. I am 20 years 5’0″ and weigh 163lbs. I want to lose weight and tone up my body. I have been over weight since the 3rd grade and been trying to stick to weight loss program for a while. I do not have the nutrition plan because I got the videos from a friend. What do you suggest I should do as eating goes? I am doing weight watchers because I feel it’s easy to do and something I can keep up with. I currently live back and forth from campus and then home during breaks. I have a busy lifestyle and always on the goal. Should I change my eating or stick to weight watchers?

    Thank you,

  259. Hi Lissette,

    When you do classic you are working your muscles much harder than lean. The point is to develop more lean mass which puts curves in the right places as well as increases your metabolic burn rate. So Weight Watchers, which is just calorie restriction principles, isn’t the best. You do need to manage your calories but you need to feed your body correctly to get best results. Please see my article at for what I recommend.


  260. Hola Nancy, quick question. How do you maintain once you have reached your goal? Obviously you cant keep losing weight…dont want to waste away! LOL

  261. Hi Sandra,

    If you are asking me this question, then congratulations must be in order! :) I call dilemmas like this ‘quality problems’. Honestly all you need to do is gradually add more calories until you hit your specific maintenance level. Start with 100 calories a day and see where that gets you. Then slowly add 50 more calories at a time if the initial 100 calories isn’t enough. You may add those calories really any way you want (carb, protein, fat). Make sense?


  262. Hi Nancy! Finally was able to restart P90X yesterday! It felt so good do work out again after a few months off!!! Tonight is W1, D2 and I feel a lot better this time around. I am still trying to get my diet straight. I ate so crappy over the holidays that my body is literally CRAVING the good foods!! Yesterday was the first time in a long time that I have had more than 4 cups of water in a single day (I had about 7). So I’m starting off correctly with that at least (even though I think I need to drink more water). My issue is now trying to eat the right amounts of the right things. I bought the Supreme Protein Carb Conscious Bars (Caramel Nut Chocolate and Peanut Butter Crunch varieties) to eat for lunch. So this is what I have been eating as of yesterday.

    Breakfast: Protein Smoothie (roughly 140 cal, 30g of protein, 3.5g of carbs, and 0.05g of fat for the powder). I put in a handful of frozen berries, 6oz of 2% milk, and a few ice cubes.

    Snack: 1 apple (medium or large)

    Lunch: Protein Bar (390-400 cal, 30g of protein, 26g or carbs, and 18g of fat)

    Snack: Broccoli (about 1.5 to 2 cups)

    Dinner: Salmon (lemon juice from a bottle, lemon pepper, garlic powder and cayenne pepper). I will admit that I haven’t been measuring the salmon. But the few times I did measure (before cooking it), it weighed about 7-8oz.

    And that’s it. I think that either I’m missing some protein here (or something) or I’m eating too much to lose weight.

    As of 1/2/11, I weigh 193.6 lbs. I am 5’ 5.5”. Please help!

  263. Not eating enough overall and not eating enough protein specifically.

    You didn’t say what you had with the salmon but the way I calculate what I could see you are eating barely 1000 calories a day. That’s too little. Also protein looks to be in the range of 100 grams which is also a bit light.

    Add in another shake (25 grams of protein) plus some carb (about 20 grams of carb from bread, a banana or other fruit) right after you workout. Also add in a protein shake (no fruit just 25 grams of protein powder, 8oz water and 2oz water) right before bed.


  264. Me again! I usually just have organic broccoli with my salmon (with some I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter on it). Since I’m trying to get rid of belly fat too, I don’t usually eat bananas. I’ve heard that they add to fat in the midsection. And the shake right before bed should have 8oz or 2oz of water? It says water twice in the other post.

    I’m assuming that one protein bar per day is good enough right? I shouldn’t eat a second one each day to help with my protein intake?

    Thanks again!

  265. Hi Jennifer,

    I did mistype. What I meant was 8oz water and 2 oz low fat (or skim) milk. My issue with protein bars is that 1) they are expensive compared to a shake, 2) at the size you purchased a meal replacement with fair number of calories and 3) more carbs than I want for you to take before bed. The reason why I suggested having either bread or banana in a post workout shake is that when you have finished working out, your body is ready to absorb the carbs into your muscles rather than store them as fat. What I should have added in my prior response is that you should only have that extra carb after a resistance training workout. For cardio workouts, don’t add the carbs.


  266. Hi Nancy!!

    I just got the P90X program, and I have a few questions. I am 26, 5’1 and 110lbs. I DO NOT want to loose weight, I have struggled with being too thin my whole life. I want to definitely gain muscle, not so much that I resemble a body builder, but enough that I look in shape. I also want to look curvy, and I was curious about working my butt. Does this program focus on tightening and lifting your butt at all? Besides the lunges once a week?

    Also, I am unsure about what my calorie intake should be. Like I said, I dont want to loose any weight, but gain it without having rolls! Please help!! Thanks,

  267. Hi Shayna,

    Start your diet at 15x your weight in pounds for a caloric target. Split your calories between carbs/protein/fat in a 30/40/30 ratio which would be (15 x 110 = 1650) 495 calories or 124 grams of carbs; 660 protein calories (165 grams) and 495 calories from fat (55 grams).

    As far as building up the booty, aside from the Legs & Back routine there is Plyo with indirectly works the booty. But for best results, use as heavy a weight as possible during the leg exercises in Legs and Back for the squats and lunges (excluding sneaky lunges). When Tony does his version of a one legged deadlift, do a traditional stiff legged deadlift and lift as heavy as you can without back strain. Lifting heavy weight will build muscle faster and better than a lot of body weight only reps.


  268. I am so excited to read your questions and answers. You are a true inspiration. I am 38, 5’7″ 207 pounds. BMI WAY over what is supposed to be and fat analysis shows 39.9%. Pretty bad. I was an athlete in school, but after two kids and a pretty sedentary lifestyle, and now my cholesterol results way to high I finally decided to “get R done”. I finally got my copy of P90X this week, as well as the resistance bands, pull up bar, etc. I did the fitness test and although I can’t do a pull up (I got to my toes and lifted my feet, but couldn’t pull up), I was able to handle the rest of the exercises, so I can do this. Plans are to start Monday January 31. I was at a friend’s house this evening who is morbidly obese and she was very pessimistic with statements along the lines of, “You will never be able to get the weight off. When we have carried this weight for so long, it’s near impossible to lose the weight and get in shape.” Well, I am here to tell you that I have now thrown down the gauntlet. The challenge is on!!! She doesn’t know I have the videos, I want to do this and show her and me that this CAN be done. I am committing right here right now to you and your readers the next 90 days are P90X’s and my husband just told me not to leave him behind. He is now going to do this also. Now I have a workout partner. Will check back in in 30 days and let you know our progress. Yee hah…I am pumped!!!

