Nancy – How Do I Make You My Coach?

By Nancy Andrews

Nancy – How Do I Make You My Coach?

Jul 12th, 2010 | By Nancy Andrews | Category: Coach Nancy - The Way I See It..., Coaches Corner

Nancy Abs Day300 Nancy   How Do I Make You My Coach?

I’ve been getting this question a lot lately so I figured I’d just make a post here to clearly address the ‘how tos’ of making me your coach.

1) Preferred Method: Buy your Beachbody program from me. This automatically makes you my customer and me your coach.  I have all the programs listed under the ‘Pick Your Program’ tab but to make it easy, just click on any of the links below which are the most popular programs right now:

You should see that FitGirl1958 will be assigned as your coach.  If you see some other coach’s name, you probably have an existing coach and should first follow the procedures listed under #3 below.

2) Already Have a  Program but No Coach? Just click here and sign up under me.  Again, you should see that FitGirl1958 will be your coach.  Any other name showing up means you already have a coach assigned and you need to follow the procedures outlined in option 3 below.

3) Have a coach already? You can ask Beachbody to assign you to me but let’s be clear, I am NOT trying to take any of you away from a coach you have been assigned to.  If your coach is working with you and you are making some progress, please stay with him or her.

But if your coach is not responsive to your emails or otherwise just not working out for you, all you need to do is send an email to and tell them you want Nancy Andrews, email: and coach ID 31305 to be your coach.  Be sure to tell them the full name and email used when you originally signed up and if you would, copy me on the email so I can make sure it gets done.

Some of you ask me what does coaching cost?  My coaching is free for my customers.   I spend quite a bit of time coaching others and in return, I get commissions IF you click on one of my links.  So I’d appreciate it if you purchase any future products, you do that through links on my site so I get credit for the sale.


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  1. Hi Nancy – you look fabulous and I have a have a few questions to ask you. First let me say though that I have requested you become my coach through beachbody – I really appreciate the fact that you answer people’s questions.
    Here goes:
    I am 41 and 5’5″ and generally around 134-138 pounds (depends on PMS) Hit 38 and gained a bit of weight – went to 150 from 124 real fast (stress at home) and suffered adrenal fatigue and was not allowed to exercise for quite a while. I have gained weight in belly, thighs and rear of course; and my arms could use toning. I able to start exercising again and started with P90X but switched to Insanity after 30 days. I should complete the P90X rounds but did not because I could not get an answer from anyone to any of my questions. The 30 days I did P90X I did not lose any weight although my arms are a bit more toned. My measurements are the same also. After reading some of your responses to other people I had to write and ask:
    1. If I follow your formula of weight X10, that would be about 1400 calories – will that be enough while doing P90X? I believe my recent weight gain of 5 lbs is from trying to follow the carb heavy diet of Insanity and P90X. My body just does not like all of those carbs now that I am over 35.
    2. I see that you do hybrid work outs with Insanity – should I and if so how many days a week do you do Insanity with the P90X?
    3. This is the biggest one – how long before I see results? Am I just not patient enough and how do I stay motivated to keep going past the 30 days?
    4. Protein shakes twice a day – are you adding fruit and milk in them?
    5. Do you suggest shakeolgy? (its kind of spendy so don’t want to purchase if I do not have to) But will if it will make a difference.

    Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from you and look forward to having you as a coach!

  2. Hi Sherr,

    1. If I follow your formula of weight X10, that would be about 1400 calories – will that be enough while doing P90X? I believe my recent weight gain of 5 lbs is from trying to follow the carb heavy diet of Insanity and P90X. My body just does not like all of those carbs now that I am over 35.

    If you eat 1400 calories in the macronutrient ratio I recommend you should have enough energy to do P90X. I’m not a huge fan of Insanity (at least as a focused program – I will mix some of it in with P90X) and given your history of adrenal gland fatigue, really don’t like that exercise workout for you which I’ll talk more about in answer to your #2 question). Now your body does need some carbs which is why I have carbs at 40% in my ratio otherwise you won’t have enough energy to workout. But what you need to do is lose the grains and starches out of your diet and concentrate on fresh fruit (berries, apples, pears, peaches (or other pit fruit) and citrus are best), fresh greens (salads), fresh or steamed veggies. I do permit 1 serving of grains and 1 serving of milk a day if you enjoy those (I do). No fruit juice.

    2. I see that you do hybrid work outs with Insanity – should I and if so how many days a week do you do Insanity with the P90X?

    I’ve got a hybrid P90X/Insanity workout at Ignore the Kettlebell workouts – you don’t need that on top of the Insanity. I am going to be video taping a number of short HIIT (high intensity interval training) routines over the next month and you may be interested in those. Insanity isn’t a HIIT workout despite the fact that Beachbody calls it one. It’s high stress and given your adrenal history, really not what I’d recommend for you.

    3. This is the biggest one – how long before I see results? Am I just not patient enough and how do I stay motivated to keep going past the 30 days?

