Is 50 (with exercise & clean eating) the New 30?

By Nancy Andrews

Is 50 (with exercise & clean eating) the New 30?

Jul 26th, 2010 | By Nancy Andrews | Category: Coach Nancy - The Way I See It..., Getting to Goal - Success Series, Living the Fit Life, Women's Workout Advice

I’ve got some recent pictures up on Facebook. They are the same ones you can find here but there I’ve uploaded bigger pictures so you can really see me (just search for FitGirl1958 on Facebook or click on my ‘badge’ in the right hand column on this site). The thing is that I’ve had a few people say I look more like 30 than 50. Now that is flattering to hear and while I’ll be honest, in my real life I don’t think I look 30, I also don’t think I look 50.

Nancy Front 070410 Webbanner 150w Is 50 (with exercise & clean eating) the New 30?What is important is that I don’t think I looked as young as I do today a year ago. That was before I decided to commit to changing myself with diet and exercise. And I’ve been amazed myself at how far I have been able to come. What I’d like to do is share with you what I feel is most responsible for my change in a series of articles. We’ll cover:

  1. Why you need to get you head in the right place before you even start
  2. Why you need strength training and need to do it with intensity.
  3. What do I mean when I say I eat a clean diet
  4. Why recovery is so important for those of us over 40
  5. ‘Game Changing’ supplements

I truly want the very best of each of you.  I want to see you take off 10 years off your looks and jump your energy level sky high.  I want you to not only fit into your ‘skinny jeans’ I want them to fall off of you.  And what I know is that it is possible if you will just follow my lead.

For tonight though, relax, enjoy and recover for tomorrow we’ll get started in earnest.  And I am going to finish off my fresh, organic bing cherries I’ve been treating myself to!

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