  269. Jen,

    You are right you CAN do this. Take it at the pace you can manage. If you need to do push ups from your knees at first, there is no shame in that – I did. And I could not do the pull ups for a long time either. So don’t sweat it, do what you can.

    Do be sure to read my P90X diet article (find a link under the Most Popular posts in the right hand column) because the diet that comes with P90X will calculate WAY too many calories for an overweight woman who wants to burn fat.

    Let me know if you have questions – I’m here to help.


  270. hello Nancy!

    I have started the p90x doubles program 2 weeks ago and so far have lost 3lbs. I am currently trying to follow the portion meal approach. My question for you is are the foods listed on the meal approach for Level ! the only foods i can choose from? I am currently living on my college campus and find it hard to eat exactly what the plan suggest. I have 30lbs to lose and I am motivated to stick with it! My friend and I are both doing the program as a way to encourage each other to eat right and not skip workouts! Can you help me on what to eat with the meal approach especially the proteins?


  271. Hello Nancy:

    I just started the Lean version of P90X on January 10th and I have not seen any results. I weigh about 190 and I am 5ft 5. Most of my weight is in my stomach and I am getting very discouraged because I am not seeing the results. I know I am not going to lose it overnight because I did not put it on overnight but I thought I should at least lose some inches by now. I also was thinking about replacing two of my meals with Shakeology. Do you think that would be healthy? Please let me know what you suggest I do to get this weight up off of me and get back to my flat tummy. Will just doing P90X and eating right flatten my stomach?
    Thanks in advance and I would love for you to be my coach and order my shakeology from you. Thanks!!

  272. Hi Courtney,

    To start, I strongly recommend Classic over Lean. You need to build muscle to raise your metabolism. Secondly I don’t know what you are eating. It’s hard to lose weight without good diet. The P90X diet guidelines calculate too many calories for women. At your size you don’t need more than 1700 calories maximum (could go with less) to do P90X but the guidelines would have you higher. See my P90X diet post (findable under the ‘Most Popular Posts’ section in the far right hand column to learn more about what works.

    If you follow Classic and eat a proper diet, yes you will flatten your stomach. Do you need Shakeology? It’s a terrific meal replacement but I don’t think you need to take it more than 1x per day. Do invest in a quality protein supplement I have a list of what I use and recommend over at whether you decide to get the Shakeology or not. There is no way you can get to the right protein level and not blow through fat and/or carb limits without a great protein powder.


  273. Hi Lisa,

    Congratulations on the weight loss so far!

    I don’t know if you’ve read my P90X diet article ( but if you haven’t, you should. When you are armed with the right calorie intake level and the right macro nutrient ratios, you can then figure out what you can eat and what you can’t. Overall, keep away from baked goods. If the food or drink had added sugar or artificial sweeteners, stay away from it. Also stay away from foods cooked with or in trans fatty acids.

    When you think about it, eating as much of your diet in a raw and/or unprocessed state is the big change you’ll be making. Also invest in a quality protein powder (see my list at because that is the only way I know that you will be able to eat enough low carb/low fat protein to make your diet a fat burning, muscle building addition to your program.

  274. i just have a question, I am new to work out videos and i am waiting for p90x to arrive and start . but being a female of 196lbs at 5’4″ will this really work i am determined to get back down to 130lbs my prepregnancy weight. i have struggled for 10 years in losing it with trying diet pills and curves for women and it seems like i lose 10 or 20 lbs and then stay stuck there then end up gaining it all back plus some. I am just hoping this program wont cause that. and suggestions i guess

  275. Hi Lindy,

    Do the classic version and follow my diet recommendations at

    Remember that it likely took you years to put on the 66lbs so it’s going to take a good year to take it off if you really want what you lose to be fat while you add a little lean muscle. Skip the diet pills and focus on a diet that works. Most women following my diet say it’s very workable over the long term because of the cheat day you get once a week.

    You can do this!


  276. Hi Nancy,

    I had my second baby about three months ago and am anxious to get back into shape and am considering p90x. My question is do I need to modify the nutrition plan that comes with i because I’m still nursing???

    Thanks for any advice you have!

  277. Hi Nora,

    I’d start by figuring out what your non nursing caloric requirements are which you can do at Then I’d add in calories for nursing. Now how much that is depends on how much milk you are producing a day. It can put a caloric demand on your body of anywhere between 300 and 700 calories a day.

    So I’d start high if your baby is 100% breastfed right now and see how you feel. I’d also consider changing the macro nutrient intake from the 40/40/20 ratio of carbs/protein/fat to a 30/40/30 ratio of carb/protein/fat as you’ll want to ensure you are getting enough healthy fats in your diet.

    Finally, if you are not already, I’d be sure you have a high quality vitamin and take a fish oil capsule twice a day.


  278. Heyyyy! I have been reading all these posts and so glad I found you! My husband and I want to start p90x but everyone tells him I don’t need to do it. I am naturally thin 5’7 and weigh 113lbs. I can honestly say I have NO muscle and that’s why I weigh this. I want to gain ten pounds of muscle. My body is soft! I want to be toned so bad. Will this work for me???? Should I eat more??? What do you think? I just had a baby and would love to have a nice toned beach body this summer.

  279. Hi Kerry,

    Have you ever noticed that ‘everyone’ tends often to be more often wrong than right?

    Of course it will work for you. Yes you do need to eat a few more calories but the P90X nutrition guide’s recommendations are too high for most women who want to lose weight but they are fine for anyone who wants to gain a few pounds of lean muscle. That muscle will just put some curves where you want them and a little definition elsewhere.

    Go for it!

  280. Hello,
    I am eighteen years old and 5’3 and weigh 116 lbs. I have ordered p90x to gain muscle and endurance. I’m a female dirt bike rider that is looking to take my riding to the next level. I don’t need to lose weight, but I want to gain muscle. I can’t even do a pull up. A stronger core will help a lot while riding too. How should I go about the food consumption, im a college student so my food options are limited?

  281. Hi Nancy. It’s me, Jen, from the post back on Jan 19. I started the P90X last Monday and absolutely LOVING it. Tony is hilarious and I am really enjoying the videos. No problem with the motivation here. I am sore, but I think it is a good sore. I am modifying the moves I need to modify, but found in one week I could add a couple more reps than even last week.