    First, you have to take pictures and measurements. Pictures are taken every month, measurements with a tape measure once a week. While I have my clients also record their weight once a week when they take the meaurements, it’s really just a secondary way to look at progress. Measurements are far more telling. If you lost 15 inches where you want them to be lost would you not be pretty happy with your results over 90 days? What does the weight really mean?

    Secondly, you should see some weight loss the first 30. Sometimes it’s a bit less for the 2nd 30 and then for the last 30 you should see a lot of progress measurement and weight. So giving up after 30 really won’t be enough to get you where you need to be. You have to lift heavy and go for the 8 – 10 rep range. Ignore Tony and his 12 -15 rep discussions for women. The way women’s bodies work you need to lift heavy to get the muscle fibers to respond. We women don’t get bulky (unless we work hard for it and take a lot of supplements) so don’t worry about that – it’s a myth.

    Eat correctly, workout hard and you will see results.

    4. Protein shakes twice a day – are you adding fruit and milk in them?

    No fruit juice in the shakes until you’ve turned your body into a fat burning machine. You may add whole frozen fruit and blend that into a smoothie (frozen berries work well for this). Another tactic I’ve used is to use the Emergen C fizzy vitamin C drink to flavor my protein shakes while adding some vitamins. At night I have a chocolate shake and do use 1/3 cup of milk with the remainder of the liquid being water just to give it a bit more creamy taste and texture. I keep a list of the protein powders I buy at

    I use the Xtend amino acid product as well which is zero calories and has near immediate absorbtion by the body first thing in the morning to take my body out of a catabolic (muscle wasting) state and again in the afternoon if I’m going to do a 2nd workout.

    5. Do you suggest shakeolgy? (its kind of spendy so don’t want to purchase if I do not have to) But will if it will make a difference.

    I use and really like Shakeology. However, having said that, I didn’t use Shakeology at all until the end of my first round and didn’t become a devotee until about 3 months ago. Now I take it everyday. It’s not just a protein shake (although it has 15 grams of protein in it). It’s really a meal replacement shake. And the reason why I like it is all the great food nutrients it has in it. You have to use it consistently before you see results. What I’m seeing aside from leaning out a bit more is that my hair and nails are growing like crazy (my nails which had always been weak and broke easily are now strong and I have to file them twice a week or they get too long). My hair is thicker too which is pretty amazing since I’m over 50 (my hairdresser has to thin it). It energizes you (that’s the Maca and Chia seed in it) and it does help to keep you full and satiated for a long time. I recommend it as a super health drink more than a weight loss drink even though it can help you to lose weight.

    So if your primary focus is to lose weight, it’s a nice to have item but not a need to have item. If or when your focus becomes how healthy and fit you can get, and you are willing to be sure to take a serving a day, it’s worth the investment.


  3. Nancy,
    Thank you so much – I really appreciate that you have provided a REAL answer and not what you thought I might want to here. I have already changed my diet as you suggested – did I also mention that I have a gluten intolerance? This makes eating very interesting. I am not a big fruit fan or a fan of sweets but I will work on the fruit intake. I have taken my measurements and weight & will get to the pictures this weekend. I am looking forward to doing this and completing the program. You are a true inspiration.

  4. Hi Nacy,
    I love your pix I am 48 years old and my weight is between 150-165 I have been doing PX90 and it has changed my shape but not the weight. I love the comment about using heavy weights I was scared as it would bult me up but I guess you are right the more you sweat with the heavy weight the more you are burning right? I have just bought the insanity workout . Is is wise to do insanity in the morning and PX901 after work?

  5. Hi Marcia,

    I apologize for not getting to this sooner. Unless you have finished a full round of P90X, I don’t recommend doubles with Insanity. If you have, then at MAX don’t do Insanity more than 3x per week.

    Here’s the thing, too much exercise is detrimental to your progress. On the surface you may just look at burning more calories and thus think that it would be great. But doing a lot of high intensity exercise produces a lot of cortisol (the stress hormone). The cortisol can actually impede your progress by wasting your muscle mass. Moreover, prolonged, elevated levels of cortisol can increase your blood sugar levels and that will increase your insulin levels which then (this is simplified) puts you in a fat storage mode.

    For anyone who’s fit and thinking about adding workouts, be sure to get a good night’s sleep (7 hours or more) and eat for the workout load (more protein and loads of healthy greens and veggies).


  6. Thanks Nancy,
    I know you have spoke about the insainty vs PX90 I too love the PX90 as it gives you shape to your body and muscle I think I will do the insanity on it’s own . I am just completing the third round of my PX90 and just need to loose about 15 pounds I am going to use the shakeolgy . What do you think? I do like the insanity food book better than PX90 being a 48 year old I don’t want all the carbs.
    Thank you for anwering my questions. I do have a beachbody coach which is a man but wanted to get a woman’s point as I feel we can relate more. If I feel the need to change I will . Oh , you look great yourself too

  7. Hi Nancy,
    I was a fitness “buff” in my mid-30s – aerobics, swimming, running, biking – and I had tons and tons of energy. Now at 50 I feel my biggest hurdle in exercising regularly is just plain TIRED. I can do 2 miles on my treadmill at a steady pace and work up a good heart rate and a sweat, but I have to do it after work and before I go to bed or I’d fall asleep at my desk! Then, it takes me 2 days to recover from THAT workout until I can do the next one. I know exercise can give you energy but it seems to take energy away from me. How did you pace yourself with p90x and still get to that 90 day milemarker with such great results?

