The New Snickers Diet

By Nancy Andrews

The New Snickers Diet

Feb 14th, 2010 | By Nancy Andrews | Category: Diet Reviews

Have you heard of the Snickers diet? I hadn’t until a neighbor told me that she was on it. Intrigued, I asked her more about what that was and she told me she was just eating 3 Snickers candy bars a day.

Now this may be a calorie controlled diet so she may actually lose a pound or two if she was able to actually stick with it for a week but all I could think was how silly it was. I mean eating candy 3 times per day just to limit your calories.

Now on the positive side, what that diet could do is limit your calories and do it with a pre-packaged meal that is, well, quite affordable. But is it something your really should do?

In my opinion, the insulin spikes you’d get from eating a candy bar would eventually wreck havoc on your system. So even though you were eating low calorie, after an initial pound or two loss, your body would likely stop losing weight.

A better idea would be to buy these new protein bars that Snickers makes. They call them their Marathon brand bars and they have up to 20 grams of protein in them, a decent amount of fiber and vitamins that you can use. And they are also affordable.

Of course any program like this is eventually going to bore you to tears and that makes it a poor choice for anyone who has significant weight to lose and needs support getting there. For those people who want some fast weight loss as well as big weight loss over time, try the Medifast diet. This diet is also pretty much prepackaged and specially portioned between protein, carbs and fats to get your body to start burning fat fast.


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