    My question for you is that I was watching Dr. Oz this week (not a regular habit, just happened across his show) and he was talking about the best times to weigh yourself, when to workout, when to eat, etc. for weight loss. He stated to weigh yourself first thing in the morning, then workout immediately after that on an empty stomach. Okay I tried that today (today was cardio X, can’t do plyo yet) and I began to crash after the yoga section so paused and ate a boiled egg with about a cup of chocolate milk. I finished the workout and decided Dr. Oz needed to have his head examined. It makes sense what he is saying about burning off the fat, not having to burn off your breakfast first then get to the burning of fat. In my case I am desperately wanting to burn off the fat, but I just can’t do the workouts on an empty stomach, no energy to put me through these intense workouts. I hate to sound like such a beginner (I am), but what kinds of foods are appropriate for a breakfast that gives energy, but doesn’t bog down the stomach so much you are “burning through the food first”. What foods do I need to absolutely stay away from before a morning workout.

  282. Hi Kasey,

    If you are still going to be dong dirt biking while you do P90X start off by eating 1800 calories a day in a 45/30/25 ratio of carbs/protein/fat. This is a lot more calories (specifically more carbs) than I recommend for women trying to lose weight but you are fit, probably have a high metabolism already, and need to put on muscle. It’s still a pretty low fat diet but the carb and protein are the primary drivers for muscle development and energy levels. Then see how you feel and your body reacts and move upwards if you need it from there.

    Be sure your carbs come from unprocessed sources (fruit, veggies) and grains that are under processed (steel cut oats, brown rice) as much as possible. Get a good protein powder to get all the protein in.


  283. Hi Jen,

    I think Dr. Oz needs his head examined on this. Look there MAY be some validity to what he says if you are doing some lower intensity aerobic work in the morning where you don’t take your heart rate up above 65% of maximum but for intense exercise you need some energy. Studies have been done that if you consume a whey protein drink about 30 – 40 mins before working out, you’ll burn fat and you’ll have more energy for the workout. You can put some milk in it or a little juice (no more than 3oz) as the sugars in both will help your body get the protein into your muscles

    But you could even eat more if it’s a resistance training workout – I do. You need the energy to get a bigger exertion and that will over ride any very minor additional fat burning you might get if you exercised on an empty stomach.

    In the end, weight loss is all about creating a calorie deficit for the day, not the early morning hours. And you need to eat enough so you are able to lift heavy and produce the type of metabolic changes you need for muscle development to initiate. Even an intense high intensity cardio workout needs calories for you to burn more calories.

    Forget Dr. Oz – at least on that questionable piece of advice.


  284. I have been reading your site and your comments have given me hope. I need to lose weight desperately – about 100 lbs -but I know that I have to do it and no one will do it for me. It is also about feeling better because I am miserable. I was athletic in the past but after having a child and working – I have taken no time for myself and I am coming up on 40.
    My question is: Should I do P90x or Chalene Extreme? What are the average workout times for each per day? How many days a week? I have also determined that in order to stick to a program I need to do it first thing in the morning because inevitably something always gets in the way at night.
    also – my problem in the past is keeping me accountable. From what I read, we can choose you to be our coach…would you keep me accountable?

    Thanks for your advice and help!

  285. Hello Felicia,

    I’m glad you are acknowledging that you can lose the weight and that it’s up to you. With that in mind, if you purchase through my site, I’m available for counseling, help when you need it and to be a general sounding board for both triumphs and frustrations. But I don’t hold you accountable – only you can do that for yourself. I mean, how would I? I cannot make you exercise and I cannot make you eat clean. You must be resolved to do the work.

    As far as programs go, P90X vs Chalene is as much a trainer/personality choice than anything else. P90X is a bit longer in a few workouts. Both have you working out 6x per day. You may also want to check out Slim in 6. That’s my choice for women who have 100 or more pounds to lose. It won’t overwhelm you.

    If you have more questions please let me know. Good luck!


  286. Hi Nancy, I am very impressed by your story. I am 47 and have done p90x off and on for year and a half or so. I started off w/ lean then would switch to classic then back to the lean never finishing the classic. I did lose about 10 pounds or so. I was told i looked to skinny. Ha, ha. I just finished Chalene but feel I wanted to do the P90x and committ to the classic routine. My arms are in great shape tummy not to bad and outer legs good but inner thighs still have some jibble. Will that ever go away? I eat a very healthy diet but do have a desk job. I try and walk for half hour at lunch. I feel i’m in good shape but the legs really bug me. I am going to Hawaii in September and I want to feel confident without my inner thighs being flabby. Thank you

  287. Nancy, made the request as suggested above to change you to be my coach. On the Beachbody website, my page, you come up now as my coach. I have a few questions, but wondering if I should continue to use this blog or will you be accessible another way? I can’t find on that page where to send you an email or how to connect to you. Thanks!

  288. Hi Lori,

    If your legs are flabby than you need to add muscle. Do the Legs routine with heavier weights. Also once you get through a pass of P90X Classic, think about Brazil Butt Lift with works butt and legs.


  289. Hey Nancy,
    I am on week 6 of p90x classic. I feel as though I am toning up but not losing any weight. I had my 4th child 4 months ago and I am still nursing him. I am starting to get discouraged with the lack of weight loss. What should I do?

  290. I am currently 5’5” and 150 lbs

  291. Hello Katrina,

    If you are really bringing it when you do the exercise then the issue is your diet. You mention that you are breastfeeding but you’ve given me no data about what you are eating in terms of daily calories and your carb/protein/fat ratio.


  292. Hi
    I am a 5 ft 3 girl who had a baby a year ago. I gained 40 lbs when i got pregnant but already needed to lose 20. i have done a week of p90 x and do not think that it was way over my abilities because I was pretty active before. However, I have a pretty demanding career in a hospital and my motivation has tanked. I am no longer working nights though so I feel like I cant even use my career as an excuse anymore. Is this the best workout for me to start out with? and is it good for this much of a weight loss

  293. Hi nancy,

    i am 12 years old and 5′ 2 and i weigh 139 i am thinking of starting P90X and i want to be in a bikini by summer how long do u think it will take me?

  294. Hi there, I just have a few questions. I am considering ordering the p90x work out plan but I’m just not sure I can keep up. I’m 21 years old and weigh around 135. I’ve always been naturally skinny and have never worked out before. But something happened to me and I just started gaining weight out of no where. I use to he one of those girls that could eat whatever whenever. But those days are gone. Do you have any tips before I make this commitment. Thanks so much.

  295. Hi Lyndsay,

    If you do P90X and lose 20lbs, you’d look fantastic in a bikini. If you watch what you eat, you could do that in 1 round (90 days). Top end I’d say 120 to 150 if you don’t have much strength.


