Tummy Tuck + Killer Abs!

By Nancy Andrews

Tummy Tuck + Killer Abs!

Apr 27th, 2010 | By Coach Chris | Category: Beyond The First 90 Days, Still Pressing Play with Coach Chris

CoachChr1s front Tummy Tuck + Killer Abs!Today Nancy and I did the Insanity warm-up, wow that seemed unusually hard. Not sure why but I have been having difficulties keeping up with the Insanity vids. So we made it through the warm-up, and we started in on Tummy Tuck, followed by Abs Straps, and Abs Wheel.

There is something evil about that Tummy Tuck workout… I’m not sure what it is but that workout is killer. As if Tummy Tuck wasn’t enough, we hit the Abs Straps, and Abs Wheel right after. By the time we finished the second round of Abs Straps, and Abs Wheel I was completely wasted. We decided to call it quits there, because my form had diminished. I’m excited for tomorrow’s workout it’s Arms & Shoulders… The glamour muscles.


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