Superfood Kale – Health Benefits of Kale will Impress You

By Nancy Andrews

My Anti-Aging Diet Superfoods #2: Kale

Aug 13th, 2012 | By Nancy Andrews | Category: Coach Nancy - The Way I See It...
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Kale is a bit of an acquired taste to eat it strait out raw due to its somewhat bitter taste.  It’s a leafy green that is part of the cruciferous family that also includes such veggies as broccoli and cabbage.  But it’s sooooo good for us that we really need to find a way to eat some most days of the week.

Nancy at 53 Superfood Kale   Health Benefits of Kale will Impress YouFor me, it’s in my green smoothies each morning (and sometimes also in the afternoon).  I only put about 3 – 4 leaves in (depending on how big they are – kale leaves can get very large) or about 1/3 of my total greens used (spinach and red leaf lettuce make up the rest).  Kale chips are also another good way to enjoy this superfood.

So why does kale make my list of superfoods?

Health Benefits of Kale:

  1. Kale is a fantastic diet food.  With few calories, high fiber and a slew of vitamins and antioxidants, eating kale will fill you up quickly.  High fiber not only help you feel full for hours but can keep your blood sugar levels normalized.
  2. Kale is a great detox food.  First, kale is high in sulfer which can help with the body’s detoxification processes.  Secondly, kale has substances called isothiocyanates or ITC’s that also help detox the body.
  3. Kale is an anti-inflammatory food.  A source of omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin K is a great way to reduce or prevent inflammation in the body.
  4. Kale can help with cancer prevention and my help fight cancer.  Kale contains glucosinolate which helps prevent (and perhaps fight) hormone related cancers like breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, ovarian cancer and gastric (stomach) cancer.
  5. Kale supports optimal eye health.  Kale contains carotenoids, lutein and zeoxanthin which are known to support eye health.
  6. Kale is chock full of nutrients such as vitamin A, C and K as well as a good source of calcium and manganese.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman, in his book Super Immunity, recommends that you eat kale every day.  With so much going for it, I have to agree.  Remember when we were told to ‘eat your spinach’?  Well maybe it should have been…

Eat your kale!  Enjoy it and live a long, healthy life.  icon smile Superfood Kale   Health Benefits of Kale will Impress You



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