  296. Hi Jacie,

    Thanks for stopping by. Well you certainly are not too old to do P90X (I’m 52 and do it). And you are not too heavy to do it (I and other women have weighted much more than you and did it). So what would hold you back? Look no one says you have to do all the push ups and pull ups your first time. Almost no one does – even men can’t do it all. So you start where you are at. When I started I had to do my push ups from my knees and I could not hardly pull myself even 1/5th of the way up for a pull up. But doing the workouts makes you stronger and eventually you can do far more than you ever thought you could. And that strength means you are adding lean muscle with burns more calories and helps you lose fat.

    If you choose to do this, you must make the time commitment (it’s 6 days a week and a good hour or more each session). And diet is very important for fat loss. So if you are ready to commit the time, effort and will change your diet, you will get amazing results. Buy from me and I’ll be your coach and help you maximize your gains! See my P90X page at :)

  297. Hi Stacy,

    I apologize for overlooking this. Motivation is going to be required no matter what workout you use. I mean if you don’t do the workouts and don’t work hard, your body won’t make any changes. I highly recommend P90X for blasting fat and adding lean mass – I started with it and still use it because IT WORKS.

    Loads of women have been where you are at now and lost substantial fat – in particular belly fat with P90X. If you have specific questions about the program please ask!


  298. Congrats on looking incredible!

    I started P90x a week and a half ago (classic) and LOVE it. In addition, I am also running/jogging 30 mins. 3-4 times a week. I want to lose about 40 lbs. I am 5′ 7″ and 184 lbs and carry most of my weight in my middle. I want to lose weight and gain muscle everywhere but particularly want to lose weight in my mid section. Would you suggest to do the ab ripper X more than the recommended days in the classic version? Would it benefit me to do ab ripper x daily?

  299. Hi Kim,

    Thank you for your kind words. If you are doing Classic (my strong recommendation) you should not be layering on more exercise. If running makes you really happy then replace the Plyo and Kenpo with the running. Don’t do ARX more than 3x per week. Honestly I only work my abs 2x per week. The thing is more ab work does NOT produce a thinner stomach. Ab work strengthens your core and helps define muscle which shows after you lose the fat.

    If you do too much exercise you will place your body into a chronically elevated state of stress. What happens next is that your body will move to a fat storage mode with fat being stored and retained around your belly (just where you want to lose it). Moreover, your muscles will not get the recovery they need to grow bigger.

    If you are going to invest the time and energy to do P90X, do it right. Once you get through the first 90 days, you can then consider adding more exercise as by then your body will be capable of taking on more stress. Faster weight loss will come from diet adjustments.


  300. I am 54 years old, 5 feet, 155 lbs. I am hispanic, (which means I like my food) I have been trying to eat better and exercise, treadmill about 45 min. a day. I have bad knees, and my hips hurt sometimes. My main problem is my lower stomach. Last, I have had a couple of foot surgeries and am unable to bend my big toes. Please let me know if this exercise program will work for me.


  301. Hi Carmen,

    Surprisingly you don’t have to be Hispanic to love food – I also love food and so do my clients. :)

    Seriously, if you can walk on a treadmill (so you can put weight on your feet) there is no reason why you can’t do P90X. That said, you’d want to do your push ups from your knees. You would have to probably start out that way even with perfect feet and toes – I did. So as you get stronger, you’d add more push ups from your knees and/or eventually invest in a weighted vest. Plyometrics would be done low impact (one guy in that video is missing half his leg). As for yoga and kenpo, you’d have to see if a few moves are best not done or modified. I can’t do all the yoga moves because I have a very serious chronic neck injury – I just skip the exercises that I can’t do.

    I had a pretty big gut (had significant lower ab weakness due to an old c-section) when I started and now I have fabulous abs. I’d put my abs up against any 20 something’s abs any day. So I can assure you that P90X will reduce your gut.

    However, if you don’t modify your eating, then you won’t see the kind of results I saw. I know a lot of Hispanic dishes have a lot of fat. So you’ll need to get creative and modify your favorites. See my P90X diet article for how to eat to lose fat.


  302. Hi Nancy,

    I am from india and i have just ordered for P90X and Insanity together, they should be with me in another 2 days i guess. I am very confused which one to start with. i am 150 pounds in weight and my major problem areas are legs, thighs and hips. I do have weight on my upper body also but i am not so worried about it because i know if i workout properly it shows on the upper body but hardly on the lower body. Also i feel that since i was lifting weights earlier i have bulked up, do women really bulk up? or is it that i left my workout for more than a year thats the reason of feeling big and bulky. Please advice what should i start with, P90X or Insanity


  303. hi i am 98lbs.. im really skinny but after 2 babies i have a gut… i just want to tone by stomach and my arms… and my glutes.. what do i have to do so that i dont lose any weight.

  304. Hi Stephanie,

    You are lucky because you get to eat more! I’d do Classic but you don’t need to do the 6th day Kenpo exercise unless you really like that. More cardio isn’t what you need. I’d start you at about 1500 calories and then see where you go from there.


  305. I am 18 years old 5″2 and I weigh 148 pounds. I recently found out I have Polycystic Ovaries and everything i do i just cant seem to lose any weight. I am considering getting P90X but i want to know if it would work out for me. I am tired of being overweight. I hate my body and i refuse to get in a bathing suit until i lose about 20 pounds. summer is right around the corner and i want to get in shape so i dont feel insecure about myself anymore. yesterday someone at work called me chunky and it made me feel awful. i havent stopped thinking about it. and now i feel like i have to do something. please help.

  306. Hi
    I am a 39 year old female, 5ft 5″ and I weigh 160 pounds. I’m really keen to try out the P90X but I had a discetomy (L5/S1) two years ago. I had been undergoing a training programme with a personal trainer about a year ago and had some good results. I’m just a bit worried that the P90X exercises may be too strenuous for me. Would you be able to give me any advice about how the exercises may impact my back or if i should avoid any?

    Thanks for your help.