  8. Hi Dawn,

    1) I don’t know how much weight you may have put on but if it’s substantial, you need to lose it to feel better. You have to exercise and eat right for results. Step one is to get rid of all refined grain products with fat and sugar. Just stop eating them. This is more than just cookies and cake, most bread and cereal is loaded with sugar and often fat. Focus on lean proteins. Rid your diet of all trans fat. If you are eating fast food, stop now.

    2) You may have a hormone imbalance. Many women of our age have very sluggish thyroid glands and/or over stressed adrenal glands. These can be hard to catch but if you haven’t seen your doctor in a while, have him at least check. The tests are definitely not foolproof but it’s a start.

    3) You need to do exercise to stimulate muscle growth. Walking won’t do that for you. You need resistance exercise. While P90X may be too much for you right now, start with Slim in 6.


  9. Hi Marcia,

    Thanks for your kind words. I like Shakeology as a meal replacement for 1 meal a day and feel it can help you. As for doing just Insanity, well it’s a LOT of high intensity cardio and that can be a problem. If you overstress with high impact exercise everyday, you can end up elevating cortisol levels too high which will be counter productive because the higher levels can actually eat away at your hard won muscles and elevate insulin levels which will cause you to store fat. Here’s my suggestion. Do Insanity only for 2 weeks then move to an Insanity P90X hybrid where you keep the resistance training from P90X and then replace the P90X cardio with Insanity. I do this from time to time and it does lean me out.


  10. Nancy, you look amazing and are such an inspiration. Which version of p90x do you use, classic or lean?

  11. Always Classic!

    The reason why I strongly recommend Classic is that we women really need to build muscle along with burning fat. More lean muscle does not make us bulky but rather puts modest curves in the right spots while it increases our metabolism. But there is more than that. While the women’s magazines like to talk up cardio for fat burning, the real winner in fat burning exercise is resistance training. What the women’s magazines fail to point out is that while cardio may burn more fat while you do it, resistance training burns more fat when you measure from the point of exercise through the next 48 hours! It’s a post exercise burn rate that adds up to much more than the calories burned during cardio.


  12. Hi Nancy,
    I am 5’2 and weigh 148 lbs (from 167). I started Nutrisystem and have lost 19lbs so far but would like to get under 120lbs. I am doing Zumba six days a week and Jillian Michaels every other day. I just ordered the Insanity DVD’s with my boyfriend and cannot wait to start those! I am 45 years old and very active. How many calories should I be consuming while doing Insanity? On NS I think we are between 1100 and 1300. I do not take any other supplements except a multivitamin and have one extra protein a day in the form of a wey protein drink. Should I keep doing circuit training on top of the Insanity workouts? This is the heaviest I have been in my life! Working in the EMS field gave me horrible eating habits! I have to tell you that are a HUGE inspiration! You have given me hope that I can look great again even at my age!

  13. Hi Tammy,

    Thank you for your kind words! Lose the Zumba entirely and for the first week do only Insanity. This is a much harder workout than either Zumba or JM. Eat a solid 1400 calories and have a cheat day once a week. I have diet guidelines in my ‘P90X diet’ article which also works for Insanity. Check it out under the most popular posts. You need to make sure you are eating enough protein which will help your body burn fat faster as well as develop some lean muscle.



  14. Nancy:

    I would like you to be my coach, but just realized I already have one with beachbody. But you seem to be more active and very informative. Do I have to switch coaches to ask for your continued support? Please advise. Also, I have decided to switch to the P90X Lean program for a while to see what happens.

  15. Hi Lori,

    I’ll email you directly about coach changes. If you are happy with the person you have, then by all means, stick with them. I do only work closely with my customer/clients so if you are not getting enough support, then you can follow the directions I’ll put in the email and change.

    As for P90X, I always recommend Classic over Lean.


  16. Hi Nancy, I seem to have signed up w/ beach-body a year ago, and there is a what I think is a coach on my page, thou Ive never I have connectedw/ anyone, just but signed up. I am not sure if it’s “my” coach, and never was interested in having one back then. But I would like you as my coach. Your story and who it seems you are , is an inspiration to what I’d like to accomplish. How can I just begin w/ this venture?
    Thanks. Annette
    I am 51 and would like to do P90X to start w, since I have it.
    Would like to accomplish, aprox 30 lbs and get some muscle, and define waistline.

  17. Hi Annette,

    I’ll email you directly!

    Coach Nancy

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