Yoga Day + Long Walk

By Nancy Andrews

Yoga Day + Long Walk

Jun 12th, 2013 | By Coach Chris | Category: Beyond The First 90 Days, Still Pressing Play with Coach Chris

CoachChr1s front 225x300 Yoga Day + Long WalkToday is a take it easy kind of day for Nancy and I. On Wednesdays we give ourselves a day of recovery, so that our bodies can repair, and rebuild for the next two grueling workouts in the week. For our Yoga workout Nancy and I did the Les Mills Flow yoga workout, after we finished the yoga workout, we took a two mile walk. It was a great morning to take a walk in, a little humid, but other than that it was a great bright sunny day with clear blue skys.

Tomorrow Nancy and I are back at with another tough workout. Tomorrow’s workout will be the first half of Chest & Back followed by the first half of Arms & Shoulders from the P90X program. This workout is never easy so I will be sure to get plenty of sleep tonight.

Tonight my lady and I are heading over to her parents house for family dinner. We will be have her mother’s home made enchiladas. I can’t wait I’m starving, and the enchiladas are always delicious. Have a great night everyone.


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