  307. I am a 52 year old female who was a distance runner for years and never had a problem with body fat until Peri-menopause started. I added the “muffin” top and became thicker in the back and chest – and I tend to be more toward the apple shape vs. the pear shape. I am 5’4 and weigh 126 – the most I have ever weighed – even after children. A year ago – I did the HCG diet and lost the body fat and was down to 112 – 115 lbs and then did the P90x classic and felt and looked 20 years younger. Then with the ups and downs of menopause have added back the belly and back fat. I have continued to run at a much less distance and pace then I did for years – now only 10 – 15 miles a week instead of 25 – 30. I am not sure I can face the HCG diet again (500 calories/day for 21 days). I am either planning on doing the P90X again, but have been looking at the Chalen Extreme to try and lose the muffin top. I just started doing the Brazillian Butt lift, which is great but not nearly the workout of P90X (My butt is now flat with a gut that sticks out and over my pants. I am amazed at the effects of menoupause but plan on fighting it – would you recommend the Chalen Extreme and then the P90X, to lose the fat and then tone…


  308. Hi Lynn,

    First I need to tell you that I am vehemently opposed to the HCG diet. There is no good support (read studies) that actually support that it really helps anyone hold onto lean mass. At 500 calories a day, sure you lost weight and, I’ll bet, felt pretty miserable most of the time. I have a brother-in-law who did the diet and while he lost 30 lbs, he kept his rounded shape. Meanwhile my husband just ate a proper diet (far more than the 1000 calorie a day diet his brother was on), worked out with P90X and not only lost 50lbs, he gained muscle and got totally ripped. This is a dumb, unhealthy and potentially dangerous diet and I pray you do not consider doing it ever again.

    Whether or not I can convince you that you lost lean mass isn’t my issue – I know you did. And you did it just when you needed it as you went into menopause. At menopause your body shuts down much of it’s important hormone production that had been supporting your metabolism and moved your body towards estrogen dominance which will make it much more likely that your body will store fat. No wonder you have a muffin top.

    The difference between P90X and Chalean Extreme is huge! P90X is the clear winner in developing lean mass which is what you need desperately. You must be in pretty good shape but running 10 – 15 miles a week is clearly not working for fat loss. I’d cut out most of that and just do P90X and eat properly, not ridiculously low 500 – or even 1000 – calorie a day diets. They just wreck your metabolism and are too severe to stick with anyway. There is a better way. Check out my P90X diet recommendations. Good luck.


  309. Hi Sarah,

    I am not a RN, PA or MD but it is postulated that PCOS is a potential by-product of insulin resistance. That suggests that you may have been eating an unhealthy diet that contributed to the progression of the disease (PCOS). So can P90X change your body? Sure it can. But you need to be VERY strict with what you eat. I’m not just talking about counting calories, I’m talking about your macro nutrient intake (protein, carbs, fat). You should be on a high protein, high fiber and low glycemic index diet. A low glycemic index diet will be a diet that has no more than 30 grams of sugar a day in it. Realize that sugar is in cereals, breads, fruits and even some veggies. For example, a banana has 28 grams of sugar. That’s about your entire day’s worth of sugar. But a cup of strawberries has only 7 grams of sugar and more fiber making it the better fruit choice.


  310. Nancy,
    My wife is 5”9 210lb and Very unhappy, my wife is a stay @ home army wife with a 3 ½ year old lil girl. My wife has always been 170+ lbs the 8+ years we have been together, but since our daughter and she now stay @ home status she has gained more than she would like, especially in the stomach area. During my last deployment, she developed the motivation to start walking everyday and get in better shape, when I came home for R&R she was so happy and full of energy and proud of herself b/c she looked good… when I came home she got comfortable again and has lost that drive. She is now really unhappy with it and wants to get back with it. Being the good Hubby I offered to work out with her because I could use the help as well (I kind of got lazy too) and offered the idea of P90x. having seen the TV ads as well as listening to MIKE & MIKE on ESPN talk about it I have given it major thought and I’m excited about the possibility of pushing my wife to do better as well as her pushing me.. She has been sedimentary for most of her life except for her walking but really wants to find motivation and wants to make a change….. Do u think if she committed to P90x she could get the results she wants (loss of baby fat and prego look as well as being a lot healthier)

  311. Hi Jason,

    You’ve gotten to the core of the matter with your question. If she commits, she’ll get great results. But P90X is a challenging program and it’s very easy to give up on if you don’t really have the commitment. What she will have to do is start where she can. It’s fine to do your push ups from your knees and to do pull downs with a resistance band instead of pull ups with a bar. BUT you and she need to keep pushing to do more every session. That’s what makes a difference. Also, follow my diet guidelines at I provide guidance for men and women there and it’s really important that women don’t eat too many calories – but enough of the right kinds of food to build lean muscle while they burn fat. That’s what my diet guidelines help you do. The nutrition guide that comes with P90X calculates way too many calories for women. Please let me know if you have any other questions!


  312. I am a 40 year old female weighing close to 300lbs. I have yo yo dieted for years, and have been successful in all attempts to lose weight, the problem is – I can never keep it off. I have worked out with personal trainers, body builders and have achieved great success.. but success comes at a cost, and a very high one at that! I have done everything from Jenny Craig to Dr. Bernstein, Dr. Poon as well as diet pi;;s etc. I have heard many success stories about the P90X and am considering it… as well as Turbo Fire .. Can someone like myself be successful doing this workout? and which do you feel would provide me with the best results? If the routine is followed – on average what kind of results would I achieve in 90 days?
    Any feedback would be appreciated..
    Thanks G

  313. Hi Genevieve,

    I think the key for you is to unlock why you’ve never been able to keep the weight off from prior attempts. Genevieve, you have issues loving yourself! And while I don’t know you, I know you deserve to be loved by you. I know you deserve a better life than the one you are living at 300lbs. Forget about a specific exercise program (e.g., P90X or TurboFire), you need to focus on making your health a priority. You need to commit to a healthier lifestyle that you can live with for the rest of your life. Too many people hear 90 days and think of weight loss as a project – it isn’t a project, it’s a process.

    Take a long look at my diet recommendations and start there to make a huge change. Remember that once you weigh over 170 lbs (as you do) you need to cap your daily calories at 1700. Since they are recommendations, you won’t have a packaged serving as you did with JC but if you start with measuring and recording everything, you’ll develop an eye for what you should be eating. You’ll need to plan what you are going to eat during the week and make sure you have storage containers that will work to carry your meals for wherever you need to be with your life. While this is more work in the beginning, in the end, it will be more liberating as you will know – I mean really KNOW what you can eat.

    And with my diet, you get one day to pig out and eat anything and everything you want. Toss out all my rules and forget about how many calories you are eating. If you want to eat donuts for breakfast and a whole box of mac & cheese for lunch, do so. But only on the one day you preset each week. (For me it’s Sundays.) Knowing that you have at most only 6 days to get through to get to your next cheat day makes this a diet you can stick with.

