CRON and Brain Anti-Aging

By Nancy Andrews

Calorie Restricted Optimal Nutrition May Yield Brain Benefits

Feb 9th, 2013 | By Nancy Andrews | Category: Coach Nancy - The Way I See It..., Nutrition & Weight Loss

I’ve been talking here about the physical benefits of a CRON diet (calorie restricted optimal nutrition).  Pair this with intermittent fasting and you can quickly see profound health benefits – the least of which is a smaller waist.  But what about our brains?  Do they do better with less?

In a study that Italian researches did with mice, the mice certainly benefitted from calorie restriction as far as

cognitive abilities and memory goes and they tended to avoid or delay Alzheimer’s disease (although exactly how they can measure alzheimers in mice is a puzzle to me).
Black Mouse fatnthin CRON and Brain Anti Aging The key is in the production of a specific protein molecle called CREB1, that activates a host of genes linked to longevity and good brain
function.  More CREB1 is good.  The scientists achieved this increase by decreasing the daily calories consumed by the mice by 30%.
Now what works for mice doesn’t always mean same results for humans but it is a neat study that is one more ‘brick’ in a path to health.  Eating less can be simple yet highly effective in our quest for optimal fitness and health!

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