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By Nancy Andrews

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Jun 26th, 2010 | By Nancy Andrews | Category: Best Beauty Products I Use

What’s Better than Wen Hair Products by Chaz Dean?

Before I tell you what’s better than Wen Haircare, let’s talk about what Wen is. This is a cleansing conditioner developed by hair stylist Chaz Dean. This product replaces shampoo and cleanses the hair in a more natural process – one in which the hair is not totally stripped.

Now I have long, coarse, wavy/curly hair that I color to cover my grays. And I have to tell you, my hair was soooo damaged, I was about to cut off at least 6 inches of it just to get rid of some of the worst damaged part. But one day I was watching TV and the Wen infomercial comes on and I see the ‘before and afters’ which look amazing. I start wondering if this will work for me.

Of course, I’m like you. I like to research things like this before I buy them. So in searching the Internet, I read the reviews and decide this is a product that is likely to work. I’m just about ready to head over to the Wen website to order when one more review hits my eye and I have to read it. The product is just like Wen (same ingredients on the basic version) but much, much cheaper. Now a cheaper alternative to Wen sounds good to me. And I don’t have to buy this on auto-ship. Now I’m intrigued – aren’t you?

My Review of Hair One Cleansing Conditioner

 Better than WEN Hair Care? Better than WEN Hair Care?As I indicated before, I was fed up with hair that felt like straw and would go wild with frizz anytime I stepped outside into humid weather.  I kept buying new shampoos and conditioners – tried all the big name brands and none of them made my hair feel any better.

So when I found this much cheaper alternative to Wen at Sally’s Beauty Supply, I was intrigued.  I ordered it and as soon as I got it I tried it.  I actually ‘washed’ my hair two times just to give it a good chance to get rid of all the old product I had in my hair and to condition it.

Hiar One Ratings Better than WEN Hair Care?As soon as I was done, I noticed a considerable improvement in how my hair felt.  Then I used the One ‘n Only Argan Oil treatment I had also ordered and WOW!  I could comb through my hair without snags and it felt so much better.

I then applied the acid test – how would it look and hold up once I styled it?  Again I was very impressed.  My hair looked as though my stylist had done it.


  • Rich Formula
  • Much Cheaper than Wen
  • Interesting Smell You’ll either love or hate

  • No suds which takes awhile to get used to
  • $10.99 for 12oz is expensive for a hair cleansing product
  • Interesting Smell You’ll either love or hate

There are four different versions of the Hair One cleansing conditioner:

  • Olive Oil for Dry, Damaged Hair
  • Cucumber for Normal Hair
  • Jojoba for Color Treated Hair
  • Tea Tree Oil for Dry Scalp

While I started with the Olive Oil version, I may switch to Jojoba for my next bottle.  Anyway, if you’ve been considering Wen Hair Care products, I strongly suggest you give Hair One a try first!

HairOne BuyButton Better than WEN Hair Care?

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  1. hair care should also be supplemented with oral vitamins and minerals, biotin helps a lot in making healthy hair ‘`*

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