    Next commit to take a 40 minute walk each day for the next 30 days. Why? My reasoning is less that I think a 40 minute walk will take much fat off of you and more that you need to develop the exercise habit. Once you do that and follow my diet for the next 30, then come back and tell me how much weight you lost, how you feel and how much higher you want to set your healthy lifestyle bar for the next 90 days and then I’ll make a recommendation for you.

    I wish you the very best in life!


  314. Hi Coach Nancy,

    I just had a c-section about two weeks ago and would like to start the P90X program when the doctor gives me the ok, in 6 weeks.. Prior to the pregnancy, I was going to the gym M-F doing spin classes, bootcamp etc.. Do you think I am being too ambitious to get started with P90X after 8 weeks post op? I am concerned about the possibility of damaging my abs by working out.. Or should I wait for months later?

  315. Hi Lucy,

    Start the program but skip Ab Ripper X (ARX) for the first 2 weeks. That would put you 10 weeks out when you do start in with ARX. Then just do what you can. It takes most people, even fit ones, a couple weeks to get all the reps in. :)

    Also be careful with some of the yoga moves in yoga-x. Go slow and feel free to skip anything that seems a bit much at first. And of course, do Classic!


  316. Hi Nancy,
    Thanks for the information above. I am ready to purchase the program, and had read somewhere (forgot where) that the coaches do get compensation if programs are purchased through them. How do I go about doing so to ensure you get the credit?

  317. Hi Lucy,

    If you don’t have a Beachbody log in and have never purchased anything from Beachbody then click here for P90X and I’ll get credit. If, however, you do have a log in you were probably assigned a coach and in that case you need to send an email to and tell them you want Nancy Andrews, Coach ID 31305 with email to be your coach. Be sure to provide them your name and email you used when you signed up. You may also call them at 1 (800) 240-0913.

    And Thank You Very Much!

  318. Hi Nancy,

    Thanks for the info above. My husband and I started the program today and we’re getting the P90X recovery drink, whey protein powder and protein bar from Beach Body which should arrive by the end of this week. In the meantime, my husband has purchased Monster Milk by Muscle Milk and Supreme protein bars by Carb Conscious to tide us over till our shipment arrives. Should I stay away from them? He is about 60 lbs overweight for his height, should he also avoid them?

  319. Hi Nancy
    I’m 57, currently do a “bootcamp-type” program about 3X/week and losing motivation. I hate paired exercises, sometimes it feels like punishment, and its expensive. I have a commuter marriage – hotel room during the week and home with hubby on weekends. Lugging stuff from one place to another (and remembering to bring it) is a constant challenge. Can I do this from a high-rise without making my neighbors crazy? Where can I find a typical daily workout? Thanks.

  320. Can a vegan follow the program – would there have to be a lot of supplementation with protein powders, etc? Thanks!

  321. Hi Cindy,

    Not sure why you’ve adopted the vegan lifestyle. I’m not being judgmental but the research actually does not support that as the healthiest lifestyle. Moving to vegetarian status would permit eggs (super healthful) and whey protein to not just add complete proteins but other very important nutrients to your diet. If your issue is how livestock is raised, the alternative is to support your local pasture raised clean/organic farmers that are working hard to offer all of us really good, nutritious food from animals raised in a humane environment. That said, I’m sure I won’t convince you to change so the next best alternative is to add Garden of Life’s RAW protein to your diet. It’s not nearly as good as the One World Whey I’m using but it’s the best vegan protein I’ve found.

  322. Hmmm. no response to 316 . . .

  323. Hi Toni,

    Looks like I inadvertently skipped over your prior comment. After finding it and reading it, I’m not sure what you are asking – or perhaps why. If you don’t like bootcamp like exercises, I’m not sure P90X is for you. It has a lot of pull ups and push ups and plyometics along with weightlifting. So it’s got a lot of bootcamp moves and not the best travel exercise program. Perhaps a program like Turbo Fire would be a better match. All you really need for that is a resistance band or two and it’s less bootcamp like and more dance-like in its routines. It does have some really cool HIIT workouts as well.


  324. HI,
    I was considering trying P90X however, I was in a car accident about a year ago and hurt my back. I still have pain and am now out of shape due to being on restrictions for so long. 1. Would this workout be ok/ can I make modifications as necessary or will that totally wreck the effectiveness of the workout? 2. I am happy with my bust size but I have since gained back fat due to not working out. If I do this workout, are there some routines or parts I should avoid in order to help prevent conversion of the breast tissue/fat? Which workouts are best for strengthening my back muscles and reducing the back fat? Thanks.

  325. Hi Jewel,

    Only your doctor would be able to give a thumbs up to working out with P90X. If he/she is unfamiliar with it, explain that it has a fair amount of push ups, pull ups and weight lifting along with plyometrics and yoga. I have a chronic neck injury and took it slowly and have been fine. I started out with push ups from my knees and could not do pull ups for quite a while. My husband has a bulging disk in his lower back and took the same slow approach. We have both had great success with P90X. You can substitute work arounds for many exercises like push ups from your knees (or even leaning against a wall to begin with). The plyo routine does show some low impact versions of the moves. I never could do all the yoga moves because of my neck so I would just sit those out.

    As for your question about leaning out your back but keeping 100% of your bust, there is no way that you can totally direct where your body is going to burn fat from. However, two things I can offer you. First, if you’ve been storing an excessive amount of body fat around your core (rather than distributing it more evenly throughout your body) you may be suffering from issues with your adrenals and thyroid which, to make a long and rather complicated story shorter, can lead to elevated cortisol and/or insulin levels. Proper diet and exercise can reduce the cortisol and/or insulin and lead to faster fat loss in your abdomen and back fat (lower back fat).

    Secondly, there has been some very limited research that may indicate that if you wear a ‘fat burning’ wrap while exercising you can end up burning more fat from the area wrapped. Again this is fairly iffy research so but since a stomach wrap/belt is fairly cheap at discount stores like Walmart, I thought I’d bring this up.

    There is no way limiting exercise variety will alter where you burn your fat from your body.


  326. I am a very thin 39 year old female. I am 5’4″ and 100lbs. I need weight lifting to add muscle and to tone up my “relaxing” stomach! My dr said not too much cardio, because I don’t want to lose weight. Will P90X work for me?

