Update on my Current Round of P90X

By Nancy Andrews

Update on my Current Round of P90X

Feb 8th, 2013 | By Nancy Andrews | Category: Coach Nancy - The Way I See It..., P90X Transformation Diary, Women's Workout Advice

p90 icon5 woman Update on my Current Round of P90XAbout 10 weeks ago, Chris and I started a new round of P90X.  Before that, I had been doing rounds of Body Beast which I really like but decided to go back to P90X because I truely believe it’s the best workout program Beachbody has ever created.  I say that because it helps a person burn fat, add muscle, increase flexibility and improve balance.  No other program comes close to covering all these areas.

So I thought I’d update you on our progress.  First, when you’ve been away from a program and start it up again, be prepared to have to start at a much lower level than where you last left off.  Even if you’ve been working out religiously as I have been, the new (restarted) routine will be unfamiliar to your body and it will need to ‘relearn’ what it once could do with ease.  So the first week really put Chris and I to the test.  It was hard but was it worth it?

We all have challenges when it comes to the Holidays.  In addition to Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas day, and New Years that can send anybody’s diet into oblivion, our family also has two birthdays to celebrate in December.  More chances to overeat and do so on the wrong foods.  So my goal in doing P90X during that period was to limit any damage done by excess calories and increased junk food.  I have to say that I was pleased to note a weight gain of only 2.5 lbs which I’ve now taken off.  So P90X was very effective for me.

I did make a modification up-front.  I am not doing the 90 minutes of yoga that are on the Day 4 schedule.  Instead I do the shorter 65 minute yoga routine from P90X2.  I like this one a lot more (maybe because it’s shorter).  I have been seeing a little progress on a few moves and that makes me happy!

I also don’t do Kenpo only because I tend to workout only 5 days a week and take both weekend days off for recovery.

Now Chris and I have done Phase 1 and Phase 2 we are adding in some additional muscle confusion with some workouts from Body Beast on every other week.  So now our routine looks like this:

Week 1: P90X Phase 1 Workouts

Week 2: Body Beast Build Workouts (chest & tris, bicep & back, legs) in lieu of the resistance training workouts from P90X.  We do ARX after the Body Beast workouts and we do plyo and yoga on non resistance days.

Week 3: P90X Phase 2 Workouts

Week 4: Body Beast Bulk Workouts.  No P90X workouts this week.

Week 5: Recovery – some combination of Insanity recovery workout, yoga, P90X2 plyo, Pap upper, Pap lower workouts.

My goal here is the ultimate in muscle confusion while providing both intense muscle stimulation and high intensity training for the max in body transformation.  And of course yoga is in the mix just because I need it so much (I have such a love/hate relationship with yoga).

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