Starting with the End in Mind

By Nancy Andrews

Starting with the End in Mind

Jul 27th, 2010 | By Nancy Andrews | Category: Coach Nancy - The Way I See It..., Getting to Goal - Success Series

Nancy Front 070410 Webbanner 150w Starting with the End in MindIt’s not just a saying, it’s a fact.  If you want to be successful – at anything – you need to know where you want to be.  When we are talking about a physical transformation, that means how do you want to look?  But it also means how do you want to feel and how do you want others to perceive you?

Visualization is a powerful tool.  I use it.  But  to take visualization to a more impactful state for you, include in your mental imagry how others are perceiving you.  You see no matter how indpendent you are, we do react to way other people react to us.  So when you visualize, place you as you want to be in some public place where friends and others are reacting to you.

Before I started my transformation journey almost a year ago.  I visualized what I wanted to look like.  I visualized the most ideal version of me I could muster up.  I didn’t really think about whether I could achieve that look.  And honestly if you had asked me I’d probably have said I’d never hit it.  But I decided to go as ‘perfect’ as I thought my body could.  And my public place was on the beach (I love white sandy beaches) and around me was a group of people and everyone is smiling and laughing – no one more so than me!

I keep this visualization with me and bring it up into my consciousness nearly every day.  And what I’ve found is that over the course of a year my real world and my visualize one are beginning to converge -  my body is nearly at that ‘perfect’ state.

So as you begin your transformation, visualize.  Make it as clear as you can and make the version of you as perfect as possible (yes, it still needs to be you but the best you ever).  Place this perfect you in a place you think of fondly and include others interacting with this perfect you.

Visualizing where you want to be is the first step in orienting your mind and body for success.  Tomorrow, I’ll be back with more mental tips for your success!

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