  327. Hi Lori,

    Just do the resistance training routines and the yoga and skip the plyo and kenpo. Keep your calories up and you’ll add some needed lean mass and tone up your abs. :)


  328. I’m starting my 6th week of the lean program and following the lean nutrition plan (not to the letter, but pretty darn close). I’ve taken the pics & measurements and after 30 days, not seeing the results I thought I would. After reading your posts, I’m contemplating switching to classic. What is your advice? I’m 49, 5’1″, starting at 152, now I’m 150.5 (so not a lot of weight loss), but I have lost a total of about 6 inches. Now don’t get me wrong, I know it took a while to get where I am so it’ll take a while to get where I want to be. I still can’t do an unassisted pull-up to save my life, the dreya rolls are absolute killer and I struggle with bow to boat . Should I switch to classic and if so, how do I make the transition? Start with week 6 of classic? Ot start at the beginning of classic? I’m really tickled that I’ve found someone close to my age who’s conquered P90X as successfully as you have!


  329. Hi Laverne,

    Thank you for your kind words about my transformation!

    For Lean, your results are very good. You’ll do better with Classic if you lift heavy as you can with good form. As far as where to start, trust me, doing Classic needs to be started at the beginning. And while I understand that P90X is a 90 day program, I don’t understand where you feel you should start in at week 6 of Classic. Just move your marker out – you’ll be glad you did. Make sure you are eating enough protein. That not only helps your body add needed lean mass, it helps your metabolism ‘burn hotter’ and you’ll burn off more fat.


  330. Nancy,
    I am on the 3rd week of phase one even though I promised myself I would not weigh I did and was so discouraged that I have gained 4 lbs. Is this normal. I am bringing it every work out for sure and can feel my body changing, but what about the weight?

  331. Hi Teresa,

    You don’t really tell me much to help you. Don’t know which version you are doing (should be Classic and you need to lift as heavy as you can with good form in the 8 – 10 rep range – if you can get to 15 reps, you are NOT lifting heavy enough). Next I have no idea how you are eating. The diet guidelines that come with P90X calculate way too many calories for women. Please look at my diet guidelines which you can find as a quick link under the ‘Popular Posts’ column to the right.


  332. Hi Teresa,

    One question… How long did it take you to put on 50 lbs? I ask because I challenge whether 50lbs in 6 months is realistic. Look, rather than approach this as a short term project to undo all the bad food and lack of exercise you’ve had for what is likely years, set your sights on your health as top priority. I promise if you do this you will be more likely to stick with not only ongoing exercise, but good eating habits as well.


  333. Hi Nancy,

    You’re results are amazing. I am 29 years old and thinking of doing this program. However, I just had knee surgery a month ago, so I have to take it easy. I’m 5’3 and 144 lbs at the moment. I really want to get toned. I have a pear shaped body type. What I’ve found in the past, that it takes a drastic change in my diet in order for me to lose weight. Also, if I do a lot of lunges or leg lifts/press, my thighs get huge. I’ve always been able to get my bottom half in shape really quick, but the upper body seems to talk the longest. How can I tailor the 90X program to suit my recent knee surgery and does the bulkiness go down over time that I would have from the leg portion?

  334. Hi Nancy,

    I am going to be starting P90X next Sunday and I am very excited. I wanted your advice on which program to go with – Classic, Doubles or Lean? I am 26 years old, I am 5’7″ and I weigh 62 kilos. I work out 4-5 days a week and weight train 2 days a week. My muscle mass is very good, I have also done Insanity which was great and not too difficult for me (surprisingly which means I guess I am fitter than I thought I was) – but I stopped it because it started effecting my knee. The real issue with my body is glutes and thights, they still have a lot of fat and it’s so hard to get rid of it! No matter how much cardio and intense weight training.. it’s still there. I am looking to get toned, get rid of the gross fat on my glutes and thighs, and shed off some weight. Which program should I go with?

  335. Hi Lisa,

    I’d start with Classic and after a week or two go to doubles. You are too fit to get anything out of Lean. I don’t know how heavy you’ve been lifting with your prior resistance training but lift heavy for best results. It’s not the lifting that will ever make you bulky, it’s your diet doing that (and perhaps a bit of genetics). You may even want to do a P90X/Insanity hybrid for fun since you are fit.

    As for the leg issue, as I’ve touched on above, it’s most likely diet driving the poor results. Some people do have more issue with that area and there is a way to specifically overtrain it for slimming but that would be something I’d have to work with you on. I don’t believe you are one of my customers so if you want to get more direct help from me, be sure to follow the instructions at Good luck!


  336. Hi Nancy,

    I’ve just hit the big 50 and looking to get P90x; I, however, unlike many women, am actually looking to pack on as much lean muscle mass as I can. Are you the right coach for me? I’m a little concerned because you seem more geared toward the ladies that don’t think muscle mass is attractive…and I want to buff up.

  337. Hi Lisa,

    Actually if you read much of what I write, I’m constantly urging women to put on more lean mass. It’s just that most women are preoccupied with scale weight and the misguided ‘information’ put out by most women’s fitness magazines. I personally am constantly trying to add more lean mass.

    At 50, adding lean mass is much more difficult than if you were younger. If not yet in menopause (I’m now post menopause), you soon will be which is characterized by dramatically lowered hormone levels needed to put on mass and, for many women, a pattern of estrogen dominance which promotes fat accumulation and storage. That said, at 50 I lost a lot of fat and added significant lean mass. Since my initial transformation, I’ve continued to add mass so when you work your program properly, you can succeed. The key will be lifting heavy enough to impact your type 2b muscle fibers, adding in the right level of challenge to your CNS (central nervous system) and using diet and supplements to keep your body in an anabolic state as much as possible and in an anti-catabolic state in other times.

    Also, while you don’t share your ultimate objective (your why behind adding on lean mass), if it’s to compete in figure competition, we will need to get you to a maximum bodyfat level of 16%. Many women actually get lower than that. So we would have to work on that as well if competition is your goal.

    Am I the right coach for you? That is for you to decide. What I can tell you is that at 52, I understand the physical challenges you face better than any 40 year old. I can tell you I know what it takes to succeed. I can also tell you that I’m not a cheerleading, happy talk person but one focused on successes for my clients as much as I am for myself. If that appeals to you, I’d be happy to help you achieve your goals. :)

  338. Hi Nancy! Is your email still I sent you a message but didn’t hear back, so should I post my message here since I always visit this site anyway? :-)



  339. Hi Jennifer,

    Your email accidentally went to sp&m but since you alerted me I was able to find it and mark it OK. I’ll answer you directly. :)


  340. if i take the cardio out of p90x and replace them with more weightlifting, not working the same muscles two days in a row, will that give me extra muscle and help me get rid of the last little bit of fat i still have? i m on week 6 of the p90x classic and its not much cardio, i just hate doing cardio and love lifting weights.

  341. Hi Amy,

    I get the love affair with lifting – I love it too. How much lifting you can do and get benefit from it depends on two factors: 1) how intensely or the load you are lifting and 2) how fit you are overall. For those less fit or just getting into resistance training (say if you’ve been running a lot but not lifting), then lifting 3x per week is enough to start. As you get more fit from a muscle development level, the more frequently you can lift. The more intensely you lift (heavier weight or high reps and sets) the more infrequently you can train the same and related muscle groups. While a few people lift 5x per week, I find for most fit people lifting 4x per week is optimal. The reason why I recommend the 4x per week limit is that your body needs time to recover fully.

    I would keep the Plyo in your routine because it’s a great power builder and will help your body adapt to resistance training better. However, you could take the kenpo out and add an additional routine there. Be sure to take 1 day off each week.

    Once you are through a full round of P90X, you could migrate to an even more focused resistance training workout. That’s what I’m doing now where I do not do any traditional cardio but incorporate some HIIT training with my resistance training.


  342. Thanks!:)

  343. Hello, last year I went on a low carb high fiber-high protein diet and went on treadmill and lost 25 ilbs! Im 17, 5’3, and weigh 112 lbs.But I think that I lost a lot of lean muscle mass, and not all stomach fat. I definatly lost fat around my face and arms, but my stomach seems to be loose and flabby. It it because theres still fat under there? and not muscle? Wil P90X give me flat stomach, not flabby? Thank You!

  344. Hello, last year I went on a low carb high fiber-high protein diet and went on treadmill and lost 25 ilbs! Im 17, 5’3, and weigh 112 lbs.But I think that I lost a lot of lean muscle mass, and not all stomach fat. I definatly lost fat around my face and arms, but my stomach seems to be loose and flabby. It it because theres still fat under there? and not muscle? Wil P90X give me flat stomach, not flabby? Thank You!

  345. Hi Ashley,

    Sorry to have missed this. First, let me congratulate you on a job well done! Most young women your age (or any age for that matter) don’t show the level of commitment to make that kind of change. A low carb, high-fiber, high-protein diet is, overall, an excellent diet. However, long treadmill sessions can help you lose fat but may also result in lost muscle mass which you don’t want. Your ‘flabby’ stomach is probably the combination of some remaining fat and insufficient ab muscle development.

    Doing P90X Classic can offset the loss of muscle you may have encountered. If you manage your diet correctly, you can actually add muscle while losing fat which will get you a flat stomach.


  346. Hi, I’m a 19 year old soccer player 5″7 165 pounds, and I really need to get myself back in shape (stamina wise), lose about 25 pounds, and get more toned in my abdominal region… I started Lean P90x workout yesterday with the first Core Synergistics work out and I’m very sore today, but a good sore. I am going to be playing soccer multiple hours a week, but I still want to follow up with an everyday P90X workout. What do you recommend? And how can I lose that extra 25 excess pounds that is holding me back tremendously?

  347. Hi Mariah! Do Classic, you don’t need the Lean routines as you play soccer which should be burning a fair amount of calories. So if you are a bit overweight, then you really need to watch what you eat. Cut out sugar, soda pop (diet or regular), and really minimize refined grains (baked goods, cereal, pasta, etc…). See my P90X diet article under the ‘Most Popular’ listings on the upper right hand column. Start with a daily caloric target of 1700 and see how you feel. With the soccer, you may need a few more calories.


  348. I have the p90x workout however I stopped doing the ab ripper workout because I have a condition called diastesis recti, which is a separation of the ab muscles caused by having three pregnancies. Everything I have read about diastesis says that doing traditional ab workouts will make the problem worse and cause your ab muscles to stick out even further. I have found this to be the case as I have done several different ab workouts. Do you have any advice for me?

  349. Hi Nancy
    I am very interested in purchasing the P90X classic program. I am 46, 195 lbs at 5’2″. I have a neck injury so regular crunchs are out of the question. I also have heel spurs. I have custom inserts for my shoes. As long as I wear my inserts my feet are fine. I also have tendinitus in my right shoulder. I have been a hair stylist for 26 years. Other than these problems I am relativey healthy. I have got to loss this weight!!! I am not my best self and it lowers my self confidence. I am ready ! Is this program something I can still do considering……….?

  350. Hi!! I just purchased P90X Sunday night. I don’t know if it was the right choice for me.
    I am 228 lbs and 34 years old. It’s overwhelming me and don’t know where to start.
    Any tips you can give me will be really appreciated. I have gone back to the gym the
    past week and averaged about 75 to 90 minutes each day of just cardio. Do I continue
    this or do I just stick to the P90X? Also what can I do as far as my food intake? Please
    any advice will be greatly appreciated.

  351. Hi Demytrik,

    Sorry I missed this one. I wouldn’t worry much about crunches (there aren’t any traditional crunches in the series) but you have a number of issues which makes it more difficult. I’d probably start out with something a bit easier like TurboFire or Slim in 6. The key is to pick something and stick with it.


  352. Hi Lucy,

    Start slow and where you can manage things. If that means doing push ups from your knees then that’s where you start. If you can’t get all the way through the Plyo, that’s OK too. Just try to keep moving your progress forward just a bit each workout. And, don’t do a bunch of cardio while doing P90X. You don’t need it and it can be counter productive. Besides, I don’t know who has the time to do P90X and cardio. That would be a 2 – 3 hour commitment.


  353. Hi Jennifer,

    Sorry I missed this. I’m no diastesis expert but have read what you’ve written. A couple thoughts. First, you don’t say how long it’s been since your last pregnancy but this condition often will clear up over time. If you’ve had it for awhile, please see your healthcare provider for input on whether you need surgery to correct this. I also see quite a few You Tube videos that show exercises that women with this condition should be able to do but again, I’d clear it first with your physician before starting.

    On the positive side, as long as you can do the remainder of the P90X workouts, you should see your body pull in. Ab exercises are for definition and strength in that area, not for taking weight off from the abs. That comes from overall exercise and correct diet.


  354. Hi Nacy,

    I am 19 years old at 5’7′ weighing 148. I’m pretty fit and workout 4-5 days a week. My goal is to tone up my mid section and get rid of the lower belly flab. I have done P90X in the past but would like to know to know if I should incorporate the classic or lean program. Which program will help me get rid of belly fat?
    Any tips or suggestions will be appreciated :)

  355. Hi Sabrina,

    Classic will have your body burn more fat than Lean. That’s because it has a bigger focus on resistance training and resistance training has a much bigger and longer post caloric burn than cardio which is what Lean focuses on. You also need to eat clean if you want great abs. I have an article on how to eat to lose fat while doing P90X which you can find a link to it in the upper right hand column under ‘Most Popular Articles’.


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